ULI Marylebone: Where Asia Meets London

In the heart of London’s charming Marylebone neighbourhood, a culinary gem has emerged, promising to tantalize the taste buds of both locals and visitors alike.

ULI Marylebone, the brainchild of Graham Rebak and Adam Wilkie, the masterminds behind Notting Hill’s beloved ULI and Chelsea’s favourite HUŎ, opened its doors in July on Seymour Place, adding a delightful twist to Marylebone’s dining scene.

ULI Marylebone: Where Asia Meets London

This article will delve deeper into what makes ULI Marylebone a standout dining destination, exploring its exceptional menu, exquisite design, and the team behind its success.

A Fusion of Flavours at ULI Marylebone

ULI Marylebone takes diners on a culinary journey through Asia with its exceptional menu. Graham and Adam, along with their team of talented chefs and founder Michael Lim, have crafted a menu that transcends borders, offering carefully selected dishes from China and Southeast Asia.

What sets ULI Marylebone apart is its commitment to authenticity. Each dish is prepared from scratch, utilizing traditional Chinese, Thai, Malay, and Singaporean techniques, ensuring an authentic and flavorful experience with every bite.

The menu at ULI Marylebone is a symphony of tastes, offering a balanced choice of snacks, small plates, and main dishes, each with its own distinctive and individual flavours. Standout dishes include the Triple-Cooked Dover Sole with asparagus, garlic, and chilli, the Stir-Fried Beef Fillet with spicy black pepper sauce, and the Spicy Tofu with green beans.

These dishes reflect the essence of Asian cuisine, with a focus on freshness, balance, and a tantalizing blend of spices.

A Vibrant Addition to Marylebone’s Dining Scene

ULI Marylebone aspires to become an integral part of Marylebone’s dining scene, quickly winning the hearts of both locals and visitors.

Graham Rebak, sharing his vision for the restaurant, states, “Recognizing London’s demand and appreciation for our brand of informal classic Asian cooking, off the success of both ULI Notting Hill and HUŎ, Adam and I have been looking for the perfect new neighbourhood location for a second ULI for some time. When the site on Seymour Place came onto our radar, we immediately knew that this was it. Remarkably, this brand of restaurant is currently missing from the area, and when combined with Jonathan Clark’s crisp and cool interiors, we are confident that Marylebone locals will be quick to add ULI to their little black book of regular haunts.”

ULI Marylebone: Where Asia Meets London

Indeed, ULI Marylebone’s location on Seymour Place fills a gap in the local dining scene, offering a unique and refreshing take on Asian cuisine. The restaurant’s commitment to creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere aligns perfectly with Marylebone’s reputation for charming and welcoming establishments.

Design Excellence by Jonathan Clark

The ambience at ULI Marylebone is carefully curated by Jonathan Clark Architects, a London award-winning firm renowned for its close collaboration with clients. Jonathan’s vision for the restaurant’s design perfectly encapsulates the ethos of ULI Marylebone, emphasizing simplicity, homeliness, and informality. The defining feature of the space is a whitewashed wood lattice structure that encloses the walls and ceiling of the rear half of the main dining area.

This unique structure comes to life with front-lit coloured infill panels in shades of blue and deep brown, creating a visually striking yet comfortable environment. The addition of sisal matting and mirrors adds depth and texture to the space, enhancing the overall dining experience. To complement the restaurant’s design, the team enlisted the talents of Hong Kong-born Cody Choi, a contemporary photographer and choreographer known for his captivating figurative portraits of dancers.

A Spacious Retreat

With a seating capacity of 100, ULI Marylebone represents Graham and Adam’s largest venture to date. The restaurant also boasts an intimate private dining room on the lower ground floor, accommodating up to twelve guests. During the warmer months, ULI Marylebone extends its inviting ambience outdoors with four pavement tables, ensuring that diners can enjoy the restaurant’s delightful atmosphere throughout the year.

ULI Marylebone: Where Asia Meets London

ULI Marylebone offers more than just a dining experience; it’s a place where guests can linger over a selection of Asian-inspired cocktails and indulge in some of the most coveted Japanese whiskies, vodkas, and craft beers.

The bar menu boasts a fantastic selection of beverages, including the signature Asian Negroni (gin, Campari, vermouth, sake) and the Lychee Martini (vodka, vermouth, lychee). What sets ULI Marylebone’s bar apart is the seamless integration of the full food menu, allowing guests to savour their favourite dishes while enjoying their preferred drinks.

ULI Marylebone is not just another restaurant; it’s the result of the combined experience of its senior team, who have played integral roles in creating and launching some of London’s most sought-after destinations and brands. This wealth of expertise and passion for hospitality is evident in every aspect of ULI Marylebone, from its menu to its design and overall atmosphere. As a result, ULI Marylebone promises to be an exciting addition to Marylebone’s dining and drinking scene.


In the heart of Marylebone, ULI Marylebone stands as a culinary gem that beckons all those who seek an authentic and delightful dining experience. With its commitment to authenticity, a delectable menu that spans the diverse flavours of Asia, and a design that seamlessly blends style and comfort, ULI Marylebone is poised to become a beloved establishment in the heart of Marylebone.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring London’s vibrant dining scene, ULI Marylebone is a destination that should not be missed. It’s a place where culinary excellence meets design brilliance, creating a dining experience that lingers in the memory long after the meal is over. Make sure to add ULI Marylebone to your list of must-visit restaurants in Marylebone, and discover the true essence of Asian cuisine in this charming corner of London.

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