What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

You probably have a mental image of an aviator jacket when you hear the words. Having a closet full of men’s leather jackets, aviator jackets, and bomber jackets might inspire alternative ways to wear them for different occasions. Styling these jackets is an art, and if you want to appear your best, you need to know how to do it.

These pieces of clothes are always in style and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. They can be purchased effortlessly at Louis Vuitton. However, styling an aviator jacket might be difficult because you don’t want to wear it the same way every time. So, here are some tips on how to style an aviator jacket so that it looks unique every time you wear it.

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

When I say “aviator jacket ensemble,” you typically think of pants and a dress shirt with the aviator thrown on top. What shoes, on the other hand, should you wear with an aviator jacket?

Your shoes should be coordinated with the rest of your ensemble. Aviator jackets come in a variety of colors, four basic types, and can be customized. Your goal is to locate the correct shoes to match your jacket-shirt-pants ensemble. White tennis/running shoes, brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, brown boots such as Timberlands, dress boots, white Converse, and/or dark blue Converse are usually all you’ll need. These shoes, or ones similar to them, will allow you to pair your aviator jacket with the rest of your clothing.

At that point, it’s just a matter of stock. Save this article to your bookmarks and come back later if you can’t find what you’re searching for in-person–the brands below are great at sizing, and you’ll almost always get free returns. Let’s take a closer look now, shall we?

White Tennis Sneakers With A Black Jacket

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

Obviously, this combination will offer you a slim, contemporary appearance. The MA-1’s low-collar works well here. You should definitely consider wearing a white sneaker with this black bomber style. Cole Haan’s white-leather version comes highly recommended. I’ve had a pair for almost two years and have mistreated them. They’re white as new after a few brushes and washes with a magic eraser. They’re sturdy, durable shoes that are also simple, fashionable, and most importantly, comfy.

Black Dress Shoes And A Black Jacket

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

The impact of black dress shoes on your appearance is significant. Chinos can be dressed up or down, while an A-2 jacket, with its elastic bands and flat neck, nearly defies classification. Finally, consider these Stacy Adams semi-formal dress shoes to keep them business casual. Your outfit will have a high-casual look thanks to the wooden-style sole and 100 percent leather shell. For a mid-term dress shoe investment, I favor Stacy Adams. I had a pair that lasted two years before becoming too tattered to be worn in a professional or business casual atmosphere.

Brown Boots With A Black Jacket

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

Leather dress boots are a favorite of mine. They’re functional yet attractive shoes that can be worn in the city or out in the country. Because dress pants will likely cover the high ankle, you can wear them in both professional and informal settings. They also look excellent with bomber coats. Many people have been seen wearing Sherpa jackets with them since the fur lining looks great with the gleaming shoes. That’s why a black G-1 with a light-colored mouton collar is a good choice.

Kenneth Cole’s combat boots are one of my faves. They have a robust rubber sole for traction in slick weather and sit high on the ankles. The style hits the perfect combination of formal and informal, and these shoes nearly always fit well. With them or a pair similar to them, you’ll be in good hands.

Timberland Boots And A Brown Blazer

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

If you enjoy the Timberland style, a new pair would be a great addition to your bomber jacket wardrobe. They’re well-known, long-lasting, and come in a genuinely distinctive color called “wheat nubuck,” which most people recognize right away.

Brown Boots And A Brown Jacket

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

If you’re wearing a brown bomber jacket, be sure your brown shoes don’t clash. If the brown tones are too close together, you may end up with a top-to-bottom clash. Because most leather bombers are dark or distressed brown, go for lighter-colored shoes like Timberlands or Kenneth Coles.

White Converse With A Black Jacket

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

Any material bomber jacket, as long as it’s black, will look good with white Converse. They’re a well-known and trustworthy brand. Furthermore, the appearance is so well-known that it will not draw attention away from your jacket. In a nutshell, white Converse goes well with any type of black bomber jacket.

Brown Aviator Jacket With a Blue Lining Converse

What Shoes To Wear With An Aviator Jacket?

If you have a light brown bomber jacket and want to go for a more laid-back vibe, the dark blue converse is the shoe for you. This traditional California appearance is completed with an A-2 bomber with a wide flat collar. Alternatively, for a look reminiscent of the American mountains, pair a G-1 jacket with darker pants.

To choose the best shoes to go with your bomber jacket, you must first decide on the model and color of the jacket. To fit your style, consider white tennis/running shoes, brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, brown boots like Timberlands, dress boots, white Converse, and/or dark blue Converse. One of the best things about bomber jackets is that they look great with plain tees and denim or chinos. As a result, your shoes play a vital role in how you style your bomber jacket. So, now that you have our top tips, it’s time to pick your look and strut your stuff!

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