Ways to Consume THC

The cannabis chemical compound THC has multiple medical benefits, providing a recreational high and helping with specific ailments. As a beginner entering the THC territory, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. You might be unsure of how it interacts with your body or brain but curious about what it entails.

Like CBD, THC can be found in various formulations known as strains. You can explore several THC products before deciding on the one that works best for you. Keep reading as we look at different types of THC products for consumption.

1.   Smoking or Vaping

When most people think of cannabis, smoking is the first thing that comes to mind. You can consume the flower or dried form of your strain choice in a bong, joint, or pipe. Smoking the flower is the most economical way, and local dispensaries typically have a wide range of strains you can sample.

Opt for a dab or vape pen if you prefer to inhale your THC product. The THC in these devices is present in liquid form called a concentrate. Since the cannabis has already been processed, you get a much more consistent concentration of THC. However, the experience will be much more potent and will cost more.

2.   Tinctures

One other way of consuming THC is using tinctures. These products are alcohol and oil-based, infused with hemp extract. The extract may constrain isolated cannabinoids, a full spectrum of cannabinoids, or a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

Consuming a tincture is simple and the effects set in shortly, like smoking. Fill the dropper with the amount you want, and place the oil below your tongue. You’ll need to hold it there for a minute or 30 seconds, swallowing whatever is left afterwards. Tinctures are available for purchase in delicious flavours or even unflavored versions.

3.   Edibles

Ways to Consume THC

Perhaps, the most enjoyable option is to consume THC edibles. According to a survey,  37% of respondents were interested in foods and baked goods containing THC. Edibles integrate this compound, such as an oil additive, in one way or another. As oil is a crucial ingredient in many dishes, the possibilities are endless. You can infuse it with coconut oil or butter, with multiple recipes available online to get you started. Delta 9 THC offers a variety of edibles like gummies, beverages, candy, etc.

A downside to these products is that it’s easy to confuse the serving size and the onset of effects. Since the THC is processed through the digestive system, the desired outcome takes a bit longer to be felt. Consequently, most individuals over-consume edibles, so ensure you’re patient and don’t eat more than you can handle.

4.   Rosin and Wax

THC waxes are a mixture of a product called shatter and oil. They are concentrated to incorporate the most desirable plant components, like terpenes and cannabinoids, making them considerably more potent. Some of these waxes can be put into a pen, a joint, or a spliff. You can also use a dab ring.

Rosin is a concentrate you can make from leftover hash or herbs in your house by adding heat and following it with reserving the leftover, sticky substance.


The THC experience involves significant trial and error before determining what works for you. Every strain produces different effects, and some may not align with your needs and unique body system. Additionally, you might not enjoy every product you consume, and consulting a certified professional or healthcare is recommended before consuming any THC product. Of course, it’s essential to enjoy them responsibly and legally.

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