V-Necks: Yay or Nay?

What thoughts come to your mind when you hear the words “V-neck”? A stylish tee or something to be avoided at all costs? 

There are just a few other men’s wardrobe pieces more controversial than a V-neck t-shirt, stirring up debates and sometimes even arguments! One camp loves the fact that V-necks look more put-together than classic crewnecks, and the other says they should have stayed in the early 2000s forever.

We don’t think there’s a straightforward definitive answer, so let’s dive into this topic. V-necks: yay or nay?

How Did The V-Neck Happen?

V-Necks: Yay or Nay?

While t-shirts have been constantly popular for generations now, V-neck tees are still a pretty fresh addition to the male wardrobe. There is no surprise there knowing that one of the reasons a tee was invented is to hide men’s chest hair!  

Initially, V-necks were invented to be worn under dress shirts without a collar peeking out. However, for the last few decades, an undergarment has become one of the regular everyday staples worn on its own or under blazers and vests. 

V-Neck Heyday, And Where Did It Go Wrong

As with most things, the boom of V-necks started with good intentions. 

As Art of Manliness explains, a V-neck has a less formal feel than the crewneck and adds a little more visual interest and style to the standard tee, so guys who wanted to try something new became obsessed with it. 

While the V-neck experienced some resistance from traditionalists and older generations, it was generally treated neutrally until the deep V cuts saw the light of day.

Who can say what prompted the designers to come out with such tees, but the V-neck reputation crumbled pretty quickly after that. 

It was associated with the forever partying Jersey shore types who spend too much time at the gym and the tanning salon. 

It also doesn’t look too good on guys with larger bellies or paired with the wrong trousers (yep, we’re talking about crazy-ripped jeans).

Can anything be redeemed after that? 

The Benefits Of A V-Neck

V-Necks: Yay or Nay?

Before we declare the final verdict, we must speak about the benefits of a V-neck tee. And there are quite a few. 

Firstly, you definitely look more put together when wearing a V-neck than with any other collar. 

It’s also much more pleasing to shorter guys as it adds torso length and makes your face longer and more angular, too (a plus if you have plumper cheeks).

A V-neck also narrows the width of the shoulder line by accentuating vertical integrity and can offset the short length of a waist by drawing the eye in a vertical direction. Pretty great, right?

V-Necks – Yay Or Nay

Okay, so it might seem like a difficult decision, but we’re voting for V-necks. Despite all the bad choices and mistakes that have happened in the past decades, it’s still a great fashion piece.

Why? Because when chosen right, a V-neck is an irreplaceable piece of men’s wardrobe that’s versatile, stylish and comfortable. 

Our recommendation is to cover your bases by having a few crewnecks and V-necks in your closet for different occasions and moods. 

When buying your V-neck t-shirts, make sure the neckline is not too deep yet not too shallow, the cut is not too baggy, and the fabric is high-quality.

Make sure you get your stuff from quality brands like Fresh Clean Tees that will last you forever without losing their shape or stretching out (one of the main issues with V-necks). Check out their collection: https://freshcleantees.com/collections/v-necks

Styling The V-Neck Tee

V-Necks: Yay or Nay?

Lastly, put some thought in when styling your V-neck. 

Here are some simple, foolproof ideas: 

  • With tailored pants and a blazer
  • With tailored shorts and a leather bracelet
  • With a tailored suit instead of a dress shirt
  • With slim denim trousers and a cardigan
  • Why not upgrade your v-neck by designing or ordering a custom tshirt print to change your staple into a focal point?
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