Vogue Eyewear Launches Second Collection with Gigi Hadid

London | United Kingdom

Following their previous collaboration, Vogue Eyewear together with Gigi Hadid, launched their second special eyewear collection to the world in Milan. The unveiling of the new collection, held in February 2018, gave the supermodel the platform to showcase the alluring styles that the collaboration has to offer.

Set against a spectacular sea-view pool on the stunning beaches of Ibiza, the Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear campaign is a sun-filled dream world in which ultra-style becomes comfortable and relaxed. Its an effortless-glamour look that can be dressed up or down.

Dedicated to the second wave of her Special Collection for Vogue Eyewear, a sultry, sun-kissed and playfully-adventurous Gigi creates a real dialogue with contemporary women, inviting us to engage with a new concept of individual
beauty by asking: ‘My Vogue, what’s yours?‘.

The collection consists of seven new styles that range from the tres-chic-urban-dweller to the beach-bum-glam. Each unique shape embodies the personal style of Gigi, her constant challenge of a trademark style married with bold contrasts.


Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear - VO4085S

For the boho-glam lover this sleek round full-metal sun model flaunts sunny warm golden profiles that are paired with three lens colours that have been exclusively selected by Gigi Hadid. These super trendy lenses are absolute must haves for any glam look . The gradient brown and classic grey lenses create a rich and retro-inspired look. Their distinctive yet neutral design ensure that they suit all styles and will round off any look. For the ultra-glam look the rose gold mirror styles is the ultimate fashion statement and will ensure that your every angle is Instagram worthy.

As an ode to the 1950’s, this petite cat-eye sun model is a bold sophisticated frame that is both elegant and striking. Its sleek lines combined with Gigi Hadid’s signature appeal, the design is sure to update any outfit’s look. The glasses are available in several polished vintage tones that include dark Havana and tortoiseshell paired with ultra-feminine lens options that are both classic and modern. When commenting on this look Vogue said that this was the “little black dress” for your eyes.

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