The Adorable Princess Gabriella Countess Of Carladès

The elder of the twin children of Princess Charlene and her husband Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Gabriella Countess of Carladès was born on the 10th of December 2014 at Monaco’s The Princess Grace Hospital Centre. The princess was born just two minutes before her twin brother, Hereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco, Marquis of Baux.

A statement was released by the Princely Palace of Monaco that described how the principality will celebrate the birth of the twins. There were 42 canon shots, 21 for each baby, were fired from Forth Antoine. The church bells rang for 15 minutes with boat horns following them. This momentous day was declared as a public holiday in the country.

Princess Gabriella Countess Of Carladès

The princess is second in line of succession to Monaco’s throne. Due to the male-preference cognatic primogeniture of succession to the throne, Jacques, Gabriella’s brother, is ahead of her when it comes to the line of succession even though she was born ahead of him.

Gabriella also has an elder half-brother, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, and an elder half-sister, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, from the past relationships of Prince Albert. According to Prince Albert, his two children who were born outside of marriage will not be in line to the throne of Monaco, but they will still be provided financially.

The twins were baptized by the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Baris, on the 10th of May 2015 at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco. She was named Gabriella Thérèse Marie. Gabriella was to commemorate Gabrielle, Duchess of Polignac, confidant, and friend of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, and also an ancestor of Count Pierre de Polignac, the father of Prince Rainier III. Thérèse, on the other hand, was in honor of Thérèse de Polignac, the cousin of Prince Rainier III who passed away shortly before the birth of the princess.

Princess Gabriella Countess Of Carladès

The godparents of Gabriella were her maternal uncle Gareth Wittstock and Princess Charlene’s longtime friend, Nerine Pienaar, the wife of Francois Pienaar, the retired rugby player from South Africa. The twins both wore cotton christening gowns from Baby Dior adorned with their monogram of each baby, floral embroidery, Calais lace, and pleated detailing.

Princess Gabriella together with her twin brother started attending La Petite Ecole in 2018, a private preschool institution located in Port Hercule, Monaco. The twins have been attending Stella School since 2019, which is a public school found in the country’s district of Condamine.

Princess Gabriella Countess Of Carladès

The twin’s mother, Princess Charlene used to be a champion swimmer. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene met in 2000 when the latter went to Monaco to participate in the global swimming event where she brought home gold for the 200-meter backstroke.

It was during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games held in Turin, Italy when the couple was spotted for the first time in public. After several months, Charlene accompanied the prince to the charity ball held in Monaco. Even though Charlene was qualified to be part of the team of South Africa during the 2008 Beijing Games, she chose to retire from the competition in 2007.