The Queen’s Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple

We highlight a few of our favourite pieces from Launer, the Queen’s favourite handbag brand, with a price tag of under £1,550.

Our royal family’s understated yet elegant style has been setting the standard for what is ‘en vogue’ for, well centuries. In fact, most monarchs’ taste has dictated entire eras such as the Victorian, Edwardian and the Georgian period, to name but a few.

Now, we all have been there. The Duchess of Cambridge is spotted sporting a new dusty blue lace dress with matching hat and three weeks later you spot cousin Elionor at your brother’s wedding trying to pull off the same look.

But beyond trends and fads, much like the Monarchy, there is quite a bit of continuity throughout the Royal wardrobes.

Whenever we think of the Queen there are two items that immediately spring to mind. Her Majesty wearing the crown and, well, the ever-present handbag. In fact, her love of the elegant, understated handbag has been so widely impressed in our collective subconscious that we would go as far as to say her handbags have become an unofficial substitution for the crown when she is out and about.

Although her Majesty has her pick of designers and brands who would gladly crawl over broken glass to just have our Monarch be seen with one of their creations, the royal arm has a clear favourite.

The Queen’s unbroken love affair with Launer handbags is no secret and has not shown any sign of slowing down. We can hardly think of a single occasion one of their bags was not spotted in hand, be it at formal, social or even private occasion. And it’s easy to see why. Beyond the quality and exquisite designs, Launer has a versatility and timeless style that simply does not age. One could take a bag designed 60 years ago and seamlessly style it with any ultra-modern outfit today and visa versa.

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Lulu | £1 030

Because of this, Launer cannot actually be classified as an accessory but rather as a wardrobe staple.

These are the kind of investment pieces that are the epitome of slow fashion. Due to the exceptional painstaking craftsmanship that goes into each bag, it is something that will not just remain an evergreen item in our closet but will most probably outlive you and is bound to create quite a family tiff around “who gets mother’s bag”. Then again, with it’s timeless design, the grankids would be sure to join the fight too!

But, Launer’s versatility goes beyond their design and extends to their pricing as well. You do not have to have a budget of £8 000 to add one of these bags to your collection. So, to help you on your search, we have rounded up our 6 favourite Launer handbags for under £1 550!

The Piccolo | £1 000

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Piccolo | £1 000

The Piccolo bag by Launer has become a micro sensation! Based on their best selling Traviata style bag, the Picallo measures in at only 10cm x 8cm x 4.5cm making this little statement bag their smallest handbag design to date.

Currently retailing at £1 000, the Piccolo can be either carried in hand or it can be worn cross-body by attaching the strap. This micro bag is sure to not just complete your look but will result in many “Oh how cute! Where did you get that bag?!” comments throughout the day.

The Ilaria | £1 000

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Ilaria | £1 000

Another eye-catching of their micro designs is the bold micro version of their bestselling Eva bag, the Ilaria. Retailing at £1 000, this hands-free waisted belt bag is sure to turn some heads and add a bit of demure edge (if we can coin a phrase) to your outfit.

The Ilaria boasts with three inner compartments as well as a mirror pocket ensuring optimal functionality. Although designed as a hands-free waisted belt bag, by adding the strap, it is easily converted to a very elegant shoulder bag.

The Viola | £1 300

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Viola | £1 300

Before we move on from the smaller bags, we could not have a complete list of our favourite Launer bags for under £1 550, without mentioning the ever so elegant Viola bag.

Designed as a mini Traviata-style handbag, the Viola simply oozes elegance. This bag could seamlessly go from dancing at Annabel’s to, well, tea with the Queen and be completely fitting in any setting.

The Lucia – The Royal Edition | £1 140

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Lucia - The Royal Edition | £1 140

Now, if it is the royal look you are after, fret not. We have you covered. Designed in Launer’s patent blue the Lucia forms part of their Royal Edition. Originally created in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday, the designs proved so popular that they introduced three special handbags in shades of blue, a colour closely associated with Royalty, of which the Lucia is one.

Currently retailing at £1 140, the Lucia is an elegant yet playful cocktail bag, completed with a fixed leather bow on the handle.

The Emma | £1 530

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Emma | £1 530

Currently retailing at £1 530, the Emma is a micro version of their extremly popular bag, the Elizabeth.

Reimagined in cuban brown and tangerine, the Emma blurs the line of contemporarty edge and classic design perfectly. This beautifyl cross-body bag is perfect for lunch with the girls and is bound to get a few “oohs” when sitting down.

The Lulu | £1 030

The Queen's Favourite Brand Launer Is Not An Accessory But A Staple | The Lulu | £1 030

Now, what is a girl’s accessory collection without a trusty clutch? The fabulous Lulu clutch is an elegantly proportioned bag designed in bold orange. Its suede-lined main compartment is complemented by a discreet zip pocket to either side ensuring that when opened only the essentials are at hand.

In hand or on the arm, once the strap has been added, this “little beaut” as our American cousins would call it, can add that needed pop to our outfit. Currently retailing at £1 030, the Lulu is gte kind of bag that you really could not tire of easily, and why would you?

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