The Importance Of Brushing Your Teeth Gently

If you’re someone with a bad habit of brushing your teeth really hard then this article is your sign to stop!

Brushing your teeth hard may seem like you’re doing a thorough job in theory, but in reality, you’re doing way more harm than good.

In fact, you’re actually damaging your teeth and gums! Brushing too hard can lead to a number of dental problems. 

In this blog post, Portobello Dental talks us through the dangers of brushing your teeth too hard and what you can do instead.

The following are a few of the problems that could happen through brushing too hard.

Damage To Gums 

The Importance Of Brushing Your Teeth Gently

Your gums are vital to your oral health.

Your gums keep your teeth in place and act as a protective barrier against bacteria, preventing tooth decay.

This is why it’s important to take good care of your gums like you would your teeth, as they’re an important part of maintaining proper oral hygiene. 

Brushing too hard can cause damage to your gums, and even result in receding gums!

Gum recession is when your gums start to pull back and reveal more of your teeth.

This is an outcome you want to avoid as receding gums means your teeth are more likely to fall out as a result! 

You Can Develop Tooth Sensitivity 

Nobody wants sensitive teeth.

Wincing every time you eat ice cream or take a swig of a cold drink is not fun!

This is why it’s important to look after your teeth and prevent making your teeth much more sensitive. 

Did you know that by brushing too hard, you can actually wear down the enamel on your teeth?

This causes your teeth to become much more sensitive, which is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience. 

Less Effective Than Brushing Gently 

The Importance Of Brushing Your Teeth Gently

Brushing softly and using a soft toothbrush is much more effective at cleaning your teeth properly than brushing too hard.

Oftentimes when people find themselves brushing way too hard, it’s because they think they’re doing a good job at cleaning their teeth, when they’re doing the opposite!

Brushing too hard is not an effective way to clean your teeth. 

Brushing gently, however, ensures your teeth are spotless and does not damage them in the process. 

You May Even Lose A Tooth!

Due to the risk of developing gum recession, which is a form of gum disease, you may lose a tooth if you continually brush your teeth too hard.

This is why it’s important to stop this bad habit and start brushing more gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

You definitely do not want to lose a tooth if you can help it.

How Can You Prevent This?

The Importance Of Brushing Your Teeth Gently

If you’ve realised you may be someone who brushes your teeth too hard, and you didn’t realise the potential dangers then do not worry.

You can easily fix this bad habit by adapting your brushing routine.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Pay attention to how hard you’re brushing and do it more gently
  • Brush in slow and circular motions

And of course, if you’re worried about your teeth, please visit your dentist, as they will be able to help you out.