Tips For Recreating Iconic 8Os Looks For Your Dress-Up Party

Are you gearing up for a dress-up party with an 80s theme? The 1980s were an era of bold fashion, neon colours, and unforgettable style.

If you want to nail that iconic 80s look and stand out at your upcoming event, you’re in the right place.

So, here are some tips to help you recreate those memorable 80s looks and make a statement at your dress-up party.

Embrace Neon Colors

Tips For Recreating Iconic 80s Looks For Your Dress-Up Party

When it comes to 80s fashion, one word comes to mind: neon! The 1980s were all about vibrant, eye-catching colours. To capture that iconic 80s look, make sure your outfit is drenched in neon hues. Think of a fancy dress with electric pinks, fluorescent greens, and bright oranges. Mix and match these colours boldly, and don’t be afraid to go all out. Whether it’s a neon jumpsuit, a pair of hot pink leggings, or a vibrant windbreaker, embracing neon is your first step to nailing the 80s aesthetic.

Accessorize Heavily

Accessories played a crucial role in 80s fashion. To complete your look, load up on statement accessories. Think oversized hoop earrings, chunky plastic bangles, and layered beaded necklaces. Sunglasses with colourful frames and scrunchy socks with high-top sneakers are must-haves. The more accessories you pile on, the more authentic your 80s look will be. Don’t forget to tease your hair into voluminous waves or go for a bold side ponytail to truly channel the era’s spirit.

Rock the Leggings and Leotard Combo

One iconic 80s look you can’t ignore is the leggings-and-leotard combo. This style is not only comfortable but screams 80s fashion. Choose a bright, patterned leotard and pair it with matching leggings. Make sure the leggings are skin-tight, and if they’re neon, even better! This combination is perfect for both men and women and exudes that distinct 80s workout and dancewear vibe.

Get Creative with Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup are the finishing touches that can make or break your 80s look. For women, consider crimping your hair or creating big, teased curls. Men can experiment with mullets or slicked-back styles. When it comes to makeup, focus on bold, dramatic eyes with vibrant eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner, and plenty of mascara. Don’t forget the blush – the more, the better. Lipstick in bright, bold colours like cherry red or electric blue will complete your 80s makeup look.

  • Hairstyles that Rock the 80s Vibe: For women, crimped hair was all the rage in the 80s. Invest in a good crimping iron and work those zigzag patterns into your locks. If you’re after volume, big teased curls are a great choice. For men, consider the iconic mullet – short in the front and party in the back – or opt for a slicked-back style using generous amounts of hair gel.
  • Dramatic Eye Makeup: The eyes were the focal point of 80s makeup. To nail the look, start with a base of vibrant eyeshadow, perhaps in shades of electric blue or neon green. Then, go heavy on the eyeliner – both upper and lower lids – to create a bold, defined look. Finish off with multiple coats of mascara to make your lashes pop.
  • Blush to the Max: Blush was an essential part of 80s makeup, and it wasn’t meant to be subtle. Apply blush generously to the apples of your cheeks, extending it towards your temples. The aim is to achieve those rosy, flushed cheeks that were synonymous with the era. Don’t hold back – the more blush, the more authentic your 80s look.

Denim, Leather, and Metal

Tips For Recreating Iconic 80s Looks For Your Dress-Up Party

In the 80s, denim was king. You can’t go wrong with a pair of acid-washed, high-waisted jeans or a denim jacket covered in patches. For an edgier look, leather jackets and studded belts were all the rage. Don’t forget about metal band t-shirts – they were a staple of the 80s rock scene. Whether you’re channelling Madonna’s denim look or going for a rocker vibe like Bon Jovi, incorporating these elements into your outfit will add that authentic 80s touch.

Choose Iconic Footwear

Your choice of footwear can make or break your 80s ensemble. For a classic 80s look, opt for high-top sneakers in bold colours, preferably with Velcro straps. If you’re going for a more glamorous style, consider stiletto heels or ankle boots with chunky heels. Men can embrace the era’s casual cool with Converse Chuck Taylors or iconic Adidas sneakers. Ensure your footwear complements your overall outfit and adds that final touch of authenticity.

  • Stiletto Heels for Glamour: If you’re aiming for a more glamorous 80s look, stiletto heels are your best friend. Opt for metallic finishes, animal prints, or bright colours to add a touch of extravagance to your outfit. Ankle boots with chunky heels also make a strong style statement and were a popular choice during the era. These footwear choices will not only boost your height but also exude that glamorous 80s flair.
  • Converse Chuck Taylors for a Casual Cool: Men looking to embrace the casual coolness of the 80s should consider Converse Chuck Taylors. These classic sneakers were a fashion staple back then and continue to be timeless. Choose a pair in a bright colour or pattern to inject some 80s spirit into your look. Iconic Adidas sneakers are another excellent choice for achieving that laid-back yet stylish vibe.

Mix and Match Patterns

The 80s were all about breaking fashion norms, and one way to do this was by mixing and matching patterns fearlessly. Combine zebra stripes with polka dots or plaid with animal prints – the more contrasting, the better. Remember, in the 80s, there was no such thing as “too much.” Be bold, experiment with different textures and prints, and let your creativity shine through in your outfit. Mixing and matching patterns is a surefire way to capture the essence of this wild and colourful decade.

Recreating iconic 80s looks for your dress-up party is all about embracing the spirit of the era, where excess, boldness, and individuality reign supreme. By following these tips, from donning neon colours to rocking the leggings-and-leotard combo, accessorizing heavily, and experimenting with hair, makeup, denim, leather, and metal, you’ll transport yourself back to the unforgettable world of 1980s fashion. So, get ready to strut your stuff with confidence and nostalgia, and enjoy your time-travelling adventure to the fantastic 80s at your dress-up party.

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