The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Door

Sectional doors are very popular with owners of private garages and industrial buildings.

They are convenient, reliable and have a high quality of manufacture. Sectional doors are perhaps the best protection of your property.

However, their service life may decrease due to exploitation in violation of the rules or lack of periodic service.

Why Should You Think About The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Doors?

It often turns out that the cause of the breakdown was rough handling with the device, for example, sudden movements that go against the constructive capabilities of the gate. Due to such errors, the cables wear out, and the gates begin to react to movements with delays. If the gates are installed in accordance with all the rules and are operated with care, they rarely require repair.

However, there are several main problems that may arise, and it is worth knowing about them.

The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Door

The Gate Is Noisy

If the gate makes a lot of noise, the reason should be found in the movable mechanism. Check garage door openers, the hinges, and rollers – dirt could get on them, and it can be removed by washing.

The Sections Move With Difficulty

If the movement of the sections is difficult and has been demanding additional efforts from time to time, most likely, the problem is changing the geometry of the doors. First of all, check the torsion springs – they should not be too stretched. In this case, it is necessary to loosen the springs to the desired level or replace the rollers and repair the cable.

Cable Breakage Because Of Excessive Loads

The cable often breaks due to the lifting mechanism for a long time with much greater loads than it should. The result of this will be a breakage of the cable and the inability to fix the section in the open position. Cable damage is a common problem that requires professional intervention. The part will have to be repaired or replaced.

The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Door

The Components Of The Structure Were Deformed

Often the problem concerns the rotary guides, which can deform, and then they will need to be repaired or replaced.

Uneven Movement Of The Gate Leaf

In case of uneven opening and closing of the sections of the doors, as well as if they are screeching during movement, you will have to check the sections. External sounds, coupled with a jerky movement, indicate that the sections of the gate are distorted. Also, in this case, the door may not fully close or open with difficulty.

Almost all sectional doors are designed for 25,000 lifting and lowering cycles, so the conclusion is the more often we use the gates, the faster they wear out.

Garage door openers are a complex technical product that, like your car, needs annual maintenance. We recommend that garage doors be serviced at least once a year. Pay attention, that the gate can function, but the wear mechanism is already running.

The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Door

With What Frequency It Is Better To Carry Out The Maintenance Of Sectional Doors

The requirements for the operation of household and industrial gates are different. Models that are used 2-5 times a year are serviced every few years or as needed. Industrial large-sized structures that rise and fall more than 20 times a day are recommended to inspect every 6 months.

Even more often, gates require maintenance if they:

  • installed in buildings intended for car or railway transport washing;
  • operated with high intensity in the territories of parking lots;
  • working for a long time under intense wind loads, low temperatures, or other unfavorable climatic conditions.
The Importance Of Servicing Your Garage Door

What Is The Preventive Repair Of Sectional Doors?

To prevent premature wear of the mechanism or its components, inspections and correction of minor defects should be carried out regularly, especially if any are calculated during the maintenance of sectional doors.

The preventive check includes the following points:

  • Preliminary inspection;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Fixing problems;
  • Carrying out commissioning actions.

The maintenance of garage doors includes lubrication of moving parts of the gate (axes of hinges, rollers, drums, guides). Please note that the sections of the gate should move smoothly along the guides, and the gate itself should be balanced, so their weight should be compensated by a spring. If the gate is difficult to close, you have to put extra effort, then you also need to adjust the gate.

The above-mentioned works should be carried out only with the help of specialists who will immediately be able to notice problems. From this article, you learned that the gate, like any other system, needs periodic inspection by a specialist. With timely prevention, the construction will last a long time and without complications.

You also got acquainted with the recommended service periods and understood how to determine the nature of breakdowns yourself. Now you will be able to detect the problem in time and solve it.

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