Visiting The Emerald Isle: Making The Most Of A Trip To Ireland

Ireland is an amazing country for travel and everyone can agree on that. After all, it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in the world! Lush green fields and rolling hills, rocky cliffs and coastal highways, and a rich inner city life packed with unique culture. And the weather isn’t all that bad either, no matter the mild reputation! 

Do you have some travel plans in the works? Make sure Ireland is at the top of the potential destination list! And if you do decide you want to spend some time visiting Ireland this year, we’ve got a handy guide down below that’ll help you make the most of it. Just like Scotland, there are plenty of hidden gems amongst the Emerald landscape! 

Take a Coat!

Whilst we said above that Irish weather isn’t actually that dramatic, there’s always a chance it could turn. As such, be sure to take a coat with you when you’re out and about. Even if it’s sunny, and there’s a low chance of rain on the forecast, pack one in your bag just to be sure. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a shower or storm when you’re trying to enjoy yourself! 

Otherwise, the Irish weather is relatively mild. Not as hot as some places, not as cold as others – you can pretty much pack what you like depending on your own style and where you’re planning to go. And be sure to pick up a couple of new jumpers or woven linen shirts whilst you’re there!

Rent a Vehicle

Public transport is great for city centres, but if you want to get off the beaten track and explore as much of Ireland as possible, you’ll need to drive! If you can’t take your own car, rent one at the airport. 

As always, make sure you read the fine print carefully and take photos of the vehicle before you drive off – if scuff marks and/or dents are already present, you’ll want to be able to prove it. 

Take Your Passport with You

Visiting The Emerald Isle: Making The Most Of A Trip To Ireland

Crossing the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is a fairly easy thing to do. You probably won’t even notice that you have! And for most visitors, you’ll be allowed straight on through. But just in case, take your passport with you at all times. 

No matter where you’ve come from – both in and outside of the UK – you’re likely to need a form of identification. And seeing as you’re already travelling, the passport is going to be the most accessible and most obvious choice to rely on. 

Be Prepared for Different Currencies

Another small issue you’ll want to be aware of. Depending on where you are across the isle, you could be using Euros or you could be using Stirling. You’ll be able to use your card as normal no matter where you are, thanks to instant exchange rates, but if you want to take cash, keep this in mind. You may need to stop off at an exchange point to grab a few notes from both currencies. 

Get Yourself Some Local Souvenirs

Souvenirs are a must-have for any travel. When you’re in Ireland, make sure you’re buying from authentic, family-owned small businesses and you’ll come away with items that are packed with meaning. Indeed, Ireland has a long and marked culture and you’ll want to buy a few things to celebrate it. 

Designer Irish Jewellery, traditional pottery, crockery (particularly drinking glasses!), clothing, and even some genuine Irish Whiskey, are all amazing souvenirs to pack into your suitcase to take home. Skip the tourist traps and look for little boutique stores up and down the highstreet. 

Pick Up Some Irish Phrases

Ireland is a bilingual country, where both English and Irish Gaelic are spoken commonly. You’ll find all signs in Ireland have both translations on them, and if you come across a local in the countryside and want to say hello, it’s best to know the word in both languages. 

You may want to pick up an Irish translation book whilst you’re there, or you can simply search up a few handy phrases online. Respecting the use of Gaelic alongside English is one of the best things to do when you visit Ireland, and taking part in using the language is a wonderful way to enrich your journey as you go. 

Don’t Try to See it All

Visiting The Emerald Isle: Making The Most Of A Trip To Ireland

Ireland is deceptively big. You wouldn’t think it to look at the island, but there’s a lot of history and culture to be found. A lot of visitors remark that you can barely go a couple miles without running into something worth stopping for! 

So take your time and trim down your itinerary. If you’re only going for a week, use that week wisely. And hey, if you miss a few spots, you’ve got an excuse to come back! 

Get Your Insta Shots Done Early

If you’re big on social media, Ireland is the perfect place to snap a few shots of your travels. It’s a pretty dramatic and beautiful landscape, especially if you get some pics of the Giant’s Causeway! But make sure you get up early, otherwise you’ll miss getting a picture at all. 

Indeed, for attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, you’re going to want to arrive early to ensure you can actually see the cliff edge and the view out to sea. Otherwise you’re going to get stuck behind all the other tourists! Get up at sunrise, drive out to the park, and then spin round to capture the perfect selfies with golden light illuminating you from behind. 

Fancy a visit to Ireland? Rent a car, buy some local souvenirs, learn a bit of Gaelic, and take your time exploring everything the Green Isle has to offer. Ireland is a lot bigger than you might think it is, and there’s some densely packed countryside with a lot of historical hidden gems you’ll want to take plenty of time exploring! 

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