Tips To Channeling Lux 70’s Vibes

During the ’70s, there were so many influential designers that helped change the fashion world forever. So much so that even now, decades later, their styles can still be seen all over the streets. Whether you decide to purchase one of these pieces or create your own, there are ways to channel luxury 70’s vibes in your wardrobe. Be it the winter or any other season, here are some things that you can use to achieve a ‘70s luxe look.

A Good Gilet Worn With Patchwork Jeans

Tips To Channeling Lux 70's Vibes

Not only do patchwork jeans and gilets look luxurious, but they also give off that ‘70s vibe we all know and love. There are many different styles of patchwork jeans available in most retail outlets, so if you spot your perfect pair, add them to your wardrobe ASAP. You can get quite creative here and use different colours for patchwork and materials.

Think pink silk with blue jeans, cute right? To add to this look, wear a plain top and throw on your trusty-fitted gilet.

Get A Silk Foulard

If you don’t own a vintage or updated silk scarf, there are many on the shelves of your local clothing store. Although they can be pretty pricey, it is true that these scarves will last a while and even increase in value over time. These types of scarves aren’t the type your grandmother would wear though. Feel free to get creative with colours and look towards no one else than the ’60s and 70’s Italian fashion pictures for inspiration.

You can shop some incredible pieces via sites like Mirta and learn how to wear a silk scarf to make you feel like the disco queen you were meant to be! This is a piece you have a lot of liberty with, experiment to your heart’s content!

Colorful Striped Knits

Tips To Channeling Lux 70's Vibes

Over the past few years, colourful striped knits have been seen everywhere. Even celebrities love this trend at the moment, but where did it come from? While there are many different styles of stripes clothes out now, those that resemble shirts and sweaters worn in the ’70s were first put together back then. For a bit of fun, go for a short-sleeved rainbow striped top, paired with bell-bottom flared jeans.

Oversized Sunglasses

Although sunglasses are a hot commodity in the summertime, plenty of designer ones bring out that vintage ‘70s look. Many of these designer sunglasses have oversized frames to help enhance the vibe. You can use them in any season you please, no matter what or where you are going. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or not. These glasses accentuate your look and bring out the classy in you. For a vintage look, go for oversized sunglasses in a turtle/brown collar.

Tips To Channeling Lux 70's Vibes

The ’70s had some of the most iconic and fun fashion trends in recent history. It is time to bring back this carefree, individualistic style that we can wear with pride and joy. They are now classy today, and we are ready for a new era of rocking clothes.