What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

In the United States, people spend billions of dollars on their pets. For dogs, each dog owner spends around $458 on surgical vet visits alone. However, the costs aren’t over there.

What comes afterward is the need to care for the dog. Before you can do that, you must first know what to expect, and it’s not just about finances. It’s also about preparing yourself to keep your dog as comfortable as possible after the surgery.

When your dog has to undergo surgery, it’s natural to be worried about how they’ll react. However, after experiencing a few days of recovery from anesthesia and rest, your pet can return to its normal self. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the things you should expect after your dog’s surgery and what you can do during recovery time.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

Pain And Inflammation Around Your Dog’s Surgical Site

After surgery, it’s normal for your dog to experience pain and inflammation at the surgical site. These are signs that the surgery was successful, and they aid in the healing process.

Pain can be managed with medication, and inflammation can be treated as needed, but it’s important not to delay treatment, as it can lead to complications.

In some cases, your veterinarian may recommend the use of an Elizabethan collar, commonly known as the ‘cone of shame,’ to prevent your dog from licking or biting at the surgical area.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

Previcox for dogs is a great anti-inflammatory drug that can help your pooch deal with post-operative pain and inflammation. The Previcox chewable tablets are orally administered and have shown effective results in treating post-surgery discomfort. Your vet is likely to suggest this drug along with a few other pain medications as they find necessary.

A Good Bit Of Discomfort

Pain is a normal part of recovery, and it can be managed with medication. Your doctor will likely prescribe some painkillers for you to administer on your own, but don’t hesitate to ask for more if your pet needs them. You can also help manage their discomfort by providing gentle exercise and massage, which may even speed up the healing process. 

If these options aren’t working for you or seem too much for your pet, acupuncture may be an option.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

Losing Their Appetite

The first few days after your dog has undergone surgery is a critical time. Your dog will likely be feeling disoriented, in pain, and lethargic. Additionally, they may not want to eat anything at all.

In some cases, this could mean that they are refusing food because it hurts their mouth or throat to chew. In others, it’s just part of the process of recovering from general anesthesia. If your dog does not seem interested in eating within a few days after surgery, contact your vet immediately and ask for advice about what you can do to help encourage your dog to eat again.

Some owners have reported success with tempting their dogs back into an appetite by cooking their favorite foods into casseroles or combining them with soft food such as yogurt or cottage cheese. You can also opt for some of the best dog food brands determined by research. The way this works is that these foods are known to ensure nutrition and taste for your dog and are, therefore, enjoyable to them.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

This is also an opportunity for you to add some variation to their diets. After all, the one thing that dogs love more than anything else might just be the opportunity for variety.

Your vet may recommend that your dog eat a special diet while recovering from surgery. They must continue eating during this time, even if their appetite isn’t up to par. You can help by feeding them small meals throughout the day or using syringes for liquid diets. However, if your dog shows any signs of discomfort or pain after eating, stop feeding immediately and get in touch with your vet again.

Not Being As Energetic As Usual

After surgery, you will notice that your dog is less energetic than usual. They may not want to play as much and will spend more time resting. This is normal. Don’t push them to do more than they can handle.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

Not Being Eager To Play

It’s normal for your dog not to want to play after surgery. Dogs can be sensitive about their appearance. Thus, your dog may not want to move around much or interact with other dogs or people. If your dog is experiencing pain, they might even avoid going outside because they don’t want the wind blowing on the stitches in their skin.

Don’t worry if this happens. You can still play with them by throwing toys or balls across the room and asking them to bring them back. This way, you won’t have any trouble getting exercise together as long as it doesn’t involve too much running around or jumping up on things.

What To Expect After Your Dog Undergoes Surgery

Post-operative care is vital for your dog. After surgery, it can become very painful for your dog to go about its normal routine. However, as long as you know what to expect, you can make it a little less uncomfortable for your dog.

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