Fairmont Doha’s New Spa and Beach Club Launched

From a state-of-the-art spa to a vibrant kids club, from indulgent afternoon teas to complimentary beach club access, Fairmont Doha promises an unmatched experience for travellers seeking opulence and relaxation.

Let’s delve into the details of these exciting new offerings, designed to elevate your stay in the vibrant city of Doha.

A Luxurious Escape at Fairmont Doha

Fairmont Doha, located in the prestigious Katara Towers on the Arabian Gulf, has swiftly become a hallmark of luxury in the city’s landscape. Boasting breathtaking vistas of the Doha waterfront and the bustling metropolis, Fairmont Doha enchants visitors from the moment they step into its grand lobby.

Unveiling Fairmont Doha's Exclusive 2024 Offerings

At the heart of this opulent space hangs a magnificent crystal chandelier, soaring 56.5 meters high and adorned with 4,807 bulbs and glass components, earning the distinction of being the world’s tallest.

A Sanctuary of Luxury and Wellness

At the heart of this prestigious hotel lies The Fairmont Doha Spa, a haven of tranquillity and rejuvenation spanning an expansive 2,500m2. This state-of-the-art spa is meticulously designed to redefine the very essence of luxury and wellness, inviting guests to embark on a transformative experience for the body, mind, and spirit.

Embrace Luxury and Rejuvenation at The Fairmont Doha Spa

With its sophisticated equipment, specialized beauty treatments, and spacious treatment rooms boasting unparalleled views of Doha’s skyline, The Fairmont Doha Spa sets a new standard in indulgence and relaxation.

Sailing Across Tranquillity

Stepping into The Fairmont Doha Spa is akin to embarking on a voyage across serene seas, with its grand and elegant design adorned in soothing hues that mimic the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves.

The careful integration of precious metals and curated artwork further enhances the ambience, cocooning guests in a sanctuary of serenity and luxury, far removed from the bustle of everyday life.

Gemstone Therapy: Connecting with Nature

Each of the seven treatment rooms at The Fairmont Doha Spa is meticulously crafted to offer guests not only a space for relaxation but also a connection to the natural world.

Embrace Luxury and Rejuvenation at The Fairmont Doha Spa

Named after precious blue gemstones such as Azurite, Sodalite, and Kyanite, these rooms serve as a homage to the surrounding sky and ocean, harnessing the calming energies of gemstone therapy to promote holistic healing and rejuvenation.

Signature Treatments: A Journey to Rejuvenation

Curated to inspire rejuvenation and reconnection, The Fairmont Doha Spa offers a selection of signature treatments that blend traditional techniques with indulgent elements, promising an unforgettable wellness experience.

From the intimate ‘Ritual for Two’, designed to enhance bonding and relaxation for couples, to the transformative ‘Arabian Renewal’ performed on a quartz stone bed, each treatment is a testament to the spa’s commitment to holistic wellbeing.

Beyond the Spa: A Holistic Experience

The Fairmont Doha Spa extends its commitment to wellbeing beyond its luxurious confines, offering guests access to an exclusive beauty salon, a fully equipped gymnasium with state-of-the-art facilities, and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools that overlook the breathtaking ocean vistas.

This holistic approach ensures that guests feel their best throughout their stay, embodying the ethos of The Fairmont Doha as a sanctuary for both body and soul.

Embrace Luxury and Rejuvenation at The Fairmont Doha Spa

Partnerships and Prestige

Central to The Fairmont Doha Spa’s commitment to excellence are its esteemed partnerships with renowned brands such as 111 Skin, Sodashi, and marocMaroc. These collaborations further elevate the spa experience, offering guests access to exclusive treatments and products that epitomize luxury and sophistication.

Amine Bouhalba, the General Manager of The Fairmont Doha, expresses his excitement about the unveiling of The Fairmont Doha Spa, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Fairmont Spa Doha to the city. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our exceptional brand partnerships, will redefine the luxury spa experience in Doha. We look forward to welcoming our guests to a world of relaxation, holistic wellbeing, and unparalleled service.”

PILLAR offers top-tier training across various fitness disciplines, complemented by complimentary fitness classes like yoga, boxing, and Pilates, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Seaside Bliss at Bagatelle Beach Club

Fairmont Doha extends its hospitality beyond its confines, offering guests complimentary access to the luxurious Bagatelle Beach Club at Al Maha Island, a mere five-minute drive from the hotel.

Nestled amidst sun-kissed shores, Bagatelle Beach Club promises an array of bespoke experiences tailored to discerning travellers. From dawn till dusk, guests can revel in the epitome of coastal luxury, surrounded by azure waters and impeccable service.

Unveiling Fairmont Doha's Exclusive 2024 Offerings

The allure of Bagatelle Beach Club lies not only in its idyllic setting but also in its diverse offerings. Whether guests seek tranquillity by the water’s edge or crave adrenaline-fuelled water sports, the beach club caters to every inclination.

Indulge in a leisurely swim in the infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf, or partake in thrilling activities such as jet skiing and paddleboarding. For those seeking culinary delights, the beach club’s gourmet restaurant serves up an array of delectable dishes, perfectly complemented by refreshing beverages.

With its unparalleled ambience and attentive service, Bagatelle Beach Club invites guests to unwind in style and luxury.

Culinary Journeys at Dôme

Embark on a gastronomic voyage like no other with Fairmont Doha’s newest offering – the ‘Around the World’ Afternoon Tea at Dôme. Delight your senses with an assortment of delectable treats, meticulously curated to traverse global culinary traditions.

Unveiling Fairmont Doha's Exclusive 2024 Offerings

From Moroccan Mint to Masala Chai, from Matcha to Iced Tea, and the timeless Darjeeling, each sip transports you to distant lands. Priced at QAR 275 per stand, inclusive of two hot beverages, this indulgent experience awaits you daily from 2 pm to 9 pm at Dôme, located on the Ground Floor of Fairmont Doha.

The culinary excellence of Fairmont Doha reaches its pinnacle at Dôme, where guests are treated to an extraordinary journey of taste and refinement. The ‘Around the World’ Afternoon Tea is a testament to the hotel’s dedication to offering unique and memorable dining experiences.

Each element of the tea service is thoughtfully curated, from the selection of teas to the accompanying delicacies, ensuring a harmonious fusion of flavours and textures. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine teas or a lover of exquisite pastries, the ‘Around the World’ Afternoon Tea promises to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to culinary destinations around the globe.

Tailored Family Experiences

Fairmont Doha ensures that families create lasting memories with its array of tailored offerings. The newly unveiled kids club is a haven of excitement, featuring a plethora of engaging activities for children of all ages. From merry-go-rounds to slides, from arts and crafts to cooking classes, the kids club promises endless fun.

Older children can unleash their competitive spirit in the Game Room, equipped with Air Hockey, Fussball, PlayStation, and a VR racing simulator. Additionally, families can enjoy exclusive perks, including a 50% discount on the second room booked, complimentary breakfast at the Latin American restaurant Vaya!, and free dining for children under 12 at all restaurants.

Unveiling Fairmont Doha's Exclusive 2024 Offerings

Moreover, Fairmont Doha’s flexible cancellation policy ensures peace of mind, allowing modifications to reservations up to 24 hours before arrival. These family offers are valid until June 2024, ensuring a memorable stay for all.


Fairmont Doha’s 2024 offerings epitomize luxury, innovation, and unparalleled hospitality. From world-class wellness experiences to bespoke culinary journeys, from sun-drenched beach retreats to tailored family experiences, Fairmont Doha invites guests to immerse themselves in opulence and relaxation.

With its commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction, Fairmont Doha continues to set the standard for luxury hospitality in Doha and beyond.

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