Victor’s Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

In an astonishing development poised to redefine the realm of luxury travel, Victor, Europe’s premier on-demand private jet charter company, has orchestrated a transformative evolution of its Alto loyalty programme.

This strategic revamp has been meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), who demand nothing less than the pinnacle of luxury and convenience.

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

Victor has ingeniously restructured Alto into a subscription-free concierge service, marking a significant departure from conventional loyalty programmes. This revamped Alto not only empowers members to accrue and redeem Alto points on private jet bookings but also ushers in an era of exclusive access to a distinguished portfolio of twenty global brand partners.

With names like Brown’s Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Fraser Yachts, The Nautilus Maldives, Auto Vivendi, and Wilderness Reserve, Alto members can now accumulate and redeem points across an array of opulent offerings, spanning hotels, villas, yachts, and curated experiences. This strategic shift is meticulously designed to provide a seamless, end-to-end luxury travel experience, offering unparalleled value and savings for customers.

Expanding Horizons

Victor’s visionary approach transcends the realm of a private jet charter, recognizing the evolving needs and desires of luxury travellers. The integration of twenty esteemed brand partners into the Alto portfolio heralds a groundbreaking departure from the traditional loyalty programme landscape.

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

This inclusivity ensures that Alto points can now be earned and redeemed when booking hotels, villas, yachts, and an extensive spectrum of extraordinary experiences. What sets this transformation apart is its inclusivity – it extends far beyond those booking private jets.

This means that even if you’re not planning a private jet charter, you can still savour the benefits of Alto, thus unlocking Victor’s unparalleled high-touch customer service. In essence, Victor has democratically redefined luxury travel, making it accessible to a wider audience that craves tailor-made travel experiences and exclusive perks.

Elena Enotiades, the Head of Partnerships at Victor, underscores the profound significance of delivering tangible value, a fundamental principle that has assumed even greater importance in today’s economic climate.

Enotiades notes a substantial upswing in Alto point redemptions, which have surged from 60% to an impressive 80% in the past year alone. This data underscores the fact that customers today are actively seeking tangible value from loyalty programmes, irrespective of their capacity to expend thousands on private jet travel.

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

Victor’s strategic enhancement of the Alto loyalty programme is perfectly aligned with these evolving customer preferences, placing value and personalized experiences at the forefront.

Inclusive Membership

A distinguishing hallmark of Victor’s Alto programme is its inclusivity. Unlike many other luxury concierge services that impose exorbitant joining fees and cultivate an aura of exclusivity, Alto is an open door for all. The process is straightforward; anyone can register on Victor’s platform and instantaneously attain membership.

Membership adheres to a straightforward principle – one point for every one USD spent. Redemption becomes an option once members amass a minimum of 10,000 points. This user-friendly approach ensures that luxury travel experiences are well within reach for a broader audience, democratizing the world of premium travel services.

Endless Possibilities

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

Through the Alto programme, Victor members gain entry to an impressive selection of over 1,000 hotels and villas, alongside a meticulously curated collection of 50,000 ticketed events and premium goods. This translates to members being able to reduce the cost of a private jet charter, secure tickets to illustrious events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, or luxuriate in discounted stays at top-tier establishments like the Mandarin Oriental London.

The Alto network empowers members to tailor their luxury experiences to their liking, granting them the flexibility to utilize their points in a manner that perfectly aligns with their aspirations. To date, Alto members have collectively accumulated a staggering 311,000,000 Alto points, resulting in savings that far exceed £1.7 million.

Streamlined Service

Elena Enotiades spotlights a noteworthy trend within Victor’s customer base – an astounding 80% of HNW customers now prefer to independently arrange their private jet charters, bypassing the traditional role of their personal assistants.

In response, Victor’s decision to offer additional products and services through Alto is a strategic coup, as it streamlines the luxury travel experience by providing a solitary point of contact for all their needs. This integrated approach ensures that every facet of their journey is meticulously orchestrated and executed, commencing from the very moment they decide to embark on a luxurious escapade.

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million

Unparalleled Experiences

Victor’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch experiences extends to its partnerships. During the recent summer season, Alto members indulged in an array of lavish offerings that encompassed 50-meter yacht charters, exclusive six-figure ticketed events, and opulent week-long villa rentals across the globe.

The trust that clients repose in Victor for their private jet charters effortlessly carries over to their partnerships, guaranteeing equally gratifying experiences with their esteemed brand partners. This unwavering consistency in delivering excellence assures Alto members that they can perpetually anticipate nothing less than the zenith of luxury.

Victor's Alto Loyalty Program Saves Customers £1.7 Million


Victor’s reimagined Alto loyalty programme represents a pivotal juncture in the realm of luxury travel. By introducing a subscription-free concierge service equipped with an expansive network of brand partners, Victor has fashioned a platform that seamlessly harmonizes with the evolving preferences and desires of HNWIs.

This strategic transformation not only elevates the value proposition for customers but also flings wide open the gates of luxury travel to a broader audience, thereby democratizing the realm of premium travel services. With its unmatched experiences and steadfast dedication to excellence, Victor is in the process of setting new benchmarks in luxury travel that are poised to reshape the industry.

As Alto members continue to accrue points and bask in exclusive benefits, Victor’s position as a trailblazer in luxury travel is solidified further. This indeed marks an extraordinary chapter in the annals of luxury travel.

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