Wedding Rings; The Ancient Origin And History

Wedding rings today are one of the necessary accessories that must accompany a wedding ceremony, and it is also an item used by many people to identify married individuals. Its significance is highly rated, which makes one wonder about its origin and what started the whole tradition. 

Why are rings used to signify a symbol of romance, and how did it come about?  

The First Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings; The Ancient Origin And History

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the ones who originally used rings to symbolize eternity. This is so because a circle has no start or finish and mimics the shape of the sun and moon, which were sacred to the Egyptians. 

The Egyptians also believed that the gap in the centre of a ring symbolized a doorway into the unknown. The ouroboros (oor-uh-boor-ros) rings of the Egyptians featured a serpent suckling its tail as a representation of the unending cycle of things. 

The Greeks adopted the custom of giving rings to their lovers as a symbol of affection after Alexander the Great defeated the Egyptians. Some of these rings featured the god of love, Eros or Cupid. 

The Romans adopted this custom after conquering Greece and started using iron and copper rings during wedding ceremonies. To signify that the wife now held control over the household possessions, the iron rings occasionally featured key symbols. But by the second century CE, most rings were made of gold.

Gold rings started to take on more opulent designs in the third and fourth centuries CE, showcasing the giver’s affluence. This was the era of the fede ring, which featured two right hands clasped together to signify friendship, collaboration, and marriage commitment. 

Wedding Rings; The Ancient Origin And History

This pattern was created in gold and frequently engraved as intaglios into precious stones like amethyst, onyx, carnelian, or garnet. The Romans even started etching their own images onto their rings to personalize them.

The vena amoris, or “vein of love,” was thought to go through the ring finger or the fourth finger of the left hand and into the heart of the ancient Egyptians. The Romans followed this idea and started wearing wedding bands on their ring fingers. The custom of wearing rings on the ring finger endures today despite being physiologically incorrect.

The Start Of Diamond Wedding Rings

The earliest diamond jewellery still in existence is from 300 BCE. The first diamond ring was discovered in Rome in the late 100s CE. 

Back ago, uncut diamonds were prized more for their durability than for their brightness. The earliest known diamond wedding ring was bequeathed by an English widow in her bequest in the late 1300s or early 1400s.

Two more well-known historical diamond rings are the diamond ring that the Duke of Alçenon presented Queen Elizabeth I and that that Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, gave Mary, Queen of Scots, are. Both received a marriage proposal. 

The people of Queen Elizabeth I didn’t want a French king, and Mary, Queen of Scots, was finally put to death by Elizabeth I. Therefore, neither suitor was successful.

Wedding Rings; The Ancient Origin And History

The History Of Men’s Wedding Rings

Only women have traditionally worn them as a way to express their love and dedication to their spouses until the turn of the 20th century. After the Second World War, when men were separated from their wives, many started wearing wedding rings to keep their loved ones close to them. 

Given that they didn’t know if they would ever be reunited, this was quite moving. Even though this romantic notion is obviously outdated, the custom of wearing a wedding band is still prevalent among Western men.

Having said that, there are many distinct styles of men’s wedding rings available nowadays. They are no longer required to match the bride’s dress in style and are not solely composed of gold. 

It all depends on the groom’s preferences; for instance, they may be basic and sleek or embellished with diamonds or other stones. You can check the different types of men’s wedding rings at

Interesting Facts And Superstitions About Wedding Rings

  • Wedding rings are among the few possessions prison inmates are permitted to retain on them, and visitors are not always compelled to take them off as they would other jewellery.
  • Depending on the superstition you believe, dropping the wedding rings during the ceremony might either be luck or bad luck. While some people think dropping the ring(s) is a bad omen, others think it helps drive away evil spirits.
  • It’s believed that trying your wedding band on before the ceremony brings bad luck, but if you want to make sure it fits, this can be challenging. However, if you’re worried, you may always find the proper size with a different ring and work from that. This is an old superstition that many people disregard without consequence.
  • It is believed that a broken wedding ring portends the dissolution of a marriage. But if your wedding band breaks, don’t panic; according to a popular myth, the damage will be undone if your husband puts the mended ring back on your finger.
  • A wedding ring may be worn on several areas of the body in some cultures. For instance, women in West Bengal, India, wear an iron bangle rather than a ring to signify their marital status. Hindu women may choose to wear a toe ring in addition to or instead of a band on their ring finger.
  • After the ceremony, a small piece of wedding cake is passed through the bride’s wedding ring and delivered to the unmarried bridesmaids to eat. This has to be one of the strangest wedding ring superstitions. Within a year, this is claimed to bring them a husband!
  • Up until very recently, many people firmly thought that losing a wedding ring meant losing your partner. In 1893, a woman in London tragically killed herself after losing her wedding ring out of fear that she would also lose her spouse.
Wedding Rings; The Ancient Origin And History


Wedding rings hold a lot of significance for some traditions, while others regard them as another accessory. If you are just looking to get married, you should decide on your choice of wedding ring according to your preference. Wedding rings have a beautiful history, but it makes more sense depending on your beliefs and values.

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