How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

Today, almost any suburban area can be used not only for growing greens, vegetables, and fruit growing but also for recreation.

Sometimes you have to watch how in a summer cottage in one season, instead of a potato field or even rows of beds with carrots and beets, an equally even lawn appears, in which, it seems, a blade of grass is matched to a blade of grass. Children bask in the sun on it, and adults often eat barbecue, sitting next to the barbecue, reading or listening to music, hiding under a round umbrella canopy.

Arrangement Of A Summer Cottage Landscaping Of A Summer Cottage

How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

Giving a certain style to your summer cottage is a very interesting activity. It requires certain knowledge and skills in the ability to design a landscape. If such skills are absent, and the desire to transform your site and make it attractive is great, it is best to contact our landscape designers who will prompt and help you complete such painstaking work.

Before starting to implement their ideas, site owners traditionally try to acquire knowledge with the help of specialized literature, looking at thematic resources on the Internet, as well as receiving advice from friends who consider themselves gurus in this field.

Of course, not every owner of a country house is able to independently turn his nondescript site into a picture from a European magazine.

Dividing the territory into zones, designing landscape and construction works, creating drainage, irrigation and lighting systems, gazebos, flower beds and rock gardens, paving paths, soil levelling, planting trees and shrubs, and arranging the lawn.

If you try to save money and try to do it yourself, you can suffer both financially and morally, forever disappointed in the prospect of improving your own dacha.

How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

Therefore, when starting the decorative design of the garden plot, it is best to entrust this to specialized landscape design specialists. And yet, we will give you some tips on how to turn your summer cottage into a pleasant recreation area for the whole family.

Tips For Arranging A Summer Cottage

To begin with, it is necessary to place trees and shrubs in a linear or checkerboard pattern on the dacha site and make sure that they grow in two tiers, then take up lawns, and only then rock garden, if it is provided for by your project. Plants for it are selected carefully, it must be taken into account that the largest section of the “slide” will be located on the north side, which means it will require hardened, shade-loving greenery.

With the help of various architectural forms in the form of stone, wooden, and metal crafts, you can add some theatricality to the garden plot. And with the help of special borders, it is possible to decorate flower beds and flower girls decoratively. Also, good garage doors play an important role in the whole image of the garden.

It will be interesting to look at the composition, made in the form of an openwork wall made of multi-coloured bricks, where flowerpots with flowers can be placed in the openings windows. For such plants with small frosts, it is enough to use a cone-shaped removable covering material. It uses hothouse bubble wrap. Such a brick fence comes to life due to the beautifully arranged and well-groomed flowers on it.

Behind such a wall, it is good to place a table and chairs made of processed logs. Arranged flowers in wicker baskets or wooden boxes are also suitable here.

How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

The use of such material as cellular polycarbonate in the construction of a greenhouse, gazebo, or summer veranda is a good solution, as it gives completeness and a beautiful look to a single style in the design. Manufacturers of air bubble film specifically supply their products as packaging material for the transport of polycarbonate connecting profiles and panels.

You can complement these transparent structures with the help of a variety of lamps, which in the evening will add mystery and mystery to the site. To do this, you can position the backlight from below.

Landscaping Of The Suburban Area

Landscaping is a very important stage in the “re-equipment” of a summer cottage into a full-fledged recreation area. Independent work brings moral pleasure, but you suddenly realize that it is not enough, a professional approach is needed here.

And in this case, allow you to offer our landscaping services. Alpine slides, rose gardens, flower beds, lawns – all these types of work are not so simple. Many who have tried – are convinced of this. The selection of plants, their location, height, and the creation of a single colour ensemble are important. It is clear that this requires both knowledge and skills of a completely different quality level.

But professionally executed landscaping works will please the eye and serve as a true decoration of your garden for many years.

How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

Lawns are especially popular nowadays. Evenly cut grass seems like a soft carpet, and it’s bright green The light blue colour makes even a cloudy day more fun. But this is not easy to achieve. We need special varieties of grass, their regular cutting and watering. Also important is its correct landing. Otherwise, instead of a perfectly even green field, there is a chance to get a bald meadow that will not decorate, but rather spoil your site.

Therefore, most gardeners and land owners turn to professional gardeners to create a lawn. In addition to the obvious fact of guaranteed quality, this allows and saves time – the lawn under your windows will appear much faster than in the case of independent experiments.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening has a lot of purposes – this is the ability to make a smooth transition from one height to another, and the ability to work with different tiers and create pockets for special soils, emphasize wall decoration materials or divide the garden into functional zones.

Very often, the owners get plots with hills, ravines, and slopes. This is where plastics come to the rescue. The relief will be formed in fragments, the slope will turn into steps with a horizontal surface, with the help of terracing and retaining walls.

Decorative walls and screens are used to hide some unsightly object, or view, just the wall of the house or create a corner for privacy. Trillings are the most common elements of small architectural forms used for wall decoration. These are lattice panels made of wooden slats or metal rods. Their function is not only to close the wall of the house but also to serve as a support for decorative climbing plants.

How To Turn Your Summer Cottage Into A Recreation Area

To create green walls, panels woven from wicker or hazel are often used – wattle in a rustic style. Such walls serve no more than ten years, but they are not inferior to others in strength and beauty.

This whole interior of vertical gardening elements can be complemented by the bewitching beauty and grace of moving water. Fountains are thrown upward: from a source in the wall, jets or small splashes of water fall into the pool, and waterfalls fall into the pond.

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