The Spirit & The Style: Understanding the Crystal Community

The Crystal Community

The crystal community is made up of crystal enthusiasts around the world – including spiritual healers, alternative medicine practitioners, and, well, people who just genuinely love crystals! 

In our digital age, groups of people sharing this love of crystals have even formed online, connecting crystal lovers virtually through their shared passion for the precious stones. In these online communities and forums, crystal lovers share insights, tips, and advice for using crystals, and also stories about how crystals have brought them genuine happiness, or even helped them to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.

Needless to say, the crystal community’s shared love for crystals is inspired by many factors – aesthetically, there is no question that crystals are visually pleasing – crystals are often used for decorative purposes throughout the home, or worn on various parts of the body as jewellery. Many crystal lovers also argue that the spiritual and healing properties of crystals are abundant – even suggesting that crystals can help ease stress, anxiety, and depression, release negative energies and help gain mental clarity, as well as encourage a general sense of peace, tranquillity, and calm.

Crystals have been used in spiritual ceremonies, alternative medicine, and rituals for centuries – by ancient civilisations, and in modern times alike. Revered by many cultures around the world for their healing and spiritual properties, crystals are well-loved by those considered part of the crystal community. 

Where can I get my own crystals?

As the benefits and appeal of crystals abound, you may be asking how you can get your hands on some crystals for yourself! Truth be told, there are many places you can buy crystals – such as at a craft market, or in alternative medicine or health store, for example.

However, the best, most affordable, and easiest way to procure your own crystals is to purchase them online – through wholesale crystal suppliers in Australia. This way, you will ensure that you are not only purchasing your crystals at the lowest possible price, but you will also be gaining access to the largest range of crystals available on the market. Further, as you are shopping online, the wholesale supplier will conveniently deliver the crystals to your home, or your preferred postal location.

Why should I buy crystals?

Crystals for visual decoration

The visual appeal of crystals is clearly apparent, even to the untrained eye. Brightly coloured and gleaming polished crystals can be used to decorate your home and create an aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Often placed as the centrepiece of a dining table, or featured atop a mantlepiece, crystals such as amethyst or topaz will brighten any interior.

Similarly, crystals can be inset into jewellery to decorate parts of the body. Popular crystal jewellery choices can include necklaces and earrings, bracelets, or even brooches. Glistening jewels created from crystals are eye-catching, a sure-fire way to make a fashion statement!

Healing properties of crystals

In alternative medicine, alternative health practitioners often reach for crystals to heal their patients. Patients may be presenting with stress or even mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. Alternative healers praise crystals for their ability to calm and soothe these conditions by radiating a gentle, peaceful aura. Indeed, crystals have been touted to make the user feel more grounded and less anxious, by simply exuding calming energy into the atmosphere.  

Importantly, different types of crystals are known for their different healing properties – Clear Quartz is known to encourage clarity of the mind and clear thinking, for example, while Moonstone can be used to help balance emotions. Citrine is touted as the crystal of happiness and gratitude and is said to bring these qualities to the self, while Rose Quartz – the love crystal – is claimed to elicit not only romance but also self-love and compassion for the user.

Crystals and their Spiritual value 

Crystals are also known for their connection to the spiritual realm. Often praised as being magical, crystals can be used by spiritual guides and healers in rituals and ceremonies. Seen as a gateway to releasing blocked energies, opening chakras, and allowing spiritual healers to both see and heal auras, crystals are often incorporated into holistic spiritual healing practices, and praised for their ability to connect spiritual healers with the spiritual realm.