Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Luxury Getaway

We have put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to get away in ultimate style with an affordable luxury getaway.

Everybody dreams of that perfect vacation. You know the one – flawless accommodation, white sandy beaches, crystal clear pools. They’re the kind of getaways that you can look back on with a smile for years to come. They’re not always easy to plan, though, especially where pricing is concerned.

Fortunately, luxury doesn’t always have to mean expensive, especially if you use these tips and tricks while planning for your getaway.

Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Luxury Getaway

Travel During the Off-Season

Traveling when kids are out of school or when the sun is at its hottest is a one-way ticket to sky-high vacation prices. Instead of joining the hordes of tourists in the summer, book your getaway during the quieter times – for many vacation destinations, that’s usually between September and February (although you do have to be careful around Christmas). Not only will you get to enjoy quieter beaches and a better look at local culture, but you’ll also find you don’t have to spend nearly as much cash.

Invite More Friends

The more people jetting off with you, the cheaper the price of the accommodation becomes. Plus, you can often find Special Offers on luxury accommodations for multiple people – you could end up staying in a lavish mansion fit with a large pool and cinema room! By traveling in a big group, you are sure to make long-lasting memories.

Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Luxury Getaway

Book in Advance

Booking in advance means you have more control over the price of your flights and accommodation. Even just looking at prices early means you’ll have a better idea of the price range, meaning you’ll recognize a great deal instantly. Another quick tip: use incognito mode when booking, as it’ll automatically show you the lowest price. 

Travel Somewhere Unknown

While Paris and New York are excellent destinations for people seeking luxury, there are plenty of beautiful areas where you don’t have to spend as much money. In a smaller town, you could find a luxurious seven-bed accommodation for the same price as a two-bed bed and breakfast in a big city! Traveling somewhere relatively unknown takes a little more research, so get started on your planning well in advance.

Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Luxury Getaway

Stay at a New Hotel

Well-established luxury hotels are often too expensive for the average traveler, so why not give a new place a go? While there won’t be as many reviews to browse through, you will find that their prices are much lower than what they’re offering while they try and get their new business off the ground. If you do have a great time at a newly opened hotel, don’t forget to leave a positive review!

Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Luxury Getaway

Use Travel Comparison Sites

Travel comparison sites are there to help you find the best deal possible for your vacation, so use them. By comparing multiple flights and hotels, you are more likely to find a luxury hotel and first-class flight tickets without breaking the bank.

Everyone deserves a luxury getaway at some point in their lives. By being smart when planning, you can ensure your vacation of a lifetime doesn’t cost you your entire savings.