Dive Into Luxury: The Ultimate NYC Rooftop Pool Retreats

As August approaches, the scorching summer heat demands a refreshing escape. What could be more enticing than taking a dip in a rooftop pool with breathtaking views of New York City’s skyline and waterways?

These luxurious oases are a rarity in the bustling metropolis, but they offer an unparalleled summer experience. In this article, we will explore the finest residential buildings with rooftop pools, where residents can unwind and entertain guests while enjoying the essence of summer.

547 West 47th Street: A Tranquil Haven in Hell’s Kitchen

Located at the heart of Manhattan’s West Side, 547 West 47th Street stands as a masterpiece crafted by the acclaimed Dutch-based design firm, Concrete. This transformative luxury condominium offers 219 studio to two-bedroom residences and boasts over 30,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor amenities known as “The West Residence Club.”

Dive Into Luxury: The Ultimate NYC Rooftop Pool Retreats
Image: Adrian Gaut

The rooftop level of 547 West 47th Street is an oasis above the city, featuring a refreshing swimming pool and sun deck. As residents bask in the crystal waters, they are treated to open-air views of the Hudson River and the city skyline. The rooftop also boasts chic lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, dining spaces, and private cabanas for a more intimate experience.

Brooklyn Point: A Towering Marvel in Downtown Brooklyn

Extell Development Company presents Brooklyn Point, a striking 720-foot tower situated above City Point, a bustling hub of retail, dining, and entertainment. Offering over 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities, this residence promises an unparalleled urban lifestyle.

Dive Into Luxury: The Ultimate NYC Rooftop Pool Retreats
Image: Evan Joseph

Brooklyn Point’s most sought-after amenity is its highest residential infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere. Set amidst a landscaped rooftop, this pool is complemented by a sundeck and an outdoor movie screening space. From here, residents can marvel at the magnificent vistas of the New York City waterways and the Manhattan skyline.

Front & York: A Luxurious Urban Oasis in DUMBO

Front & York is a meticulously designed residential building by Morris Adjmi Architects, offering a full-service, luxury lifestyle in the vibrant neighbourhood of DUMBO. Boasting an impressive 150,000 square feet of amenity spaces, Front & York sets a new standard of urban living.

Dive Into Luxury: The Ultimate NYC Rooftop Pool Retreats

Summer is at its finest at Front & York, thanks to its lavish rooftop amenity space. The sprawling pool deck adorned with cabanas offers an ideal spot for relaxation and sun-soaked enjoyment. Moreover, residents are treated to awe-inspiring views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

The Four Seasons Private Residences New Orleans: A Southern Jewel

Situated in the heart of New Orleans, The Four Seasons Private Residences is a transformative landmark that combines a premier hotel with luxurious condominium living. Rising 211 feet above ground on the 19th floor, this residence offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city.

Dive Into Luxury: The Ultimate NYC Rooftop Pool Retreats
Image: Christian Horan

Residents of The Four Seasons can indulge in the outdoor 75-foot pool and hot tub, along with the services of a full-service bar. With ample seating options, including rentable poolside cabanas, this open-air pool deck offers a five-star experience while providing a sweeping backdrop of the majestic Mississippi River.


When the sweltering New York City summer arrives, these exclusive rooftop pools offer a serene and elegant retreat. From the breathtaking views to the luxury amenities, these residential buildings redefine summer living in the city. Whether it’s a refreshing dip in the pool, lounging in cabanas, or savouring the skyline panorama, these rooftop paradises are the epitome of sophisticated urban living. So, escape the heat and embrace the cool elegance of these rooftop havens, where summer becomes an extraordinary experience.

Featured Image: Cody Boone

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