Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Unsure of your next luxury destination? We have a list of the top 10 places you should visit to get a taste of the good life.

When it comes to traveling, it is always fun to treat yourself. Life is short, so you should do everything you can to indulge yourself. A luxury holiday or a short city break is the next step. A private air charter is now becoming a more affordable choice, making it one of the best ways to travel, especially when paired with a luxury destination. Here are our top 10 luxury places to visit.


Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

There is no better way to experience Bali than on a luxury wellness break. Go on a yoga retreat in Ubud, relax on Nusa Dua, or party the night away in Kuta. This beautiful volcanic island has lots to offer, with world-famous beaches, hot springs, mud baths, rice paddies, waterfall trails, and active volcanoes, and has recently seen a resurgence.


Travelers looking for a no-expense-spared adventure will find plenty of gems in Mexico, which is continually upping its tourism game. The coastline offers you a multitude of options, including the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Cancun’s buzz, the golden beaches of the Riviera Maya, and Tulum’s Mayan ruins.


Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

If you’re just considering visiting this affluent and eclectic city as a stopover, you’re missing out. There is no doubt Dubai has established itself as one of the foremost luxury travel destinations – and it may have even been built for it. Dubai has everything you could ever want on your travels, including a luxury shopping district with towering examples of contemporary architecture, fashionable hotels, world-class nightlife and cuisine, waterparks, markets, and the chance to explore the endless desert by camel or 4×4.


You can spoil and pamper yourself rotten in Singapore, a city, a state, and an international hub. Innovative, forward-looking, and eco-conscious, it has established itself as one of the world’s hottest destinations, blending cultures, cuisines, and architectural influences effortlessly. You can dine out at headline-grabbing restaurants, tour unique urban landscapes, visit lush green parks, and even go on a night safari.


Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Luxury European travel is becoming more and more popular, and Cyprus is one of the best alternatives. Known for its rolling hills, historic towns, olive groves, Blue Flag beaches, and warm hospitality, the eastern Mediterranean island nation is a far cry from its old reputation of wild nightlife and crowded beaches.


There’s no denying that the Maldives is one of the most idyllic clusters of islands in the Indian Ocean. An effortlessly jaw-dropping setting, these white-sand beaches, blue lagoons, and swaying palms make for the perfect backdrop for an epic castaway movie setting. You’ll usually reach your remote getaway by seaplane or speedboat transfer, and it’ll just keep getting more exclusive from there with sunset Champagne cruises and the chance to rent an entire private island to yourself or simply enjoy a picnic lunch on one.

Sri Lanka

Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Sri Lanka’s beaches, jungles, mountains, and cities provide plenty of untamed territories for thrill seekers to explore. This makes it a great choice for visitors looking to combine adventure and breathtaking natural beauty without skimping on the frills or personalized elements that make a trip stand out. Sri Lanka has it all: from cloud forest cabins to eco-lodges filled with local products, colonial tea plantations that have been transformed into boutique hotels, and high-end beach and spa resorts.


This East African island nation has become a top choice for aspirational travelers over the past few years. You can enjoy unspoiled beaches, world-famous dive sites, and luxury island hotels, but with a taste of local culture. Stay on the coast and enjoy warm Indian Ocean waters lapping at your feet, unspoiled beaches, and unspoiled dive sites.

Ready to take a break from those repetitive cocktail menu perusals? Take yourself on an adventure through the hiking trails, mountains, rainforests, and waterfalls in the country’s interior for some new scenery. 


Our Pick Of The Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

When it comes to luxury destinations, Canada deserves a place at the top of the list due to its diverse landscapes. There are a number of bustling cities on the coasts of Canada that offer glitz and ritz to city-breakers, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal. Whether it’s fine dining, Michelin-starred chefs, piano-lounge bars, and rooftop Jacuzzis at flagship international hotels, or trendy boutique hotels in historic districts, you’re sure to find a place that suits you.


Despite its reputation as a backpacker magnet, you won’t find a more enviable selection of resorts and hotel establishments than in Thailand. There are plenty of paths less trodden that you can still discover despite the great infrastructure for travellers.

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