Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own

All women like to dress beautifully. But what if there is no time at all for creating looks and choosing clothes? After all, every minute counts for a mother, especially if she wants to dress quickly and stylishly. A basic wardrobe can be an answer to this question. It is a set of clothes that go well together, and from which you can make a lot of cool looks for walks, meetings with friends, and for lunch with work colleagues.

What Is A Basic Wardrobe?

A basic wardrobe is a set of things that remain actual at all times. Usually, we start from this basis when we make fashionable looks — classic and romantic, cocktail and office.

For example, a small black dress, jeans, a white shirt, a pencil skirt, a black turtleneck, a leather jacket, a trench coat, sneakers, pumps. All of these things belong to the classics and remain in trend regardless of the change of fashion.

Another important point that can be solved with the help of a basic wardrobe is that all the things in it perfectly combine. Based on them, you can create a stylish set when you don’t want to experiment or don’t have time to think.

Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own

5 Key Rules For Making A Basic List

Don’t know how to make a basic wardrobe? Learn a few basic rules.


All the top and bottom options that are in the wardrobe should be perfectly combined in style. They are easy to complement any outfits that you have.

Monochrome Palette

It is much easier to combine choose objects made in the same color. It can be black, white, gray tone, as well as neutral pastel colors.

A Variety Of Textures

Don’t be afraid that images based on a monochrome palette will be boring. Take things with different textures, and the outfits will look great. For example, a black lace dress with black leather boots and a wool coat.


The base consists of things that do not have a clearly defined style. For example, a white shirt of a man’s cut instead of a fashionable oversize blouse.


With many options of shoes and accessories, you will be able to create different images every day based on the same wardrobe.

What Must Be In The Wardrobe?


Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own

Straight-cut blue jeans with a high waist definitely should be in your wardrobe. There is no more long-lasting and universal trend. As for this season, wide models of basic colors will be relevant: dark blue, gray, or black.

They are well combined in casual outfits, for example, with a T-shirt, an elongated jacket, and in a business image – with a translucent blouse, coat, and pumps. The skinny ones also remain in use. But the models with low and medium fit should be forgotten for a while.


Essential components of the basic wardrobe are white T-shirts of a loose fit. Such a thing will perfectly complement the image with a skirt, with pumps, and will look perfect in combination with trousers and sneakers in street style. Now the T-shirt doesn’t have to be pure white. Prints are welcome, and embroidery and applique are highly appreciated.


Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own

How to build a basic wardrobe from zero? We advise starting with the skirt. Choose a skirt in black, white, or pastel shadows. It looks great in combination with sneakers and boots. And if you compliment the outfit with a leather jacket, a coat, or an oversized sweater of calm shades, you will get a real icon of style.

A handbag, a hat and a scarf to help you! In addition, it is perfectly combined with classic cotton shirts, light blouses made of silk or knitwear, crop tops, T-shirts, bombers, and jumpers.


Be sure to include a jacket, blazer, or jacket in your basic wardrobe. Please note – the style should be loose, long enough, up to the middle of the thigh and below. Loose elongated jackets can be with or without buttons, as they are often used unbuttoned. Some models are tied with a simple belt made of the same fabric as themselves.

Or you can always use thin leather straps to focus attention on the waist area and add a bright detail. If you need an alternative, take a bomber. This is a hit of recent years, which will easily fit any style — street, office, holiday.


Another must-have item in any closet is a jumper. Models with a straight cut, as well as the oversize format, look relevant. Pay attention to the texture – now you can find a lot of different and original ones. No less good is the tendency to combine a jumper with dresses or sundresses as a lower layer.


The basis of all the women’s wardrobes is a dress with a length just above or below the knee. Moreover, the colors can be very different. Red, beige, blue, black, yellow shades are allowed, everything depends on your taste. If you need a festive look, take high-heeled shoes and a fashionable trench coat, and oxfords and a leather jacket or jeans are suitable for creating a street bow.

Also, pay attention to the models of a shirt-dress or a variant with a simple straight cut, but always remember that models for a basic wardrobe should be perfect for their owner.

Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own


Trousers should be perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to select a model not according to the style, but according to the fit. Taking into account the latest fashion trends, it is better to choose favor of wide models – palazzo and culottes. They help well to create light and flying looks and will be an excellent base for creating office, evening, and casual outfits.

Trench Coat

A good basic wardrobe is not complete without a reliable beige or black trench coat. They are easily combined with things in any style and look perfect. Today, beige models and daring black options are optimal. The style, length, and cut may be different.


Practical Wardrobe Basics Every Working Mom Should Own

It is better to have basic bags in three versions — a large, classic medium-sized, and a miniature clutch. One of the actual basic things is a shopper bag. It is a model that can be worn on the shoulder or the arm, and then carefully rolled into a roll. The texture, dimensions, and decor may be different, and they set the tone for the future image.

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