Top Destinations For Remote Work In 2022

If you are a remote worker, you have the freedom to choose the place you’ll move to as long as you have internet and your laptop. These two things will allow you to work from anywhere, so you don’t need to be stuck in one city anymore. 

You have the whole world in front of you, and going from place to place is a good idea, but which countries are best to set as your base? Some of them have clear advantages when compared to others regarding the cost of living, security, ease of getting a visa, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Best Countries For Remote Work In 2022

According to Forbes, people are trying the new trend of remote work, especially after the pandemic. They relocate, keep their job, see the world, and become a digital nomad. Below are some of the best countries you can choose to take your remote work and move to in 2022.

1. Germany

Top Destinations For Remote Work In 2022

Germany always comes top of the list when it comes to remote work. It may be a bit expensive, but things like internet security, the ratio of remote workers in the country, and the geographical advantage of being at the center of Europe are undeniable benefits. 

If you’re planning on taking a Europe tour but looking for a base, Germany is your go-to choice. They provide visas for digital nomads and the country is more than well-connected to the rest of the continent. Germany is also one of the leading countries in the EU, and its cities are modern, safe, and comfortable. 

2. Denmark

Denmark is known for its digital success thanks to the great living standards it provides to digital talents around the country. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly popular for foreign talents to pack up their bags and move to Denmark to work remotely. 

What makes Denmark a powerhouse for digital nomads is the balance in their work and personal life, social welfare, security, and good governance. Denmark always scores the best points when it comes to personal happiness among its citizens, and this country offers a peaceful, comfortable life, especially for digital nomads who work from home. 

3. US

We don’t need to talk about the prosperity of the United States, but we can emphasize some key points that make this great country even greater when it comes to remote working locations. First of all, if you are a digital nomad, you can choose a good and affordable city in the US, and then make your way throughout the continent. Cities like Austin and Chicago are great bases for digital nomads. 

Another undeniable advantage of the US is the multiculturality that you cannot find anywhere else. There are literally people from every nation imaginable, not to mention the US is possibly the capital of self-employed individuals. All these are great sources of inspiration for a remote worker, gather your group and exchange ideas, work in brilliant co-working spaces, and travel around the US when you have time. 

4. Spain

Spain is a modern country in the EU, it is located in the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula. Its advantages go way beyond the location though; Spain has high-speed internet, the cost of living is lower than most other European countries, and it’s super LGBT friendly. 

Since Spain started to be appreciated by digital nomads, the country realized this interest and announced its remote visas for digital workers. Spain could be just the place you need with beautiful beaches, warm weather, and even warmer people of the Mediterranean. 

5. Lithuania

Top Destinations For Remote Work In 2022

Not everyone wants to be at the center of Europe, or in the US. Some digital nomads prefer a more quiet and laid-back option. That’s where Lithuania comes into play. This beautiful country offers all the advantages of a modern European nation but with green landscapes and inspiring scenes. 

In addition to its beauty, Lithuania promotes digital work and they make life easier for remote workers with a wide selection of cafes, fast and cheap internet, and unique co-working spaces nested in green. Lithuania is also one of the most peaceful, safest countries you can find on the continent. We saved the best to last; they also offer digital nomad visas in Lithuania.

Final Word

If you are lucky enough to be a remote worker who can travel around the world, start by making a list so you know where to go first. Being a digital nomad is a great opportunity to meet new people and get inspired by others. But when the options are endless, you need a little guidance. That’s why we have these top 5 countries to go to for remote work in 2022. 

Make sure to add these amazing countries to your list as now you know that they promote remote work, they offer visas for digital nomads, they are safe and fun while also inspiring. Don’t miss out on the beauties of the world, utilize remote work to be multicultural, and expand your perspective by traveling to and working remotely in these places.

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