Unveiling Gucci’s Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer

Immerse yourself in Gucci’s Summer Stories, a collection that encapsulates the essence of summer, adventure, and liberation.

This high-spirited campaign from Gucci parades an extensive array of items for both men and women that encapsulate the bliss of summer in a radiant choreography of colours and materials. Whether you’re planning a relaxing weekend getaway or an extended holiday, this meticulously curated assortment proposes ways to journey in comfort and flair.

Unveiling Gucci's Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer

The ladies’ ready-to-wear selection includes a range of casual shirts, coordinating shorts and trousers to create laid-back poolside ensembles, in addition to swimwear and bikinis.

The men’s collection showcases a variety of seasonal outfits in cotton and linen featuring bowling shirts and blousons, adorned with vivid colours, stripes, floral patterns, and marine-inspired iconic prints.

The collection is available in selected shops and on Gucci.com. Additionally, unique Pop-Ups inspired by seaside cabanas will showcase the range of chosen holiday destinations.

Gucci’s Summer Stories: Embodying the Spirit of Summer

Gucci’s Summer Stories, a collection conceived to embody the spirit of summer, discovery, and getaway, summons the shared joy that accompanies this season’s extended daylight and balmy nights.

Esteemed icons of the House such as the Jackie 1961 and the Horsebit 1955 are introduced in woven raffia with leather detailing. This sophisticated mix of textures is mirrored in a perennial favourite, the Horsebit loafers, presented in calming earth tones.

Whether you’re planning a weekend escape or an extended vacation, this carefully curated selection proposes ways to voyage in leisure and elegance. The Jumbo GG leather duffle and tote bags of various dimensions and hues from the Gucci Valigeria selection fuse the House’s cherished motifs with its legacy, creativity, and innovation.

Unveiling Gucci's Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer


Collection Details: Celebrating Summer with Gucci

The Gucci Summer Stories campaign parades an extensive array of items that encapsulate the bliss of summer in a radiant choreography of colours and materials.

The women’s ready-to-wear selection presents an array of casual shirts including silk jacquard styles featuring bold graphic stripes and whimsical florals, as well as matching shorts and trousers to create relaxed poolside ensembles.

Swimwear and bikinis come with twinkling details, including a pink one-piece defined by a crossed detail at the back and a rubber print Gucci logo at the front.

Unveiling Gucci's Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer

The men’s ready-to-wear selection is defined by an assortment of seasonal outfits in cotton and linen, with bowling shirts and blousons decorated with patches, embroidered details, and reinterpretations of the GG motif. Bright colours, stripes, floral designs, and marine inspirations coupled with iconic prints are the key features of the selection.

The handbag assortment includes large raffia tote bags with playful pom-pom details for jubilant beach trips, as well as straw-effect renditions of the Jackie 1961, Horsebit 1955, and GG Marmont for sophisticated day-to-night looks.

The footwear selection includes flat espadrille slides in raffia, mid-heel styles like white leather sandals and raffia slides with the Interlocking G motif that transition effortlessly into evening looks. The men’s selection features leather slides and loafers with Horsebit details, as well as espadrilles in natural raffia with Interlocking G leather patches.

Unveiling Gucci's Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer

Completing the collection designed to capture the spirit of summer are vibrant terrycloth beach towels with GG motifs, as well as leather toiletry cases and cabin bags. The selection also includes a wide range of signature Gucci Eyewear styles distinguished by an array of coloured lenses and adorned with gold embellishments.

Gucci Eyewear: A Vision of Summer

A crucial component of the Gucci Summer Stories collection is the signature Gucci Eyewear. Catering to all tastes, the range is expansive and diverse. The eyewear selection is marked by an assortment of coloured lenses, ensuring a pair to complement every outfit and mood. With the shimmering touch of gold embellishments, these accessories elevate any summer look with an air of luxury.

Women’s eyewear offers a blend of both classic and contemporary designs, with frames ranging from understated, sleek shapes to bold, eye-catching styles. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of aviators or the modern allure of oversized frames, Gucci’s Summer Stories Eyewear range promises a perfect pair to complete your summer ensemble.

The men’s eyewear range is no less impressive, offering a host of designs that combine practicality with style. Classic shapes are reimagined with innovative details, reflecting Gucci’s commitment to fusing tradition with creativity.

Gucci Summer Stories: More Than a Collection

Gucci’s Summer Stories is more than just a collection of clothing and accessories. It’s an encapsulation of the season itself – a tangible manifestation of long, warm days and the heady sense of freedom that summer brings. From apparel to accessories, every piece is designed with an appreciation for summer’s joy and vitality.

The collection, available in select stores and online at Gucci.com, allows you to bring a piece of summer into your wardrobe. Special Pop-Ups, echoing the charm of beachside cabanas, further offer a unique shopping experience, bringing the product range to life in selected resort locations.

Embrace the spirit of summer, exploration, and escape with Gucci’s Summer Stories. Experience the joy of the season in every stitch and seam, and let the collection take you on a journey into the heart of summer.

Unveiling Gucci's Summer Stories: The Quintessence of Summer


Discover the story of summer with Gucci. Dive into the vibrancy, the warmth, and the joy of the season. Don’t just wear the collection – live it. Let Gucci’s Summer Stories transform your summer into a narrative of style, comfort, and endless exploration.

Art Director: Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai
Director: Harley Weir
Photographer: Harley Weir
Make up: Diane Kenda
Hair: Mustafa Yanaz
Models: Sora Choi

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