‘Tis The Season To Up Your Street Style Outfits

Following what others are doing has often been a significant tenant of being fashionable. A few people wear a specific outfit or clothing item, it gains popularity, and eventually, everyone is wearing similar get-ups.

Whether you are hoping to invest in products from designer brands online, or you want to learn an affordable way to look stylish, you may want to consider adopting street style.

The concept behind street style is to establish trends not based on what fashion studios or clothing companies promote but through the styles emerging on the street.

Street style is the perfect combination of wearing everyday and casual clothes but still looking stylish and well-dressed.

Below are the best street style trends of 2021, along with a few product recommendations.

What is Street Style?

'Tis The Season To Up Your Street Style Outfits

When people think about fashion, their mind wanders to exotic dresses, expensive jewellery, fashion houses, supermodels, and a lavish lifestyle. Even though not all fashion is about excess, most of the clothes that are labelled fashionable and trendy each year are expensive and the product of major fashion houses or clothing companies.

Street style is a way of opposing popular fashion without compromising a person’s sense of personal style. The idea is to embrace the individualism of fashion while looking at how ordinary people are dressing to understand what may be trendy and what is going out of fashion.

Street style has always existed but became much more focused and popular in the 20th century. Given how life became extremely regimented and standardized after the Second World War, many people opposed this through an alternative lifestyle, which may have involved choices they made in life, and how they dressed. 

Proponents of street style believe that looking at the way the working class, marginalized groups, and the economically disfavored dress is often a much better indicator of what is fashionable or not during a given period.

Street style has, of course, gone through a great deal of evolution. Even those who give it a lot of importance may not always agree on what constitutes street style and what does not.

How Street Style Evolves

Even though street style became more mainstream and well-known in the 20th century after World War II, many fashion experts believe that the late 2000s and 2010s truly defined the style.

In the past, street style was simple; people took cheap clothes they could afford, bought from department stores or second-hand shops, and tried to create stylish and fashionable ensembles. There is still an element of this behaviour in street style, but everything associated with the phrase has become bolder, more outlandish, and more polished.

One of the reasons such an evolution is happening in street style is because of the internet. Thanks to mediums such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, people can post their outfits, try different looks, and rate clothes for tens of thousands to millions of viewers. 

Most of the clothes we see in street style are still affordable and alternative, compared to the higher end and more mainstream definitions of what is fashionable in a given year. There is no doubt, however, that street style is a lot more polished and choreographed than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Street Style and 2021

'Tis The Season To Up Your Street Style Outfits

As 2021 rolls into 2022, we take a look at some of the most interesting trends that have emerged in street style over the past 12 months. 

One of the highlights of the year is colour, with every street style ensemble appearing more colourful, bold, and outlandish than the ones that came before. The goal of street style is no longer only to look great while wearing affordable and alternative clothes, but to stand out among the crowd.

Tonal layering is another trend that is becoming very popular, with people choosing to wear different layers in their outfits, but with each layer being the same or a very similar colour. Examples would include a woman wearing pink pants, a pink shirt or blouse, and a pink suit jacket on top. 

Tall boots that reach up to the knees, or even extend above the knee, are becoming fashionable again. Such a trend is far more pronounced among women, with a lot of street style fanatics choosing to go with tall boots that have slouchy shapes.

Great Street Style Pieces to Buy

Printed pants have become very fashionable within street style over the past year; a great example would be the Wide Pants in Stretch Fabric Print from Conquista. These pants are great to wear on a casual day around the house, but they are also perfect for combining with a darker, more conservatively designed top for a trendy outfit. 

Knitted dresses are very much in this year, with brighter and bolder colours preferred to muted, subtler tones. For example, the Mela London Stripe Knitted Cowl Neck Zip Dress is both stunning and comfortable in equal measure. 

The mini skirt never lost its fashion appeal, but it is even more popular in 2021. There are some great options out there, even for those on a budget, such as the Superdry Mandy Mini Skirt, or if you enjoy bold colours and unique patterns, the Guess Women’s Skirt Multicolor is another great choice.

Evolve Your Style in 2022 and Beyond

'Tis The Season To Up Your Street Style Outfits

With the year ending and the holiday season in full swing, how you will carry yourself in 2022 may be on your mind. The way we dress has a major impact on others’ impressions of us, whether we like it or not.

If you are no longer a fan of your present style, whether it is preppy or straight-edge, you may want to make a change. Street style is very popular at present, and some incredible trends are emerging from grassroots fashion enthusiasts.

The above guide explains street style trends in 2021 while offering you a few product recommendations on clothing and accessories to buy this season.

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