Tips For First-Time Foreign Travelers

Are you planning a first trip abroad? This can be both exciting and scary. You’re probably full of questions, like how will you get by if you don’t speak the language, what happens if you get lost and where do you even begin your planning in the first place? The tips below can help you get ready for this adventure of a lifetime.

Assess Your Wants And Needs

Do you need to sleep in a top hotel every night, are you happy pitching a tent wherever anyone lets you, or are you somewhere in between? Do you like cities or the countryside? What kind of weather do you prefer? Thinking through basic questions like these can help you start to narrow down what kind of a trip you want to take. Think about how you want to spend your time as well: dining, shopping and going to museums, or ziplining in a rainforest?

If you’re planning a trip with someone else, make sure you’re compatible in what you want to do or that you can take a trip where each of you gets to do the fun vacation activities you want even if you aren’t together for every activity. Consider how independently you want to travel as well. There is a whole range of options, from guided tours and package vacations to trips you plan entirely on your own to a mix of the two, with activities like walking tours mixed in with your own independent explorations.

Tips For First-Time Foreign Travelers

Deal With Fears

If you are afraid of flying or have other anxieties around the trip, you can consider various ways to deal with them. For some people, working on things like mindfulness meditation may be enough, or you might want to consider prescription beta-blockers to help you maintain confidence and composure and reduce physical symptoms during your adventure.

You can start your online visit with a medical team to determine if this is the right choice for you. Also, be sure to find out what kind of laws exist about taking the medication into the country that you are going to if it is legal to do so, and what kind of documentation, such as a copy of the prescription, you might need.

Tips For First-Time Foreign Travelers


Most people overestimate how difficult it will be to visit a country where they don’t speak the language. Many people throughout the world speak at least a little English, especially in tourist areas. However, even if they don’t, you may be surprised at how easy it is to get by with gestures. Of course, apps have made it easier than ever to travel with confidence without knowing the language since you can often simply plug words in and get a translation.

However, you should try to learn a dozen or so words and phrases in the language of the place you are visiting. Good phrases to learn include hello, do you speak English, excuse me, thank you, and I’m sorry. This small effort will be greatly appreciated in most places and can really smooth your interactions with locals.