Embark on a Tranquil Journey at Pazziella Garden & Suites

Pazziella Garden & Suites is located in the heart of Capri’s town centre, surrounded by a magical and peaceful atmosphere.

A private villa with a fascinating history, this luxurious property has been transformed with the utmost care and expertise of the Salvatore Naldi Group.

An elegant 25-suite retreat, guests are invited to relish the charm and sophistication of Capri.

In the Heart of Capri: A Stroll to Pazziella Garden & Suites

Positioned just a stone’s throw away from the bustling central Piazza Umberto I, Pazziella Garden & Suites offers visitors unrivalled convenience paired with a serene ambience.

Embark on a Tranquil Journey at Pazziella Garden & Suites

While taking a stroll through Capri’s town centre’s colourful streets, guests will breathe the particular atmosphere of this island and will be ready to immerse in an exclusive retreat.

The Transformation of Pazziella Garden & Suites: A Meticulous Journey

Pazziella Garden & Suites’ restoration has required 2.5 years work, a thorough and painstaking attention to details.

From a little ancient villa to a luxury oasis, in every part of the property you will breathe a balanced combination of tradition and modern elegance.

Embrace refined elegance and extreme comfort while discovering Pazziella Garden & Suites’ wonderful suites collection. Every carefully designed space is a tribute to Capri’s eternal beauty, with tailored furnishing, precious fabrics and stunning views that leave guests’ breath away.

A Glimpse into Capri Style: Elegant Furnishings at Pazziella Garden & Suites

Relish Capri’s famous style and elegance through elegant furnishing in every suite at the Pazziella Garden & Suites.

Embark on a Tranquil Journey at Pazziella Garden & Suites

From Garden View Prestige Room to luxurious Pool Patio Suite, in every accommodation guests will breath a sense of nonchalance and classic sophistication, feeling invited to relax in total comfort.

Pazziella Garden & Suites’ main goal is authenticity and made to measure, from the tailoring of the suites’ collection interior design to the smallest detail. Teresa Coscia Naldi and architect Rosanna Coscia have been involved in this historical property transformation in collaboration with the Salvatore Naldi Group, respecting the ancient tailoring and adding modern elegance.

Indulge in Culinary Delights at the “P Garden Restaurant”

Relish a prestigious meal in the well-known “P Garden Restaurant”, where gastronomic excellence meets an uncommon ambience. Surrounded by a lush garden with a view of the poolside, this culinary temple invites guests to a fascinating excursus of colourful Mediterranean flavours.

Take a fascinating gastronomic trip by Executive Chef Angelo Fumeto, who is particularly fond of Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine. With a keen sense of seasonal ingredients and techniques, Chef Fumeto will let you relish the authentic flavours of Capri’s territory.

Embark on a Tranquil Journey at Pazziella Garden & Suites

Delight your palate with a symphony of flavours at “P Garden Restaurant,” where each dish is thoughtfully crafted to showcase the freshest ingredients of the season. From tasty pasta to juicy seafood delicacies, every spoonful is a tribute to the rich Mediterranean flavours collection.

When dusk falls over Pazziella Garden & Suites, the surrounding ambience gets a particular and mysterious shine through candlelight. Take a relaxing draft of romanticism while dining under the stars, where the quietness of the place will prepare guests for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic pleasures.


Pazziella Garden & Suites is the luxury and peace synonym on the wonderful island of Capri. From an ancient private villa to a 25 suites elegant retreat, in every part of this exquisite property guests will breath a sense of utmost expertise and authenticity.

From a walk through the lush gardens to gastronomic delights in “P Garden Restaurant” or while relaxing in an elegant suite, guests will breath an uncommon elegant and charming atmosphere.

Timeless beauty and utmost service are the Pazziella Garden & Suites’ synonyms for travellers ready to immerse in an exclusive retreat unlike others.

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