Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

Picking the right pair of glasses for your face shape can actually be tricky. However, you should be happy about the fact that there is a pair made to suit your face shape, whether it is square, round, or oval.

While understanding your face shape and picking a pair of glasses to match it the best is quite difficult, the right guidance can help you with it. Hence, we are presenting this guide to find the best frame for your unique face shape.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

No pair of glasses can last more than three years. And when you have to switch to the new pair of glasses, you wish to make sure that your glasses are well-shaped as per your face. While there are a variety of glasses to choose from, choosing the right one can be actually complicated.

However, making a choice on the basis of your face shape can enhance your features precisely.

To choose a pair for your face shape, you first need to identify the shape of your face. Well, there are majorly 4 types of face shapes, as follows:

  • Square-shaped face
  • Round-shaped face
  • Oval-shaped face
  • Heart-shaped face

While it is always fine to choose something as per your styling sense and personality, assessing your face shape can make your task easier. Moreover, not everyone has a clue about what could actually suit them.

Before we begin with our tips on the right glasses for your face shape, you must know that there are high chances that your face won’t be exactly square, round, oval, or heart-shaped. Your face is more likely to be a combination of several shapes. This basically means that you have to identify the closest shape to your face shape.

The task is to pay close attention to your facial features and choose what matches them the best. The right pair of glasses chosen after identification of face shape won’t only balance your features but enhance them as well.

Face Shapes And Right Pair Of Glasses For Them

Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

The following are major types of face shapes and types of glasses to complement them:

●     Oval-Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face can be identified through a narrow forehead, slightly wider cheekbones, and a narrow jaw again. It is quite easier to find the right glasses for oval faces as they are comparatively versatile.

For your oval-shaped face, you can choose slightly bigger frames with some bold shapes and playful colors. However, as we said, this is a versatile face shape, and trends are quite easy to adapt for oval faces.

Geometrical shapes like rectangles and squares are likely to best match oval faces. This is because the angles can balance your soft features well and enhance them better.

●     Square-Shaped Face

Square faces are more angular with wide cheekbones, jaw, and forehead. Round frames are ideal for softening the angular features of square-shaped faces. They should be equally wide to the cheekbones; however, the frames must be thin so that they do not look bulky.

Your frames can be oval as well — the basic idea is to balance the rough angles. Choose anything curvy and proportionate to the face.

Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

●     Round-Shaped Face

Round faces are slightly similar to the oval-shaped faces but less elongated vertically. The soft features of round faces can be balanced perfectly with rectangular frames. Anything bold with many angular lines is suitable for round faces.

You can check if the lower side of your glasses sits right above your full cheeks. Add as many angles as you wish and look trendy.

●     Heart-Shaped Face

There are many glasses for heart-shaped faces available. This face shape can be easily identified through a wider forehead and chin that is narrow. The balance can be added to this face shape with a frame that is equally wide to the forehead and a detailed lower side.

Wingtips can enhance your facial features, and a curvy bottom can bring balance. A combination of angles and curves can work best for this face shape.

Final Tip!

Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

There is always something trending in the market; however, this does not mean you need to go with the trends. You are supposed to choose what suits your face shape the best. Hence, identify your unique face features well and choose the best pair of glasses for yourself.