Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

We have jotted down a list of the Best MMA Gyms in London to help you narrow down your search.

What are your thoughts on martial arts? We have been through many comments by people who wish to switch to martial arts. Doesn’t martial arts sound too tricky and risky? Are you tired of doing your regular workout routine? Why do you hesitate to try martial arts? What are the different types of martial arts after their evolution?

Have you ever heard of mixed martial arts or MMA? How is it different from your traditional martial arts? Why are people switching to it? We need to know what happens in these MMA gyms. Why should you opt for it? Let’s jot down a list of the Best MMA Gyms in London. That can help us narrow down our search.

Best MMA Gyms In London | What Do We Know About MMA?

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a trendy sport today. As you might know, one of the most significant fighting leagues for MMA is the UFC. It does sound frightening, doesn’t it? Although MMA gyms don’t just train to participate in the competition, you are also trained to keep fit and exercise. It is not mandatory that you have to step into the Octagonal Ring.

You can join MMA gyms for the discipline and perks of MMA training. MMA can be the ultimate way of keeping yourself fit and strong. It can also be an escape for people looking for a break from running on treadmills. MMA can be an excellent way of training and staying in shape. Unlike the conventional training methods, MMA involves more fun and enjoyment. There are numerous classes and PT sessions available wherein you can train according to your wishes.

Where will you find these good MMA gyms, though? What are the options you can look out for? How are they more helpful to you than your traditional gym? Does MMA training have more risk? We need to know all about these gyms, and finding that in one glance is not enough. This is why we have jotted down a list of the 20 Best MMA Gyms in London. I hope this can make switching gyms easy for you. You must also choose the one closest to your place for convenience.

1. Urban Warriors Academy

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

This is one of the best gyms in Vauxhall. They have excellent facilities. Some people term this as a gym you must go to when you want high-quality coaching and services. My favorite part was the fantastic connectivity—just a 3 min walk from the Vauxhall metro. If you want to know more about them, check out their Facebook or Instagram page for more information about the schedules and trainers.

Urban Warriors Academy is regarded as one of the leading MMA gyms in London. The gym is famous for its MMA classes and professional training. Some of the activities and training they offer are boxing, muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Filipino martial arts, and extensive strength and conditioning training.

They have world-class instructors who are dedicated and helpful to you. This is based on the hundreds of reviews about the Urban Warriors Academy. The reviews mainly were five stars, and all members had kind things to say. Easy accessibility and their facilities were vouched for by many members online. Many websites have listed the gym as the No.1 MMA Gym in London.

Here To find

Arch 12, Miles Street, London

You can book a free trial online and visit anytime between Monday to Saturday. The gym is closed on Sunday.

2. London Fight Factory

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

The London Fight Factory is much like its name. This gym can cater to professional MMA fighters and hobbyists interested in the sport. One of the best things about the gym is the flexibility and offers on martial arts. Other gyms have a strict timetable and scheduled martial arts training.

The gym strictly sticks to the timeline, and we have to abide by it. However, that is not true about the London Fight Factory. In this gym, the timings and the schedule for martial arts training are pretty flexible and comfortable for you.

This is why the gym is for all kinds of enthusiasts. Fighters at the London Fight Factory regularly compete in the regional and national martial arts. They offer BJJ, MMA Boxing, Thai Boxing, Sambo, and Wrestling classes.

It has world-class BJJ programs and welcomes fighters of all different levels. Also, the trainers are friendly and have a welcoming atmosphere towards the members.

Timings are flexible, and they also offer morning classes. It is easily accessible as it is 5 minutes walking distance from the Old Street Station. They offer demanding courses while enjoying every bit of it. Along with that, they are disciplined in training you.


19 Ebenezer St, Hoxton, N1 7LU

Comfortable timings and closed on Sunday.

3. London Shootfighters

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

London Shootfighters is regarded as one of the best sports gyms globally, specializing in Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports. They have fantastic training facilities for everyone. You don’t have to be a professional to join the gym, but they have beginner-to-professional activities.

They have an unparalleled range of classes that world-class coaches lead. You get to decide if you want to be fit or take your training to the next level with London Shootfighters.

Their athletes have regularly competed in national and regional events like the UFC, conducting training camps like England Rugby and football stars to train people for white-collar boxing. They offer almost 50 classes per week in MMA, BJJ, Striking, and Wrestling.

Shootfighters have been training in the martial arts since it opened its doors in 1994. They have been home to many dozens of world champions as it’s in the list of the Best MMA Gyms in London.

Notable fighters like Jon Hathaway, Michael Page, Karlos Vermola have fought in some of the best organizations like the Pride, Bellator, and UFC. They have soldiers training for high-level international competitions and people coaching to shape. Woke class facilities are one of the most well-established gyms in London.

Find It Here

Slip Road, Wembley, HA0 4LU

They’re open on all days except for Sunday.

4. Team Underground London

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Team Underground London is a specialized MMA and Muay Thai gym in central London. It may not have world-class facilities compared to the gyms mentioned before. The fighters and athletes from the gym have represented the gym in various national and regional events.

It is home to many soldiers. Home ground to the famous Muay Thai fighter, Jonathan Haggerty.

They have striking specialist trainers who are hell-bent on training and disciplining you. One of the best gyms for athletes looking for a healthy competition. They have a power-packed team that is pretty active on the UK circuit fighting competitions. BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, and Wrestling are some things they specialize in.

One of the best things about the gym is that they are open on Sunday. You can get private lessons on a Sunday if you make a request. You must take a trial class to know what it is all about.


Old Kent Road, SE1 5, London

You can go to the gym on all days, even on Sundays.

5. Fight Zone

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Fight Zone is a community-based gym in East London. It started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where two friends celebrated their love for Jiu-Jitsu. It was founded by 9 time Jiu-Jitsu world champion Ricardo Vieira. Many classes include BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, Thai Boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu. Also, this gym is associated with the global phenomenon that is Checkmat Jiu-Jitsu.

Fight Zone was set in the heart of London by Marco Canha and James Roach, who happen to be the two friends who established this gym in London. This desire is seen in their coaches, students, and volunteers. They have highly qualified instructors who work in a friendly atmosphere.

The gym has improved its facilities with each passing year and added more staff. It has also built an area that is made for strength and conditioning. They’ve had investment bankers to bricklayers, pensioners to toddlers, fitness fanatics, and MMA enthusiasts. They all have been there and enjoyed the atmosphere of the gym.

Where Is It?

16-22 Pritchard’s Road, London, E2 9AP, United Kingdom

You can go there every day except for Sunday. Sunday is a women-only day with all levels welcome and open mat.

6. KO Combat Academy

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

KO Combat Academy was founded in 1978 by Kru Bill. They offer world-leading teachers in martial arts, fitness, and wellbeing. They have classes for adults and kids as well. Muay Thai, kickboxing, BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Yoga, HIIT, and much more.

The trainers provide world-leading training. MMA training follows a structured syllabus that is optimized for progression and development. Moreover, they have a strong sense of unity and purpose.

The gym is bent on pushing our limits and helping us achieve our full potential. They’re equipped with three boxing rings, two bag areas, and fitness equipment. There are changing rooms, showers and clean toilets. Furthermore, another great perspective is that the whole gym is wheelchair accessible.

The gym also has a history of developing world-class fighters and is one of the best Muay Thai gyms in the UK. You also get an old school feels due to the interiors. It offers classes for all levels for different kinds of fighters. The KO Combat Academy remains one of the most successful gyms in the UK.


186, Bancroft Road, E1 4ET

The gym is open on all days, including the weekends.

7. Fight City Gym

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

How would you like it if true champions trained you? Fight City Gym is home to coaches who have played and won professional-level matches. You don’t need to get in the ring, but you can opt out of it by building elite strength and conditioning. The coaches are well trained and experienced to train you well.

They sure know what they’re doing. They have a fantastic MMA training program with a well-formulated schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional fighter; they have specialized programs designed for you. You can get something out of each session with their world-class equipment.

Along with the training, they also aim to give you a holistic approach to getting your nutrition right and recovering making it to the list of the Best MMA Gyms in London. Unlike other programs, you get unlimited access to all the agendas regardless of your chosen membership.

If you are already a fitness freak and looking for a long-term membership, they can offer you massive discounts. They also have a varied timetable which can fulfill all needs.

Here It Is

Balham High Road, Balham, SW12 9AW

They are open on all days of the week, including weekends.

8. Titan Fighter

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Titan Fighter is one of the established MMA gyms in London situated in North London and was opened in 2004. The founder was Micky Papas. The gym consistently produces MMA fighters in many national and regional competitions. Accomplished Team Titan Fighters include Brad Pickett and Nathaniel Wood.

Furthermore, they have world-class equipment and experienced trainers. They offer a range of different classes and training options. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi, MMA, and wrestling are some of the training they offer.

As we may call it, the club or gym does not improve their fighting techniques. The classes are generally in the mornings and evenings, while the training and conditioning area remains open anytime members wish to use it.


Orbital Business Park, Argon Road, N18 3BW

You can go to this gym on all days except for Sunday.

9. Diesel Gym London

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Cliff Bura founded the gym in 2008. Diesel Gym was born in London’s East End, rich in sports combat history. Also, it has now developed international competitors and champions. Winners spread across all disciplines, which is why it is an actual “school of excellence.”

Some of the most advanced practices here are Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. Many competitors utilize the gym in promotions such as Bellator, ONE, and UFC Championship. They have been modifying and developing their wrestling practice every year to succeed in the MMA area.

They also provide good value personal training for anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge. It also encourages more women to join as 25% of their membership consists of women now. They also conduct a female-only class every Sunday morning. It is also well known for its unorthodox grappling style.

The gym has a chilled-out and welcoming vibe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional; you will feel at home. They have produced several elite-level strikers, making it one of the most successful gyms.


Diesel Gym HQ, 1012 Dockside Road, E16 2QT

You can go to the gym all seven days a week.

10. The MMA Clinic

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan founded the MMA Clinic. The gym offers training in BJJ, MMA, Boxing, and Thai Boxing, and you can choose your training style. They have world-class experienced trainers in training and combat sports.

You can select a membership package that suits your needs, and students also get a massive discount. You can join the intro workshop and choose the group you want to join. They run group sessions of 10, sometimes 20, every week.

If you wish for private sessions and want to progress faster, you can also request one-on-one sessions, which they can arrange easily. They conduct over 40 classes every week, and you can join in without much effort.

The gym also has flexible timings for you to attend regularly. The gym is easily accessible and in a great location. It welcomes beginners and provides martial artists a welcoming environment to practice periodically.

Lies here:

St Alban’s Pl, The Angel, N1 0NX

The gym is open all days of the week, including the weekend.

11. Urban Kings Gym

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

They provide training in various disciplines like boxing, Thai boxing, BJJ, and MMA. The unpopular opinion here is that combat disciplines are an excellent everyday schedule to stay in shape. Combat sports also help you increase your confidence and manage stress efficiently.

The gym lies in the heart of London and is also one of the Best MMA Gyms in London. It is welcoming for all kinds of enthusiasts and beginners, and professionals. They have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that contains all the amenities required for a professional gym.

On the one hand, it is a hardcore professional gym and provides other amenities like a sauna and a juice bar for folks. They have some of the best facilities in London. The gym is one of the most beautiful and well-constructed gyms, and they conduct over 75 classes every week.

Although they are moving to a bigger and better space, you cannot visit the facilities now. But if the home branch was exceptional, the newer one could turn out to be better.


4 Bravingtons Walk, Kings Cross, N1 9GA

They are open on all days of the week, including the weekend.

12. MMA Den

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

MMA Den, established in 2011, aims to provide all individuals a chance to begin with, training and a personal growth program. They firmly believe that health and fitness are better with MMA skills. It teaches BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. They provide quality training by professional fighters.

Therefore, they are well known for the friendly atmosphere and the high quality of their classes. They have a fantastic training program which you should check out. 

Find It Here

Arch 698, Gladstone Court, Havelock Terrace, Pagden Street, Battersea, London, SW8 4AT 

The gym is open on all days except for Sundays.

13. 100% MMA

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

The gym’s founder is Max Cotton, who is a fighter himself. The main aim of the gym is to find specific fitness and conditioning sessions that one can achieve while doing a full-time job. The founder of the gym created what he always wanted to see.

It might not be the best for professionals, but the gym is suitable for beginners. They teach MMA basics and build speed, power, and endurance. Easily accessible by the tube and close to the station.


Jubilee Hall Gym, W2CE 8BE 

They operate on all days except for Sundays.

14. Tokei Martial Arts And Fitness Center

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

The Tokei Fitness Center, established in 1975, wants you to learn good quality martial arts, so they provide a varied range of martial arts to learn in their field. The gym also conducts high-caliber classes that produce amazing martial artists. They have high-quality martial artists as coaches who have many years of experience in their chosen fields.

The gym offers karate, San Shou Shan, judo, Olympic freestyle wrestling, and Thai boxing. Some of these classes take place during lunchtime, which is easy for everyone to attend, and your lessons can fit into a flexible schedule.

You Can Find It Here

Lion Court, 28 Magdalen Street, London, SE1 2EN

They are open on all the days of the week except for Saturday and Sunday.

15. More Muscular Fitness And Martial Arts

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

This is a Wimbledon family gym. They offer training in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and wrestling. They have experienced and champion trainers who know what they are doing. You can take a free trial as they are one of the best gyms for MMA wrestling.

Where To Find It

17 Lyon Road, 2nd Floor, South Wimbledon, SW19 2RL


They operate for all days of the week, including the weekend.

16. The London Wing Chun Academy

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

The London Wing Chun Academy is specialized in traditional Wing Chun training, but they also have a commendable MMA program. The gym also has Wing Chun, MMA, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and sanda kickboxing classes. They have a unique and experienced approach to MMA training.

With world-class trainers and a holistic approach to MMA training. People consider it to be on the list of the Best MMA Gyms in London.

Where Is It

2nd Floor, Cypress House,2 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London N22 6UJ

They are open on all days of the week, including the weekend.

17. The Gauntlet Fight Academy

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

The Gauntlet Fight Academy gym opened in 2015, and it is a family-run business. They offer BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, No Gi, Krav Maga, and Yoga training. They have many world-class coaches who are excellent in their fields. The gym looks great, and it has excellent reviews about its training.

How To Locate

1A Haven Green, Ealing Broadway, West London, England

18. Xen Do Martial Arts

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Xen Do provides kickboxing and martial arts classes for sustainably healthier and safer living. Experts conduct courses in the field. The training will leave you feeling fitter and stronger while building your confidence. Beginners and experts are both welcome here. Also, people of all ages too.


Basement 73 Bakers Street, London, W1U 6RD

They operate all day of the week, including the weekend.

19. The Martial Arts Place

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

They are famous for teaching kickboxing. They have adult classes and training, but their classes for children are much better. They teach karate, kickboxing, and MMA training.

Where Can You Find It

88 Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage, London, NW3 3HA

You can attend all the days of the week except for weekends.

20. Adrenaline MMA Training And Fitness Center

Top 20 Best MMA Gyms In London

Adrenaline gym is one of the most popular gyms in London. They have fully equipped machines and good trainers who are experienced in whatever they teach. They have top-of-the-line MMA equipment and full-size octagon rings for practice.

Coaches are incredibly motivating and will train you one-on-one if you request them. Their setup is genuinely unique, and they are one of the best gyms for MMA training and one of the Best MMA Gyms in London.

Where Is It

716 York St, London, ON N5W 2S8

You can attend the gym on all days of the week except for Sundays.


We have finished the list of 20 Best MMA Gyms in London. You should look for an easily accessible gym closer to your place so that traveling is not a problem. Choose your gym after comparing all the rates for membership. Also, go through their perks and discounts.

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