10 Unique Rave Outfits For Festival Season 2022

Festival season 2022 is so long-awaited, long-expected, and long-yearned that choosing the most mind-boggling outfit is the least you can do for it! In case you’re feeling dizzy with all the tens and hundreds of alternatives on the market, we are here to lend you a helping hand.

Below, you will see our list of mesmerizing rave summer festival outfits that every first-time or returning raver shall consider stacking into their wardrobe. Then all you need to do is decide how bold you can get!

#1 Booty Shorts Matching Sets

10 Unique Rave Outfits For Festival Season 2022

If you’re a fan of detailed and effortless perfection, buying a ready-made co-ord set is the wisest thing you can do. And if you accidentally happen to be a fan of the spotlight, too, choosing a co-ord set with sexy booty shorts is your best choice in the wide, wide world.

These pre-assembled outfits can come with a different top design – a bra top, a strapless boob tube top, a halter neck top, or a cold-shoulder top with long sleeves. In addition, every set can include different little accessories for the perfect finish – sleeves with thumbholes, multipurpose bandanas, or a face mask to protect you from dust and little particles.

#2 Matching Sets With Printed Leggings

Matching sets are also a popular rave trend among those who’d want to show less skin on the lower body section, and that’s possible with the trim legging sets with matching prints. They follow the same assembling logic described above and give a little more space for patterns to be revealed.

Logically, the prints are the absolute highlight of these outfits, including themes and motifs such as cyber futurism, steampunk, psychedelics, goth, kawaii, and more. So when purchasing a legging matching set for a rave, all you need to do is puck the footwear and go!

#3 Sleeveless Catsuits

Now, one step deeper into the “more prints, less skin” direction – we have the one-piece catsuits designed to bring together the best of full-body costumes and two-piece sets. They cover the entire body from the shoulders to the ankles, including the tummy and abdomen, where they provide an extra gentle shape-molding effect.

When choosing a sleeveless catsuit, you are advised to carefully check the sizing instructions and pick a model that best suits your body shape and silhouette. The good news? This type of design will make you look visually taller and slimmer – if that’s the effect you’re looking for.

#4 Full-Body Rave Costumes

10 Unique Rave Outfits For Festival Season 2022

To finish what we started here, we’re diving straight into the deep – with the full-body one-piece costumes that happen to be perfect for raves, cosplay events, Halloween parties, and roleplay fun. They are covered in all-over detailed prints, and some brands even offer models with UV-reactive inks that glow when near a strong UV light.

As you may suggest, the print patterns here are intended to look like a literal second skin – tight, realistic, and generally stunning. Also, you can choose between Robo-realistic art, liquified rave prints, spectrum-colored vividness, and whatever else that may cross your mind.

#5 Rave Mini Dresses

If you’re hitting an open-air festival in mid-summer, you’d absolutely appreciate a bit more breathability and freedom of movement. And there’s hardly a more minimalistic rave outfit design than the rave mini dress with bare shoulders, extra cut-outs, and underboob cuts.

You can wear it with your basic sports sneakers, your badass platform boots, or your favorite high heels. Plus, you can add base-color fishnets, waist belts, and many other accessories until you reach the level of epicness you’re aiming at.

#6 Long Maxi Dresses

Printed long dresses will give your appearance an entirely different vibe. Balancing on the verge of angelic elegance and old-school goth, they will make you look perfectly royal without moving a finger. What’s more – top-line ’22 models will round out the rave concept with a wide frontal opening, perfect for wearing with sexy booty shorts.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between basically all types of lengths for your dress. Just make sure it doesn’t brush the ground, especially if you’re attending an open-air event and the weather forecast is still questionable.

#7 Cut-Out Rave Bodysuits

One-piece supremacy is also easily achievable with printed spandex bodysuits that bring the snug feeling of a comfy swimsuit and the looks of a brute pole dancing outfit. Models can vary from leotard-like concealed designs with a mock neck to jaw-dropping cuts with underboob, abdomen, or back openings.

And if that’s not good enough, rave bodysuits can also come in some extra foxy alternatives such as high-hip, thong, or burning neon models. Then, bringing the front stage on fire will be a couple of clicks away!

#8 Printed Shortalls

On the more practical side of things, your rave outfit can also serve you well long beyond the summer festival. If that sounds reasonable to you, a printed shortall will undoubtedly be your piece of cake. It is fabulous enough to match the rave trend of the season and still perfect for wearing as an everyday garment the whole summer long.

 When buying a short elastic overall, the only thing to consider is that you need to combine it with a suitable top as a base layer. Boob tubes, bra tops, and tees are widely preferred for styling this type of rave gear, and you can once again personalize your look to the fullest.

#9 Rave Hoodies

When you think of hoodies, you often imagine the soft, oversized, pajama-like cotton buddies you chill in on a Sunday afternoon. Sure – oversized hoodies are a thing in rave culture, but so are the sexy cropped hoodies that blend a gangsta and a chic look like they’re made to be blended.

Or else said – that’s the “crop top” in the hoodie world, and you won’t help but adore the way it looks and feels!

#10 Sexy Crop Tops

Finally, the easiest way to make a “rave outfit” of basically every outfit you have is to put a cheeky crop top on. It goes well with every bottom in your wardrobe – be it your favorite pair of worn-out jeans, your seductive booty shorts, your printed leggings, or your leather skirt.

Every part of the crop top can be chosen to highlight your best features and reveal just as much as you’d want to reveal. From a minimalistic bra top to a full-length top with suggestive cut-outs – the choice is yours to make, and the fun is yours to have. Ready to rave? This summer, you can do it like you haven’t done it since 2019!

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