So, Just Who Is The Beautiful Princess Iman Bint Abdullah?

Centuries ago, people would often talk about the royals and the topic of conversation would jump to matters like treason, adultery, conspiracy, and so on. Nowadays, despite some royals still having their own controversies, people seem to talk about them more with regard to what they’re wearing and who they are seen with.

One such example is the Jordanian princess, Princess Iman Bint Abdullah. Having recently been in the headlines as a result of an engagement, not to mention the fact that she always grabs the attention of the press whenever she ventures out in public, it’s time for us to learn more about the Jordanian princess.

Here’s a brief look at the beautiful young woman and what the future may hold for her while fulfilling her royal duties.

Who Is Princess Iman Bint Abdullah?

Princess Iman Bint Abdullah is the second child but the first daughter of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan, the young princess is a 42nd-generation direct descendent of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Renowned for her natural beauty and her exquisite sense of fashion, Princess Iman Bint Abdullah recently got engaged to a financer based in New York, named Jameel Alexander Thermiotis.

News broke of the engagement in July 2022, when an official press release was released which included a portrait of the young couple, with the young Princess Iman Bint Abdullah already dressed in bridal whites.

With news of the engagement only just breaking, there is currently no date set in stone for when the couple will tie the knot. One thing that is for certain, however, is the fact that when Princess Iman Bint Abdullah (25) and her fiancée (28) do tie the knot, it will be a royal wedding for the ages, and a celebration quite like no other.

Early Life

Princess Iman Bint Abdullah was born in Amman at the King Hussein Medical Center, on the 27th of September, 1996.

The second child and first daughter of then Prince Abdullah and Princess Rania, the princess has one sister and two brothers.

So, Just Who Is The Beautiful Princess Iman Bint Abdullah?
King Abdullah and Queen Rania with their children, Prince Al Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem. Amman, 2007 | Image: Royal Hashemite Court

Her paternal grandfather is the former reigning King Hussein, making her a member of the Hashemite Family. She has English blood in her veins as well, as her grandmother Princess Muna, was born in England.

Princess Iman Bint Abdullah was educated at the International Academy Amman, and graduated there alongside her cousin Muna Juma, back in June of 2014.

The princess has a slender and toned figure and is a very keen and capable athlete. In fact, she was named the top female athlete in her class, at the time of her graduation.

After graduating, the princess then set her sights on the USA, where she enrolled at Georgetown University, located in Washington D.C. Her older brother was also studying here at the time.

Afterwards, she would transfer to New York to attend the prestigious Parson’s School of Design.

The princess speaks both Arabic and English, which was the native tongue of her paternal grandmother.

Personal Life

So, Just Who Is The Beautiful Princess Iman Bint Abdullah?
King Abdullah and Queen Rania with their children, Crown Prince Al Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem. Amman, 2016 | Image: Royal Hashemite Court

Living life as a princess is a full-time affair in itself, but the young princess also likes to keep herself busy and active in her spare time. She shows a keen interest in a whole variety of different activities and pastimes.

Without question, one of her passions is horses. Princess Iman Bint Abdullah is a keen horse rider and has taken part in a number of horse riding competitions over the years. Horse riding is obviously in her DNA because her aunt Haya is also a keen and very talented rider.

Back in 2008, Princess Iman competed in the Middle East Championships and took second place with her horse Saqir.

Whereas some members of royal and high societies enjoy being seen in the spotlight and are regularly snapped out and about at big events, Princess Iman of Jordan is different. She enjoys a quiet life and prefers to stay out of the spotlight and not draw attention to herself. It is rare she is seen in the media and snapped at public events, although she does join her family as part of their royal duties throughout the year.

Perhaps the last time she was seen at a really grand-scale event, however, was back in 2010 when she attended the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to the then Daniel Westling, better known now as Prince Daniel.


So, Just Who Is The Beautiful Princess Iman Bint Abdullah?
Highness Princess Iman bint Abdullah II and Mr Jameel Alexander Thermiotis’ engagement photo | Image: Royal Hashemite Court

The main reason the princess is in the papers at the moment is that she recently announced her engagement to Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, on the 6th of July, after he proposed the night before.

Jameel is Venezuelan-born and has Greek blood in his DNA. He works in New York as a financer after graduating with a degree in business administration.

A Future Queen?

With her being a princess, many wonder whether this means that Princess Iman will in fact one day be queen. Well, the answer is no. Although she is the child of the Jordanian king, she does not have a claim to the throne. The line of succession in Jordan is governed by what is known as Agnatic Primogeniture.

This means that it is only applicable to legitimate and suitable Muslim men that have been born to Muslim parents. As well as that, the person that claims their right to the throne must also be a direct descendant of King Abdullah I.

Image: Royal Hashemite Court