The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Fashion has taken a new turn in the sports industries and professional players don’t only compete to win the game but also show up in a brave stylish outfit that will stun the world. We’ve got the NBA turning the Tunnel Walk into a fashion show, and other sports like the NFL are quick to follow.

NFL players want to bring their fashion A-game, especially when they are under the spotlight, on big games.

Take a look at some of the NFL stars that are making some bold choices when it comes to choosing their outfits.

 Deandre Hopkins

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Hopkins is a true fashion nova with all his incredible choices that are catching the attention of big brand names in the industry. In a recent interview with GQ, Hopkins awarded himself with the title of “best-dressed player” and not just in the NFL, but out of all sports.

He is clearly fearless when it comes to choosing his outfits and not afraid of new looks, bold colors, and prints.

Despite his good career in the NFL, he is making a name for himself in the fashion industry since he signed a deal with IMG models, and we cannot wait to see him in the fashion world.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Here we have another NFL player who’s not afraid of some bold outfit choices. OBJ is currently a wide receiver playing for the Los Angeles Rams. Throughout his career, he has made some bold choices and decided to stand out from the crowd with his great-looking signature bleached hair.

His style is based around a youth street culture while being aspirational at the same time. He pays a lot of attention to the style of his bag game, which is always on point.

Travis Kelce

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Travis Kelce plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and while his team makes some big movies in the NFL league, he decided to make some movies in the fashion industry. With his brave choices and always looking fresh, he has already featured on  Sports Illustrated’s 50 most stylish athletes.

Clearly, his favorite piece of clothing is his statement coats. Kelce loves experimenting with pattern-mixing which makes it a maximalist look that adds a lot of depth to his outfits. He also started his fashion sportswear brand called Tru Kolors, which embodies his bold and expressive style.

Cam Newton

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

The Carolina Panthers quarterback is possibly the bravest athlete in the NFL when it comes to fashion choices. He’s seen multiple times with bold-looking outfits that look like they came out of a movie.

He makes his own rules and as a result, his outfits are fun and whimsical style. He started capturing the imagination and pays close attention to his hat and headwear collection. Newton also started an Instagram page devoted to the hat and headwear collection.

Since the Panthers will have their bye week soon, Cam will have some time to devote to fashion. Check the NFL Bye Week Tracker by TwinSpires here.

Malcolm Jenkins

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Malcolm Jenkins, might not be flashy when it comes to fashion outfits, but he has some stylish look of an understand luxury.

He has achieved some impressive looks with a tailored suit from his own collection and even though it might not look brave, he looks great with a more traditional and conservative look.

Jamal Adams

The 6 Most Fashionable NFL Stars

Once you make it to Vogue, there isn’t much to say when it comes to fashion. Jamal Adams is a fashion-forward NFL player that always rocks up with trendy outfits that look like they’ve come from the future.

His favorite combo is rocking up with a monochromatic turtleneck and some simple-color pants combo. The highlight of his outfit is his stylish coat that which is often more complicated than the rest of his outfit. Adams love playing with patterns and colors, and like every high-end fashion star, he takes his bag trends very seriously.