Top 1% Mindset – Direct Correlation Between Wealth and Subconscious Reprogramming

Your subconscious mind holds tremendous power over your whole life. It controls your actions and the way you think. It regulates your life in the way you were programmed since being in the womb. Why does it matter? Because even though we have our conscious mind and can decide what to do, our subconscious mind still controls 95% of our lives. For 95% of our life, we are slaves to our own minds.

Society as a whole is becoming used to a more conformist life. We are taught to follow the rules, work hard, go to school, pay taxes, etc. But there are some that started to challenge it and asked the question, “Why?”. On the other hand, according to many, the creation of wealth like those of 1% including the royals and the billionaires can be achieved through a simple change in mindset. So if you are someone who wants a life like those beautiful royals or the world’s elite driving luxurious cars you might want to read this article.    

What Decides Our Life?

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, our mind is analogous to a computer. If you turn your computer for the first time, the built-in operating system prepares it to work and starts downloading programs. But if there are no programs on that computer, it can’t work. Our mind is very similar. When the brain develops, it needs an operating system, and it can download it from the mother. For the first seven years of our lives, we are constantly downloading new programs for our mind by observing our parents and our immediate environment.

The vast majority of these programs are disempowering. They are taking control of your life, and they are telling you what society expects from your action. It is hard to take a step outside of the predefined comfort zones we have. In his youtube videos, Dr Joe Dispensa claims that ignorance is a choice in the age of information we now have. If you are working in a store and decide to read a book about quantum physics stepping outside conventions, they will say that you are insane.

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Do you know who else was considered insane? Bill Gates when he decided to drop out of college. If you think this is a once-off bit of luck, think again. On, you can check the net worth of other college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg or Michael Dell. And how did it turn out? In his first month of business, the summer after his freshman year, Michael Dell earned 180,000$. They both decided to defy their initial programming and follow their own path in a non-conformist way.

In his book Rich Dad/Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki talks about two dads, his biological father and his friend Mike’s father. In his mind, his dad is the epitome of a poor man. Even though he has a steady job and a PhD, he relies on a single income source and lives in a conformist way. The other dad is a college dropout. He is always open to new opportunities and makes money work for him, not the other way around.

According to Kiyosaki, initial programming and conformism are the most significant factors that keep you from being wealthy and successful. In his book, he says not to be afraid of losing – being broke is temporary, but being poor is eternal. He opposes the way people are taught at school always to win and be the best. You have to make mistakes in order to genuinely learn.

How To Change?

After making a change, non-conformist people are no longer considered crazy. Therefore, they become original, geniuses, saints. Everyone is looking at them and asking questions about life, what to do, how to do it? They didn’t heal themselves with drugs or therapy – they did it with just the one thought.

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Even if you want to change or want your friends or family to change, it won’t be easy. Many people will make excuses like, “I’m too old, I can’t, it’s too hard.” It’s completely natural, as their programming is defending itself from change. Our mind doesn’t like changes. The habits we have are tested, safe, developed through thousands of years. If you show them and prove that they had been programmed for all these years, suddenly they realize that they have been feeling bad from the beginning of their conscious life. Why? It just feels like they needed to be.

As Neville Goddard once said, “For life makes no mistakes and always gives a man that which man first gives himself.” Everything depends on our mental state and what we want to achieve. When we decide to change the programs in our subconscious minds, we are instantly changing our way of life. But how to do this? Dr Lipton believes that there are three ways to rewrite it.


The first way is through hypnosis. This is the way we learned all the programs in our early years of life. The mind is operating on very low frequencies, and the theta state is very receptive. We have to do this twice a day, one time before falling asleep and the second one just before waking up.


The second way of reprogramming is repetition. Through repetition and the creation of “habits,” the primary way we acquire subconscious programs after age 7. If you want to change a habit that does not support you, you need to create another one to replace it.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is considered the most effective way according to Dr Lipton. It helps you create new belief modification programs that engage the brain’s learning processes, allowing programs to be changed.

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Ultra success is obtainable with the right maindset.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create a better version of yourself, you must first let go of yourself to become nothing. Then start again to create a new you. No one is stopping you from becoming a wealthy genius other than yourself. The thing that the 1% have in common is breaking free from the chains that society holds us in. They all believed that they could become something more and gave up regular and steady life. They took chances and freed their minds. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it too. Free yourself and share the thought to inspire others.

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