VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs – The World’s Highest Viewing Room

The world’s highest viewing room in the sky has been announced by VistaJet and it is everything you think it is, and more.

For many years, exclusive art viewings have been a sought-after experience that the world of art lovers clamour to attend. Be it a private viewing of a new sale, the celebration of an acquisition, or simply an evening of appreciation, these are always in high demand.

Now, if you will note the terrible pun, VistaJet together with Frieze Art Fairs has taken this high demand and simply stepped it up to something truly groundbreaking – creating the world’s highest viewing room 40 000 ft up in the air.

This exclusive art journey will be accessible across a fleet of iconic silver and red aircraft, with Frieze Art Fairs as its chaperon to provide an immersive experience for Program Members who can view exhibits from over 65 of the world’s leading galleries at eye level while seated high above the clouds!

We recently sat down with Matteo Atti, the EVP of Marketing and Innovation at VistaJet, to speak about this ground-breaking experience.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

Tell Our Readers A Little More About VistaJet?

VistaJet is the first and only global business aviation company. Our iconic fleet of over 80 mid and long-range jets flies our clientele – which includes corporations, governments, and private clients – to 187 countries.

We pioneered an innovative business model that gives customers access to an entire fleet whilst only paying for the hours they fly, freeing them from the responsibilities of aircraft ownership. Our signature Program membership offers a bespoke subscription of flight hours to be able to fly anytime, anywhere.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

Have You Found Any Change In The Type Of Traveller Or Frequency They Travel Post COVID?

Private aviation has thrived throughout the past two years and we see this continuing for the foreseeable future. Many habits have changed and we have adapted our product to meet new client demands. For example, Members have been requesting longer non-stop trips to reach destinations further afield across the globe.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

Recent non-stop journeys have included for example São Paulo to the Maldives (16 hours flight time), Dubai to New York (15 hours 10 minutes), and Los Angeles to Hong Kong (14 hours 50 minutes). These have all been made possible by our growing fleet of Global 7500s which has opened new opportunities for long-haul private travel. Also, the desire for hyper-personalized, bucket list experiences is rising amongst luxury travelers.

Many of our Members use our Private World services as a gateway to the world’s most revered properties and destinations in our travel partner network. Our Members can customize their journey, whether they are early planners or spontaneous travelers, and our latest selection of Private World adventures for 2022 provides them with exclusive access to a host of unforgettable adventures.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

As A World First, VistaJet And The Frieze Art Fairs Partnered Up To Launch The World’s Highest Viewing Room In The Sky. How Did The Partnership Come About?

Over 80% of our members share a passion for art and many are avid collectors. As our customers travel extensively, we wanted to cater to their jet-set lifestyles whilst providing a unique experience befitting of our intuitive service. We pride ourselves on creating innovative experiences with the best-in-class teams and felt that Frieze would be the perfect partner to bring the world’s best art to our Members – wherever in the world they may be.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

Why Did You Decide To Partner With Frieze Art Fairs Specifically?

Frieze are global leaders in the art space and this partnership will bring the best in contemporary art to VistaJet members across the globe. A significant benefit of partnering with the world’s most renowned art fair was the chance to extend VIP access to its iconic global shows and an unrivaled opportunity for our clientele to connect in-person with preeminent artists, collectors, curators, and art patrons. It’s been incredibly exciting to offer this as a world-first.

Could You Please Tell Us What Exactly VistaJet Members Could Experience On Board?

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

Members can enter the Frieze Viewing Room from the comfort of their seat, 40,000 feet in the sky, anywhere in the world. The immersive technology allows them to preview, select and acquire art from the world’s major galleries from their onboard screen at the touch of a button. The exhibits include ambitious solo, group, and themed presentations from ground-breaking artists.

For the launch, in keeping with our tailored in-flight experience, a virtual Frieze curator accompanied Members throughout their art journey to spotlight particular highlights from the shows and unmissable pieces. What’s more, our Members are treated to a first look at the Viewing Room prior to the official opening of each fair, giving it an extra layer of exclusivity. 

Do You Think That Art Would Be More Appreciated In The Sky Due To Fewer Distractions Of Everyday Life As Well As The Solitude That A Cabin Could Offer?

Absolutely. Many of our clients live busy, cross-continental lives. The VistaJet cabin is a safe place to restore as they travel the globe. In itself, art is an intimate, unhurried experience that lends itself beautifully to these periods of time – they may not have the chance to attend galleries or shows as often as they’d like, but this way they can enjoy downtime with the world’s greatest art while traveling.

VistaJet x Frieze Art Fairs - The World’s Highest Viewing Room

This way, the jet moves from being a commodity to becoming a home away from home, filled with all of the beautiful things our clients are passionate about.

Could We Expect Any Further Collaborations In The Future?

This partnership will extend to upcoming Frieze Fairs in Seoul, London, and Los Angeles later this year and we are extending our network to collaborate with the most prominent museums. We plan to also host a number of art activation events throughout the year, as well as art tours around the world to discover the intimate stories behind the art. The more we listen to our customers, the more they inspire us, so there’s always something more to come!

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