Unveiling Punta Conterie: Relegance’s New Venetian Jewel

Esteemed boutique hospitality consortium, Relegance Collection, helmed by the illustrious Venetian entrepreneur Antonio Onorato, recently confirmed the exciting development of its presence via a fresh and innovative offering that seamlessly intertwines gastronomy, contemporary design, and the art of glassmaking.

Relegance: A New Chapter in the Venetian Isle of Murano

The Unexpected Collection by Relegance, an Italian boutique hospitality group, is set to make waves on the Venetian island of Murano as they unveil the long-awaited Punta Conterie.

The collection, proudly housing two luxurious five-star establishments, Palazzina Grassi in Venice, and Rosapetra Spa Resort in Cortina, is committed to curating genuine Italian experiences for its esteemed guests. The arrival of Punta Conterie is a strategic move that introduces a unique flavour to the Relegance portfolio.

Unveiling Punta Conterie: Relegance's New Venetian Jewel

The prime waterfront location promises an amalgamation of an exquisite restaurant, a vibrant exhibition space, and a cultural hub, all narrating the intriguing tale of the Venice lagoon and its age-old customs.

Punta Conterie: A Gateway to Venetian Glass Art and Tradition

Punta Conterie, a tasteful transformation of the former Conterie di Murano, serves as a homage to the globally recognised artistic glass production that originated in this industrial region. An urban reformation project initiated in 2019 by visionary owners Alessandro Vecchiato and Dario Campa, eventually led to the management baton being handed over to the Relegance Collection.

The locale boasts an alluring diversity of appeal, giving centre stage to traditional glassmaking, visual arts, and immersive experiences. The Punta Conterie, interpreted as ‘little glass pearls’, is an ode to the storied history of Murano, designed to entice Venice visitors to broaden their horizons and venture into new territories.

Unveiling Punta Conterie: Relegance's New Venetian Jewel

Vision for Punta Conterie: A Culinary and Cultural Landmark

“I am utterly confident that the exceptional groundwork laid by Vecchiato and Campa, combined with our expertise in luxury dining and hospitality, will transform Punta Conterie into a culinary and cultural landmark. We envisage this opening will significantly elevate the island of Murano, currently in the throes of a promising transformation, with the inauguration of several premium accommodations,” expressed Antonio Onorato, CEO of Relegance Collection.

A truly distinctive space, Punta Conterie enables guests to relish and immerse themselves in Venice’s rich traditions, culture, and gastronomic innovation.

Punta Conterie’s Dining Offering: Vetri Restaurant

The Vetri restaurant, with its panoramic terrace, offers an idyllic setting for intimate dinners and private al fresco events, thanks to its unparalleled views of Murano’s three principal canals.

Unveiling Punta Conterie: Relegance's New Venetian Jewel

The indoor areas, Sala Camino and Sala Privé, along with Vetri Bistrot on the ground floor, contribute to the site’s diverse dining landscape. Johnmark Nanit, the resident Chef in collaboration with Fabio Manni, Executive Chef of Relegance Collection, offer a gourmet journey rooted in the aromas and flavours of the Venetian lagoon, paired with the finest regional seafood. Luca Kelm, Relegance Collection’s Bar Manager, curates the bar’s offerings.

A Concept Store for Art and Design Enthusiasts

In addition, a 200 sq. m. concept store on the ground level is earmarked for all things art and design. This space, home to pop-up events and collaborations with contemporary brands, is destined to host a dynamic calendar of exclusive and enthralling events throughout the year.

With its innovative culinary ventures and novel experiences, Relegance Collection imbues its distinctive hospitality into Punta Conterie, vowing to elevate Murano’s standing on the global cultural and gourmet map.

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