Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously

If like me you are sitting in Arizona, you are possibly thinking of escaping to cooler yet still tropical climates whilst not giving up the sun. Well, if your idea of heaven on this earth is enjoying the sun, swimming in crystal clear water and sipping cocktails in the refreshing breeze, then Hawaii is the spot for you.

Nobody can look away from the sandy beaches, deep blue waters, and its mesmerizing natural beauty. And since summer is here, it’s the perfect time to visit Hawaii to experience the beauty of this ideal destination.

But, before you simply run to the store to splurge out on men’s swimwear for hubby or that cute bikini you’ve been eyeing, do you know which Hawaiian island suits your travel plans the best? In this article, we will help you decide the best island destination.

But before we get into all of that, let’s go through the prerequisites first.

Travel Planning Prerequisites

Whether like me, you are travelling from Phoenix or from Iceland, you must take care of your travel bookings like hotel reservations and flights. Be sure to shop around to check for the best flight prices. Due to the pandemic, there are now countless deals promotions running around. So, be sure to do your research and plan ahead of time. If you are worried about your vehicle for the time you’re away, you can book a spot for yourself online with ease. May sites, the Garage parking at Crowne Plaza PHX in my city allows you to book online ahead of time. This will allow you to travel stress-free and will make the trip’s departure even smoother.

Now, let’s move on and take a closer look at the top Hawaiian island and which one of those would best suit your needs.

Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously

Hawaiian Islands – Which One Should You Visit

If you thought only hotel reservations or travel bookings were enough for a memorable experience, you’re wrong. You need to make the perfect Hawaiian travel itinerary for a smooth vacation. And without a doubt, choosing the best island is an integral part of your planning process.

While some of you might wish to stick to one island because of time constraints, a few others would want to see more. To help you better, here is the list of features that the islands in Hawaii have to offer.


Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously | Oahu

If you love big cities, fine dining, and lots of places to explore, then this island is the perfect fit for you. This is an island where you get the right combination of history and culture. It is an incredible place if you love water sports and it definitely lives up to its name, “gathering place.”


Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously | Maui

You’ll find many folks saying, “Maui is the best.” Well, it’s true! It is one of the finest locations for visitors who love a mix of country and city life. You’ll find the “Hana Highway,” which is the world’s premier driving attraction. Also, you can enjoy some time surfing and involve yourself in adventure activities here. And don’t forget to visit Haleakala, the National Park of Hawaii.

Big Island

Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously | The Big Island

As the name suggests, the big island is the biggest island in Hawaii. Here, you’ll find lush green jungle and snow-capped mountains. You’ll also find world-class resorts and villas here. And that too around the exotic volcano area. You can also take part in activities like hiking, riding, and much more.


Visit The Best Hawaiian Island And Beat The Summer Heat Simultaneously

If you like secluded places, hiking, and greenery, this is the right place for you. It is the oldest island where you can find incredible outdoor spaces. It also has some of the world’s best beaches and is exceptionally beautiful!

Wrapping up

Like many others, you are probably wondering which Hawaiian island to visit. Right? Unlike other destinations, Hawaii is not a single destination. It has different unique and eclectic island destinations. So, find the one that suits your personality and travel plans. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you choose the best island for yourself. Now go and enjoy that well-deserved break!

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