6 Different Types Of Circuit Breaker Based LT And HT

Whenever electricity comes up, people take utmost care and precautions to prevent any harm or accident. There should always be a regulating mechanism to control the flow of electricity. This act is normally controlled by some fuse or switch that goes off during the excess current flow. The major disadvantage is the time consumption behind restoring a fuse after it’s gone. 

Here comes the relevance of circuit breakers that is way more dependent than normal switches and fuses are. Circuit breakers refer to mechanical switching devices that help make, break, and carry a circuit, both automatically and manually, under fluctuating circumstances. High quality and trusted circuit breaker helps in doing the following things;

  • Breaking or making a circuit manually or automatically under a normal scenario.
  • During abnormal cases, it breaks the circuit automatically.
  • Helps in repairing a circuit under fault conditions both manually and via remote control. 

Thus, the importance of a circuit breaker is to ensure the protection and maintenance of a power supply system. The chances of any electrical accidents lessen down to almost nil. 

Depending on the Low Tension (LT) and High Tension (HT), different circuit breakers are used for circuit switching mechanisms. Following are six of the recognized circuit breakers, with three from each of the two categories.

6 Different Types Of Circuit Breaker Based LT And HT

Circuit Breakers Of High Tension

Air Circuit Breaker

The function of an Air Circuit Breaker is to safeguard against small and medium voltages. In this type of circuit breaker, compressed air gas acts as a medium to break the circuit. Opt for trusted and reliable Air Circuit Breakers like CHINT Air Circuit Breaker that runs for a longer period and does exactly what a perfect Air Circuit Breaker should do.

Such types of circuit breakers find a place in motor circuits, lightning mechanisms, distribution systems, etc. you can use both Alternate Current and Direct current circuits with it for indoor appliances. 

Air Blast Circuit Breaker

The work of an Air blast circuit breaker is to hinder the flow of current at high voltage and high-pressure installations. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc., are high-pressure gases that act as a medium of arc quenching. There are primarily three categories;

  • Axial air-blast circuit breaker
  • Cross air-blast circuit breaker
  • Radial air-blast circuit breaker

Oil Circuit Breaker

When it comes to an oil circuit breaker, oil, like transformer oil, acts as the arc to cause the interruption. The oil Circuit breaker is the oldest and guarantees reliability, easy construction, and lower price. There are two parts of OCB;

  • Bulk oil circuit breaker (BOCB)
  • – Plain break oil circuit breaker
  • – Self-generated pressure oil circuit breaker
  • – Impulse oil circuit breaker
  • Low oil circuit breaker (MOCB)
6 Different Types Of Circuit Breaker Based LT And HT

Circuit Breakers Of Low Tension

Miniature Circuit Breaker

The miniature circuit breaker is an electrical switch that goes down and cuts off the electric current when extra current passes. This brings down the chances of short circuits and any other accidents through electrical overload. You have control over the Miniature circuit boards against fuses. Consequently, the procedure to restore electricity does not consume any extra time. 

Moulded-Case Circuit Breaker

The Moulded-case circuit breaker is an advanced version of Miniature circuit breakers. It results in the breakage of any electrical current whenever an excessive flow of current or overload happens. Compared to the minimal 125A of MCBs, the Moulded-case Circuit Breaker withstands a current rating of up to 2500A.

Such circuit breakers are in use for electrical components of huge factories and industries running large electrical machines.

Solid-state (Digital) Circuit Breaker

The Solid-state (Digital) circuit breaker is an electrical marvel that finds a place among huge machines or locomotives like ships, submarines, etc. such a circuit breaker facilitates quick interruption of an electrical anomaly and detects the problems in quick succession. This quickness helps in averting any huge electrical disaster in huge electrical motors and components.

The above information will give you a glance through the different types of circuit breakers performing functions under low and high intensities. Right from our households to the global world, Circuit breakers have unimaginable importance.