The Best Beauty Trends Of 2022

This year uncovered quite a few beauty trends with styles from the 90s resurging to skincare trends that are continuing to stick around through the quarantine days of 2020.

These trends will likely remain popular through 2023 so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you still have plenty of time.

From DIY last extensions to bold blush looks, read on to gather ideas for your next trip to the beauty store. 

DIY Lash Extensions

The Best Beauty Trends Of 2022

Longer, fuller lashes have been in for years and are a trend that likely isn’t going anywhere any time soon. No matter how makeup looks have evolved, from the high-glam looks of 2016 to the current soft and clean trend, full lashes are a must-have for both styles. A benefit of lash extensions is that it cuts down time spent perfecting a look each day. Using at home, DIY lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular to help people save money from visiting a salon every month or two. 

Dewy Skin

Matte skin may have been all the rage in the last 2010s, but dewy skin, also called glass skin, is in for 2022. While this trend typically refers to the look of the skin, the lips are also a major part of the style with glossy lips the perfect accompanying option to the skin. The dewy skin trend is rooted in Korean skincare principles and products that help achieve a hydrated and glowing complexion are very popular but it doesn’t stop at the makeup products. To help achieve a dewy skin look, a strict skincare regimen is a must. 


The Best Beauty Trends Of 2022

During the quarantine days of 2020, skincare was becoming incredibly popular as people were opting to ditch makeup and work on perfecting their skin. Two years later, skincare is still a big trend and one product that is having a moment in 2022 is niacinamide. A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide builds skin while protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight or toxins.

While some skincare products feature niacinamide as an ingredient, there are other products where niacinamide is the star. The product is gentle enough for daily use, for sensitive skin, and blends well with most other skincare products. 


Another skincare product that is making the rounds in the beauty world is retinol. This anti-aging product is a form of vitamin A and is considered a strong ingredient. Retinol is best for mature skin but can be beneficial to anyone to help fight ageing and acne. For people looking to achieve dewy skin, retinol is a must-have skincare product as it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines to deliver a glowy complexion. 

Ombre Lips

The Best Beauty Trends Of 2022

Fuller lips are in right now and a simple way to achieve this look without fillers is to ombre the lips. To get this look, the lips are lined with a dark shade and a lighter shade is applied to the lips. This style creates a gradient effect that helps plump the appearance of lips. Adding a gloss over the lips further creates an all-over dewy skin look and can help lock in the look. While incredibly beautiful, ombre lips do require touch-ups to maintain their appearance. 

Bold Blush

Blush has taken over as the highlighter of the 2010s. Towards the later part of the decade, shimmery highlighters were applied around the templates for a sunkissed glow. Now, blush is taking the place of highlighter, with people opting for bold colors of pink, purple, fuchsia, and orange. Aside from color, blushes come in either matte or shimmer finishes, with both being popular options. Shimmery blushes lend themselves well to the dewy skin look but a matte blush can still look stunning for a 2022 makeup look. 

Eye Gems

The Best Beauty Trends Of 2022

The trend of wearing eye gems for everyday makeup looks increased in popularity thanks to the HBO series Euphoria and has continued to be a staple of 2022 beauty. The bejewelled look is reminiscent of the 90s-era style. Wearing eye gems affords the wearer tons of creativity and while they are typically placed near the eyes, there are endless amounts of looks to create. From a few gems below the lower lash line to gemstones used to create a cat-eye in place of eyeliner, people are finding new and creative ways to incorporate gems into their makeup looks. 


If you haven’t given these trends a try yet, it’s time to test them out. You never know what might become your new favourite look!

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