8 Of The World’s Most Expensive Squishmallows

We take a closer look at the most expensive Squishmallows to add to your collection.

When it comes to cuddly toys, there are few that can compete with the Squishmallow. These huggable creatures are beloved by children and adults alike, and their popularity has only grown in recent years.

Squishmallows have become a worldwide craze since 2017, providing comfort, support, and warmth as pals, sofa companions, nighttime partners, and travel companions. Young fans may aim to be like their favorite characters with over 1,000 Squishmallows characters to collect. To add to the pleasure, each Squishmallow has its own name and tale.

Because there are so many Squishmallow characters, some have received less attention than others. Exclusive editions and promotional plushies help to maintain exclusivity (and, therefore make them the most expensive Squishmallows). Collectors are now spending hundreds of dollars for the rarest Squishmallows on sites like Mercari and eBay.

What Is The Most Expensive Squishmallow Ever Sold?

According to the website txantiquemall.com, the Squishmallow which is known as Fania the Purple Owl holds the record for the highest price paid for a Squishmallow at auction: a staggering $2999, making her the most expensive Squishmallows ever sold.

Fania gets a kick out of reading fairy stories about royalty, and sometimes in her head she even plays the role of the princess who comes to the rescue.

What Is The Rarest Squishmallow Ever?

Gertrude The Goose – Gertrude might not be one of the most expensive Squishmallows to own but is one of the rarest Squishmallow toys, and she has a passion for going on adventures. She may have a reputation for being a “bossy” type, but she actually has a kind heart and enjoys lending a hand to those in need. Gertrude is a goose with black and grey feathers, a white belly, and black eyes with wide pupils.

What Makes Squishmallows Expensive?

Squishmallows are reportedly being resold on websites such as Mercari for several hundreds of dollars. According to Jonathan Kelly, co-president of Kellytoy and one of the founders of the company, “The popularity of Squishmallows derives from the exclusivity, which helps promote collectibility.” He stated that the firm is working to increase output in order to satisfy the growing demand.

These Are The 8 Most Expensive Squishmallows Available

1. Jack The Black Cat

Estimated Value: $2,000

Jack the Black Cat is one of the rarest Squishmallow. Squishmallows’ Select Series includes some of the most coveted plushies in the whole collection. Jack the Black Cat is, predictably, the first in this series. He has white whiskers, closed white eyes, and a little pink smile.

The 500th Squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat. He wears a special ear tag with a gold 500 on it to mark the occasion. This is stitched on his left ear, as well as on his label. Only 500 plush versions of Jack the Black Cat were ever made, making him one of the most expensive Squishmallows to own.

His biography depicts him as fiery and helpful, as well as powerful and quiet. Jack the Black Cat goes for upwards of $2,000 on auction sites like eBay.

2. Santino

Estimated Value: $1,100+

One of the rarest and most expensive Squishmallows is Santino the Platypus. Except for his dark brown beak, black eyes, and white belly, he’s 12″ tall and lightly brown all throughout.

Santino the Platypus is one of the most sought-after Squishmallows, often fetching anything from $1,100 to $1,500 on auction sites.

Santino, according to his character biography, makes fantastic blueberry pancakes, which his father taught him to make. He also enjoys soccer and aims to play professionally as a goalkeeper.

3. Blossom

8 Of The World's Most Expensive Squishmallow
Image: Worthpoint

Estimated Value: $800+

The only non-white parts of Blossom are her face, which is a light cream tint, and her golden fluffs. Blossom is a Squishmallow sheep. She is holding a little rainbow made of woolen clouds in her hooves as her eyes are closed in a calm and collected manner. This limited-edition EUC Justice plush made its debut for a short period of time in 2018.

Vanilla is just faintly smelled throughout the velvety body of Blossom the sheep, who is a sheep. She stands at around 8.5 inches tall, but she also comes in a variant that is 16 inches tall. If you take a careful approach, Blossom might get in more than $800 at auction. Blossom the sheep was created by Kellytoy and Justice as part of a limited agreement between the two companies.

Because Justice went out of business in 2021, Blossom will never be produced again. This already rare Squishmallow will become even more desirable as a result of this unfortunate turn of events and makes her one of the most expensive Squishmallows in the world.

4. Mariah

Estimated Value: $800

Along with six other Squishmallows, Mariah is a member of the Squishmallow Baby Squad. She is a lamb Squishmallow, and she is one of several. Mariah is a rainbow of colours, with the exception of her face and ears, which are a white and cream tint. Her eyes and mouth are dark, while her nose is shaped like a pink heart and black in colour. Her biography indicates that she is a passionate enthusiast of both horchata and horseback riding. One may say that she is loyal and pleasant.

Mariah is a unique exclusive that seldom comes up for auction and typically fetches prices of over $800 when it does, making her one of the most expensive Squishmallows available.

One of the reasons why Mariah is so hard to get is because, in the latter part of the year 2020, she was only available in Aldi grocery stores. Mariah from the 7″ infant squad Squishmallows is the rarest of the bunch, however, all of them are somewhat rare.

5. Avery

Estimated Value: $550

Number five on our most expensive Squishmallows list is Avery, a duck Squishmallow that has a traditional child colour palette with a bright green mallard head, yellow beak, black eyes, brown body, and tan stomach. Avery is a Squishmallow. He is a participant in both the Farm and the Adventure teams at the moment. The Adventure Squad is home to a variety of bizarre creatures, including a number of dinosaurs. There are only six other farm animals in Farm Squad, in addition to Avery.

Avery is a member of the Squishmallow rugby squad, according to his biography (he plays left wingman). He enjoys it when his family gives him a victory popsicle after the game and he often fantasizes about being the coach. At auctions, Avery often fetches a price that is greater than $500.

What makes Avery unique is that he was released in six different sizes.

6. Phillippe

Estimated Value: $530

Phillipe the frog is one member of the vast Valentine squad, full of loveable love messages, many of which were Valentine’s Day exclusives. Phillipe is highly comparable in look to Wendy the frog but distinguishable by his heart-shaped pink cheek patches.

Hopscotch and hanging out with pals are two of Phillipe’s favorite things to do, especially on Valentine’s Day, which is included in his biography. Due to the fact that he was a promotional Squishmallow for the holiday, he has gained a reputation for being extremely rare since his introduction in 2017. If the bidding is intense during online auctions, he has the potential to bring in around $530, making him one of the most expensive Squishmallows out there.

Marco, a Valentine’s Day-exclusive Squishmallow that was released in 2019, is Phillipe’s best friend. Marco is a pink and white Hedgehog with hearts on his chest. These Valentine’s bundles of Squishmallows have been known to show up in auctions as collections on occasion. By putting these related plushies in the same lot, the value of each individual plushie is increased.

7. Lucille

Estimated Value: $500

Lucille is a seal Squishmallow and a member of the Sealife Squad, and also one of the most expensive Squishmallows to own. This was a plush series that has 23 characters to date, including Lucille. According to her biography, Lucille enjoys the ocean, diving for gems and rocks, and showing off her geology collection.

This stuffed animal is white in colour and has black eyes, a black nose, a black mouth, and black whiskers. She has tiny flippers and a grey nose, and her tummy is a lighter shade of grey. At auctions, Lucille the seal will often sell for around $500.

Lucille is one of just four seal Squishmallows, making her the rarest member of the group by a significant margin. In addition to Lucille, these include Noah, Isis, and Lilou.

8. Chanel

Estimated Value: $450

This is Chanel, the cinnamon roll, and she finds herself at number eight on our most expensive Squishmallow list. She is even more delightful than your typical baked good, and she is a baker who is passionate about charitable work. Volunteering at the neighborhood food bank and teaching students how to bake and decorate cakes are two of Chanel’s favourite things to do in her spare time.

Chanel is a light brown pastry with white icing poured on top. The icing has a brown swirl in the form of a heart that covers her head and flows down her body. Her eyes are big and dark, with short lashes and a red smile.