Travelling Solo In Greece For First Timers

After the events of the last few years, travel has been placed back on the agenda. Many of us are making plans and booking flights in a bid to tick off our bucket lists.

Among those hopping on a plane are the solo travellers. If you are planning on joining them this year for your first trip abroad by yourself, why not visit Greece? This stunning country provides you with a European Golden visa, perfect for those seeking to explore abroad independently. Do you need help with where to seek information about it? Don’t worry. You can explore the Greece Golden visa program benefits to learn more. Here, we look at what makes Greece an excellent choice for solo travel first-timers.

The Rise Of Solo Travel

Travelling Solo In Greece For First Timers

2022 saw lots of UK residents travel abroad. Sure, the number of those jetting off wasn’t at pre-pandemic levels, but we grew in confidence and took a trip away for the first time in a couple of years.

While many people holiday with family and friends, there are also plenty of people who enjoy travelling alone. According to a 2022 survey, online searches for the term ‘solo travel’ increased by 267% from December 2020 to April 2022, revealing that there’s a real appetite for this type of trip.

Perhaps the restrictions of the pandemic inspired people to pack their bags and go away by themselves. Or maybe they’d been thinking of going solo for a while and they finally had the opportunity to get researching?

Travelling Solo In Greece For First Timers

Why exactly are people travelling alone? Some of the main reasons could include:

  • An opportunity for adventure

While you can see the sights and explore when you travel with others, being able to go it alone is a whole new adventure. You steer the ship, deciding where and when to visit a place or see a sight. That alone makes it thrilling.

  • It’s rewarding

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to navigate an unfamiliar place on your own – and this is especially the case if you’re in a different country.

  • Meet new people

Again, you can meet people when you holiday with friends, but if you’re by yourself you’re pushed into removing any awkwardness and asking questions. This gives you the chance to meet people that you might not have spoken to if you’d been away with family or friends.

  • A sense of independence

You plan every element of your trip. You decide when to eat and when to sleep and that can help you grow in confidence.  

What Makes Greece Special

Travelling Solo In Greece For First Timers

So, of all the places you could travel to, why choose Greece as your first destination for solo travel?

While there are plenty of places that are geared towards solo adventurers, Greece is a captivating place that offers something for everyone. You could try island hopping, taking in the buzz of Corfu or the elegance of Santorini. You might decide to indulge in a day or two on the mainland, seeing what the capital has to offer – there’s nothing like climbing to the Acropolis and viewing Athens from above.

Holidays in Greece can be a mix of cultural sightseeing, lazy beach days, and adrenaline-packed adventures on the water. Plus, with so many visitors from around Europe and beyond, you’re sure to meet other solo travellers along the way who might be able to tip you off about a nice bar or restaurant that you might like to try.

Just remember to keep your wits about you and stay safe as you would if you’re travelling with friends. If you’re thinking of heading to Greece for your first solo trip, start planning now. There’s plenty to see.

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