Paradise Found – The Viceroy Bali Island Resort

Just the word Bali, in itself, immediately conjures up images of crystal-clear pools gleaming in the sun, stretches of pristine beaches, exotic tropical forests and, of course, endless days of perfect summer-sun. Starting off with a mere three hotels in the early 1960s, the Indonesian island has since gained and maintained its reputation as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations on earth. With the flocking tourist so too flocked the hotels, resulting in an unending list of resorts. Picking the right one for the ultimate break can be exhausting business! So, allow us to eliminate all of the anguish, searching and review reading by offering one of our top selections; the Viceroy Bali.

Choosing the right hotel on your break can be as important, if not more important than the actual break itself. What constitutes a great luxury island hotel is the combination of location, excellent food, personalised service, availability of activities and above all tranquillity and privacy. Situated in the ‘Instagram-heaven’ Petanu River valley, the Viceroy offers all of this and more.

What sets this luxury island resort apart from most of the island’s offerings is the intimate and personalised feel of the service. Owned and run by an Australian family, the resort’s atmosphere embodies just that. The villa-style layout ensures unrivalled tranquillity, unparalleled privacy with a tailor-made individualised personal service at your beck and call.

Nestled on a magnificent ridge-top overlooking Bali’s Valley of the Kings, this secluded paradise is a mere 5 minutes drive from the bustling city of Ubud. Even the location speaks of what makes this hotel; seclusion without sacrificing convenience.


Viceroy Bali Island Resort


Whether arriving by road or air (the onsite helipad allows for easy transfer), you will be met with an immediate feeling of complete relaxation. The double-story, split level lobby sets the mood with its masterful use of space and light. The ultra-luxurious resort consists of 25-villas strategically laid out for privacy and convenience. Designed by Ketut Mahardika, with design concept by Margaret Bainbridge, the quintessentially Balinese architectural style has been married with a contemporary elegance that results in a cool and luxurious environment. The spaces have been designed to create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living areas, inviting in nature while simultaneously taking convenient-luxury outdoors. Although modern convenience takes president, the heritage of the island has not been compromised, be it with the three-meter-wide hand-carved mural depicting traditional Balinese dancers located in the foyer or by the endless amount of indigenous art that can be found throughout the resort.

Viceroy Bali Island Resort
The Viceroy Bali boats with its own helipad ensuring the ultimate discretion

Viceroy Bali Island Resort
The lower lobby at the Viceroy Bali

The Hotel further boasts with meeting rooms and conference facilities, the Lembah Spa, gym, the Viceroy Bar and its iconic resort pool as well as the CasCades Restaurant. Having hosted a multitude of Michelin starred chefs for collaborations since 2013, the CasCades Restaurant has gained a reputation as one of the finest eateries on the island and has, as a result, become a tourist attraction in itself.

Viceroy Bali Island Resort

Viceroy Bali Island Resort

Viceroy Bali Island Resort
The Lembah Spa



Viceroy Bali Island Resort
Viceroy Bali Island Resort

The hotel employs staff from the local village to ensure a truly immersive Balinese experience and feel while paying the utmost attention to training and professionalism.

“The Viceroy guarantees all guests absolute privacy and discretion so that the guest’s stay at the hotel remains their own experience, and is not public knowledge.”

With an ethos like this, it is no surprise that the hotel has not only become a favourite amongst tranquillity-seekers and travel connoisseurs but has also become a hot spot for high-profile guests as well as royalty. Generously proportioned, the luxurious 25 villas, each with its own heated swimming-pool, has been divided into five categories.


Pool Suite

Viceroy Bali Island Resort Pool

Each Pool Suite, there are four in total, offers a large bedroom and sitting room that seamlessly moves from indoor to out. The exquisite open-plan bathroom moves elegantly from the tub to the private swimming-pool, daybed and garden area. This gives the suite the flowing feeling of a Roman villa. These features combined make up a total of a 1 615 square feet in living spaces.


Terrace Villa

The Viceroy Bali Island Resort Terrace Villa
Private Swimming-Pool with Balé

The Viceroy has a total of four Terrace Villas on offer. Each of these luxury hideaways totals a 1 615 square feet of tranquil living space. The sleek tiling throughout with a high-pitched roof creates a cool atmosphere in which to unwind and relax. One of the highlights of the Terrace Villa has to be the outdoor pool area with a stunning balé perched on the edge to catch both the tropical wind and spectacular scenery.


Deluxe Terrace Villa

The Viceroy Bali Island Resort Deluxe Terrace Villa

The Deluxe Terrace Villas offers the same spectacular private swimming-pool with balé perched on the ridge as the Terrace Villa. These Villas offers just that little extra. Two Deluxe Terrace Villas can be interconnected to create a large two-bedroom villa with two pools. There are also two of these Villas that have been designed with wheelchair access.

Vice Regal Villas

The Viceroy Bali Island Resort Viceroy Villa

The Vice-Regal Villas, only two available we might add, are expansive in size with a total of 2 583 square feet of private bliss. The Villa consists of a large bedroom, sitting area and dining area. With a larger pool than the previously mentioned Villas and private lawn, the two Vice Regal Villas are self-contained worlds that allow the guest to completely relax and truly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Viceroy Villa

The Viceroy Bali Island Resort Viceroy Villa

Often referred to as the “Presidential Villa” the Viceroy Villa is the ultimate in tranquil luxury. Spanning across 4 306 square feet of uncompromising luxury, the Villa is the ultimate in understated decadence. With two large bedrooms, exquisitely appointed bathrooms and a resort-style sitting room the Viceroy truly is fit for, well, a Viceroy. With exceptional finishes, ample proportions and attentive attention to detail the Villa will impress even the most seasoned of travellers. It further boasts with a large pool and balé with an elegantly landscaped garden. This private sanctuary offers the most breathtaking views of the surrounding forest.

The Viceroy Bali is a place of harmony. Harmony between luxury and leisure, indoor and outdoor living, western and eastern, traditional and modern. The resort itself embodies the fine balance between comfort and convenience. Even with truly personal service guests can escape and unwind completely. If you are looking for the ultimate destination to recharge there is no place better suited. If you aren’t stressed out to the max, this place should give you the motivation to overwork yourself just as an excuse for the ultimate break.

Images: The Viceroy Bali

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