Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

A family vacation is undoubtedly about having fun with your loved ones and making unforgettable memories together. However, when travelling with children, doing so with a purpose in mind helps enrich the experience for both parents and children.

Travelling can be seen as educational in various ways. When children travel to different geographic locations, they often meet and interact with new and diverse people while exposed to other cultures.

Whether you are looking to stay at the nizuc resort and spa or the iconic Faro Punta Cumplida hotel, there are more options than what you can see in a lifetime. Let’s take a trip across the continents and see what are the top 5 family vacation destinations where not only does travel offer a chance to escape the mundane but an opportunity as well to broaden your children’s horizons.

Australia, And The Wildlife Tourism

Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

With its multitude of sanctuaries, zoos, and nature reserves, Australian wildlife tourism offers a vast array of activities like snorkeling or scuba diving on coral reefs, swimming with whale sharks, spotting animals and birds while walking in national parks.

These activities involve wildlife as an essential part of the tourism experience. According to research, kids who interact with nature are more likely to be healthy, and they tend to be more creative thinkers.

Furthermore, interacting with animals breeds compassion; interacting with nature promotes understanding of the responsibilities we have as humans towards our planet, a much-needed awareness nowadays in the face of the ever-growing climate crisis. 

Disney World, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, And The Space Coast

Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

In the United States, Florida offers visitors the opportunity to triple their enjoyment and visit multiple exciting tourist attractions in one place. A trip to Disney World is a magical ride into a land of imagination and wonder.

The kids have seen the princesses and charming princes on their TV screens, and now they get to shake their hands and see them perform live in front of their very eyes. They might even get a chance to sing “let it go” with Queen Elsa herself.

Do your kids want to be wizards like Harry Potter? or maybe they’re into science and would like to visit space one day? Whichever one it is, Florida has you covered. You can join a Quidditch match, go shopping for wands at Ollivanders or feel what it’s like to be catapulted into space on the Shuttle Launch Experience flight simulator.  

England, And The Buckingham Palace

Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

If the kids don’t fancy meeting princesses and are looking for something far more lavishing and “royal,” Buckingham Palace in London, England, offers them the chance to walk the same grounds as actual kings and queens.

Taking a tour of the Palace entails exploring 19 Court Rooms where the Queen conducts her significant royal business, delighting in the treasures of famous artwork by legendary painters such as Rembrandt and Poussin, marveling over 350 clocks and pocket watches, and enjoying a tea party at the end hosted on the Palace Garden. 

Don’t forget to take some photos with the Queen’s Guards on your way out. Maybe try and get them to laugh too. If they do, you must get it on TikTok.

The Caribbean Experience At The Riviera Maya

Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

While we’ve established that traveling can be quite the learning experience, it can just as easily be about plain old relaxation and self-indulging under a warm Caribbean sun, on a white-sand Caribbean beach drinking an exotic fruit cocktail out of a pineapple or a freshly squeezed mango juice.

This Mexican resort district has over 120 km of crystal-clear turquoise shoreline, archaeological sites, natural parks, and unique water activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether it’s culture, history, science, or nature that you and your kids are into, across the seven continents, there are plenty of places to visit to enrich one’s self and still have a splendid time doing so.

A Comprehensive Journey To Portugal

Top 5 Family Destinations In The World

Although we can’t talk about all the activities and landmarks, you can visit Portugal while on vacation, but we can at least talk about the most famous Portuguese landmarks like the Belem Tower. It’s a world heritage that was built in the 1500s, where visitors can climb the stairs up to the terrace and enjoy the view.

If you are more into nature than history, you can visit the Peneda-GeresNational Park, where you can spot many villages inhabited by locals living in heaven on earth. Moreover, you can visit the Benagil Cave, Ria Formosa Natural Park, The Azores, and others.

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