Top Elements That Affect The Hair Growth

There are moments when we begin to worry that our hair growth has slowed or ceased. Our hair grows about half an inch every month on average, so if the growth rate slows, it could be a sign that something is harming the hair’s condition. In the modern world, there are several advanced technologies launched in the market like hair regrowth helmet that help individuals to regrow their hair in an effective way. 

Like all other areas of our bodies, the health of our hair is influenced by how we are feeling overall. The capillary network in the scalp provides nutrition to the hair follicles, which are deeply rooted there. Our hair’s health is impacted by a variety of factors. Let’s talk about elements that have a significant impact on your hair growth. 

Top Elements That Affect The Hair Growth

Poor Healthy Diet 

The individual’s overall health has the biggest impact on hair growth. A healthy diet is one that provides the follicles with all the nutrition they need, as this promotes healthy hair development. Any iron, vitamin, zinc, or protein deficiency will cause hair loss and poor growth.

Stressful Life Activities

The golden rule of having thick, long hair is to keep stress and anxiety at a safe distance. If you are sleeping 6-8 hours a day, it can give amazing results. 


In general, hair loss is correlated with chronological age in both men and women. Your odds of losing hair increase as you age. As people get older, their hair normally grows less quickly.

Top Elements That Affect The Hair Growth


In addition to hair color, genetic factors also affect density, texture, and growth. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, causes the hair follicles in persons who are genetically predisposed to hair loss to shrink. Your hair volume reduces generally as the hair gets thinner over time. The hair follicle may eventually stop growing hair altogether.


The growth of hair can be impacted by particular hormones. Thyroid hormone, estrogen, and testosterone are a few of these. Hair loss can result from both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. As shown during pregnancy, the female hormone estrogen raises the number of hair follicles in the hair growth cycle. This hormone’s level falls after childbirth, which causes the hair to begin falling out.

Poor Lifestyle

Numerous lifestyle choices may have an impact on hair growth. Smoking has been connected to early hair ageing and balding. Promoting a fit physique and healthy hair requires a better lifestyle and moderation in everything you consume.


It is thought that in warmer climates, hair grows more quickly. On the other hand, exposure to the sun can harm the hair and scalp. Therefore, it is advised to use a hat or sunscreen to shield your hair from UVA and UVB rays, especially during the summer. Hair growth may also be impacted by the cold. The hair may become more brittle, delicate, and dry in cold weather.

Top Elements That Affect The Hair Growth

Unclean Scalp

The scalp should be free of bacteria and fungi to provide a healthy environment for the growth of hair roots.

Chemical Products

It is crucial to choose hair care products carefully because chemical-based ones damage hair and impede its regular growth.

Poor Environment

Environmental pollution spreads grime, dirt, soot, and hazardous chemicals that clog our scalps and destroy the roots of our hair. Regular hair cleaning will maintain it clean and encourage natural growth. Another major factor in hair damage & hair growth slowdown is sun radiation. The radiation causes the hair to become brittle, frizzy, and dry.

No Usage Of Natural products

There are numerous organic substances, including avocado, banana, egg yolk, fenugreek seeds, oils, aloe vera, and others help promoting hair development in a healthy way.

Top Elements That Affect The Hair Growth


It’s a well-known truth that getting 35 to 60 minutes of moderate activity each day revitalizes the hair, encouraging healthy development.

If you want to ensure healthy hair and quick hair growth, your daily routine should include taking care of your hair. To learn tips on how to improve your hair regrowth, click here