The Alexis Mabille FW20/21 Collection Defies COVID-19

Rather than stopping Alexis Mabille, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions have empowered and renewed the designer’s fervour.

Rather than slowing down its productivity, the brand has come out and unleashed a tsunami of aesthetic reflections and utilised each and every resource still available amidst the global lockdown.

But it’s not just another beautiful collection. This collection seems intimate and personal. It was as if the creator had bare his soul in this FW20-21 Haute Couture collection.

The aftermath of this pandemic made me realize that I had to work differently this season.

I don’t think anything should stop creativity. So during the confinement, I have looked for remains of previous collections that we had in the atelier.

This search, instead of being tedious, has improved my creative process: the experimentation of the materials, the puzzles of fabrics and colours,… In the end, it has been an enriching experience. ”


The Play On Colours And Materials

Alexis Mabille has been very productive during the global confinement. And this activity, this non-stop process has resulted in an even more creative and sustainable way of creating a collection.

“The common thread of my collection is elegance, sensuality, love and respect for the female body. Something that I have always taken into account but now I feel I must reinforce. This is my vision. My attitude? A call to optimism; an invitation to not stop smiling ”.


The Evolution Of Silhouettes And Styles

Apart from the vibrant and sensual colours, an aesthetic change is immediately noted.

An important change in Mabille’s career: clean, simple and strong lines that break through the most classic of designs.

These are more functional garments that give a much more youthful and sophisticated feel.

Shorts and pencil skirts that will make you understand the delicious power of slow fashion!

Embroidered small stitch pea coat, sequin embroidered and framed with frayed raffia, finished off with jewelled buttons. Red fox scarf.

Blue jersey tube dress, embroidered with Lurçat-style floral pattern.

The re-invention of the kimono. Casimir striped organza blouse with cashmere drawstring at the waist and gold lace trim with fringe. High waisted pants embroidered with jaguar-print sequins inlaid with black Lyon lace.

In the same spirit of the couturiers’ creations following world war one, this collection is the result of a man with the same outlook. A master of haute couture who wants us not to lose the fantasy for dressing. A call for society to reappearing as fantastical as ever in the face of the dramatic situations we are experiencing all across the world.

In total, the collection consists of 26 designs. Or, rather, 26 reasons to fall in love with Mabille’s talent all over again.

And we can assure you that few designers have dared to present such an extensive and complete collection this week during the Haute Couture online shows.

One imagines Mabille’s atelier as Alexandria’s great library of fabrics. Never have so many ‘scraps’ been so well used.

It is as if in his personal confinement Alexis Mabille had taken up some pending conversation with his stock of precious fabrics. As if he had fallen in love again and decided to give them a second chance.

Another one of our favourites. A red crepe tuxedo jacket mini dress with duchess satin lining, a knotted square neckline, long sleeves and completed jewelled buttons.

The Most Stylish Outwear

The cape, that dark object of desire that protects us and isolates us from the cold.

Large Black Dry Wool Tuxedo Cape with Matching Satin Cuff. Long dress with V neck, jaguar-print embroidered with matte sequins. Lyon black lace poncho. Long lamé gold jersey sheath, with frayed organza neckline and bottom with gold lace inlay.

The plush coat that we all would want!

And, of course, dresses to dazzle where the silhouettes are refined and lengthened, emanating with an elegance that recalls the true glamour of fashion.

You can see the entire Alexis Mabille FW20/21 Collection here: