Unveiling JOALI BEING: A Paradigm of Wellbeing in the Maldives

In the pristine haven of Bodufushi Island within the Raa Atoll, JOALI BEING, a pioneering sanctuary for wellness, recently emerged as a groundbreaking destination in the Maldives.

This unparalleled island oasis beckons travellers with a tantalizing array of immersive well-being experiences, meticulously curated by a cadre of ‘Master Practitioners.’ Their mission? To bestow upon guests an unmatched depth of expertise, personalised transformational wellbeing menus, and a renewed sense of inspiration.

From the summer of this year until early 2024, JOALI BEING’s menu unfolds a tapestry of healing, restoration, and innovative therapies, including Holographic Memory Resolution and heart-centred well-being methodologies.

Unveiling JOALI BEING: A Paradigm of Wellbeing in the Maldives

Embracing the JOALI BEING Experience

JOALI BEING redefines the very essence of wellness getaways. Here, experts collaborate within the confines of JOALI BEING’s distinctive transformative spaces, encompassing hydrotherapy, movement, and sound healing treatments. The primary aim? To nurture guests and evoke a profound sense of ‘weightlessness.’

Aligned with JOALI BEING’s fundamental ethos, this programme artfully melds ancient Eastern traditions with contemporary Western philosophies. It aspires to summon leaders in alternative well-being practices to this idyllic destination.

The Curated Programme

  • 2-29 October – Holographic Memory Resolution®: Led by Dr Rachel Maurice, a former anaesthesiologist, this workshop equips guests with personalised tools for potent self-healing. Luminous self-healing sessions and self-sabotage coaching are among the offerings.
  • 3-30 November – Sound Healing: Journey into resonance with sound designer, healer, and educator Aurelio Hammer. His innovative musical instruments and sound healing practices promise a unique experience.
  • 23 November – 1 March 2024 – Transformative Healing: Javier de Prado, a master of craniosacral and Watsu therapy, offers massage techniques that aim to transform from within.
  • 4 December – 4 January 2024 – Elevate Your Life: Sandro Thiara Mota introduces the pioneering Mota Method, combining breathwork and high-performance fitness training. Water nervous system resetting, energy activation, and stress management are part of this transformative journey.

The Heart of JOALI BEING

At the core of JOALI BEING lies a harmonious blend of modern science and timeless traditions. A dedicated team of naturopaths, therapists, and movement experts accompany guests throughout their journey, helping set intentions and co-creating moments of wonder and transcendence.

The Four Pillars of JOALI BEING

  • MIND: Cultivate contentment and peace of mind through sound therapy and mind-body practices.
  • SKIN: Illuminate your skin with rejuvenating therapies, drawing from timeless rituals and cutting-edge research.
  • MICROBIOME: Explore the connection between body, mind, and nutrition, aligning eating habits with the body’s circadian rhythm.
  • ENERGY: Rebalance the nervous system and optimize energy flow through intelligent movement practices and restorative therapies.

JOALI BEING offers well-being programs ranging from five nights to three weeks, tailored to each guest’s needs. These programs encompass Intelligent Movement Analysis and Integrative Health Assessment, focusing on areas such as mental clarity, hormonal balance, and digestive health.

The Sanctum: A Haven of Healing

JOALI BEING boasts 39 elevated treatment rooms, each with a unique purpose. Areka offers scientific therapies, diagnostic services, and learning programs, while CORE is dedicated to movement specialists. Ocean Sala, the Hydrotherapy Hall, Kaashi, and SEDA are spaces where traditional healing through water and sound therapy merge. Aktar, the on-site herbology centre, creates natural remedies, spices, and essential oils. Guests can also partake in nutritional cooking classes.

JOALI BEING’s culinary offerings strike a balance between health and indulgence. FLOW, an open-plan dining space, features three signature kitchens: SU, Plantae, and B’Well, each catering to different dietary preferences. MOJO offers a tropical beach sanctuary, while Ocean Sala provides seaside dining with specialities like Wagyu beef and freshly caught seafood.

Unveiling JOALI BEING: A Paradigm of Wellbeing in the Maldives

Beyond wellbeing, JOALI BEING offers a plethora of water adventures, including paddleboarding, diving, and snorkelling. Guests can earn a PADI license at the Marine Centre or embark on luxury yacht or traditional Dhoni boat excursions to discover local Maldivian communities.


In conclusion, JOALI BEING stands as a beacon of wellness in the heart of the Maldives, inviting guests to embark on transformative journeys guided by a cadre of Master Practitioners amid the splendour of Bodufushi Island. Beyond its breathtaking natural surroundings, this haven redefines the very essence of well-being, offering an unparalleled fusion of ancient traditions and cutting-edge practices.

Whether seeking mental clarity, physical rejuvenation, or spiritual upliftment, JOALI BEING’s Four Pillars of Wellbeing provides a comprehensive roadmap for self-discovery and renewal. This destination is not merely an escape; it is a profound exploration of the mind, body, and spirit, promising an unforgettable experience in the lap of serenity and transformation.

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