When is Travel Medical Insurance Necessary?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that offers financial products during unexpected travel-related events. It includes coverage for personal and business travel for both local and international trips.

Having travel insurance offers a metaphorical safety net that enables you to gain resilience to unforeseen emergencies that can arise whilst you’re travelling. You can obtain financial compensation if you need to cancel, rearrange, or adjust your trip. You can also obtain compensation from your travel insurance provider if your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged during your journey.

You can purchase travel insurance on its own or combine it with health coverage by purchasing travel medical insurance. With added medical coverage, you can access healthcare services whilst travelling, including emergency medical care.

When is Travel Medical Insurance Necessary?

Travel medical insurance offers extensive coverage for your healthcare-related needs whilst travelling. It also covers unexpected changes and challenges in your travel plans.

In many cases, travel medical insurance is a necessity when you’re travelling, regardless of whether you’re staying in your home country or abroad. Below, we have covered the key components of travel medical insurance and why it’s necessary in a range of different situations.

Emergency Hospitalisations

If you require emergency medical care at a local hospital when travelling, your travel medical insurance will cover some of the costs of your care. In many countries, you won’t be able to access hospital-based treatments without valid insurance.

Access to the best medical services and facilities

Travel medical insurance will enable you to access top-quality healthcare and advanced medical facilities during your time away from home.

Without coverage, you might only be able to access basic care and may be denied access to more advanced and modern healthcare facilities within your travel destination.

Emergency medical evacuation transportation

Suppose you’re required to evacuate to the nearest medical facility whilst travelling, or you need to return home to access medical care in the event of a serious emergency. In that case, your travel medical insurance provider can help.

Your provider will cover some medical bills and travel expenses if you need to return to your home country for treatment.

Access to prescription medications

Travel medical insurance enables you to access prescription medications whilst you’re travelling and can’t access your usual local pharmacy.

Your insurance will enable you to get the medications you need to stay healthy from a healthcare provider within your travel destination, even if it’s abroad. Being able to access your regular medications may help you manage chronic pain whilst travelling or keep pre-existing medical conditions in check.

Rearranging cancelled trips

You might need to cancel or rearrange your travel plans at the last minute. Similarly, your travel provider might need to cancel your trip for one reason or another.

If this is the case, you can contact your travel medical insurance provider, and they will work with you to rearrange your trip dates. They will also offer compensation for a proportion of the costs of your trip, so you don’t need to cover the costs of rearranging your travel plans by yourself.

Access to emergency dental care services

Although dental care isn’t always a necessity when you’re travelling, it’s nice to know that you can access emergency dental services within your travel destination if you need them.

You never know when you might run into serious issues with your teeth or gums, and having access to emergency dental care could prevent the issue from worsening or resolve it completely.

Medical coverage for pre-existing health conditions

Basic travel medical insurance policies cover pre-existing health conditions. Specialised policies are available that cover unique and rare medical issues.

Coverage can vary for pre-existing health conditions, and you must always disclose any medical issues when purchasing travel medical insurance. Failure to disclose this information could lead to your policy being invalidated if you need to make a claim for specialist treatments for your condition.

When is Travel Medical Insurance Necessary?

Coverage for severe injuries

If you sustain a serious or life-threatening injury during your time away from home, having travel medical insurance is vital for accessing the emergency treatment you need.

With insurance, the hospitals and primary healthcare facilities within your chosen travel destination area may be legally allowed to treat you and could turn you away at the door.

Compensation following an accidental injury

You might get injured due to somebody else’s negligence whilst you’re travelling to various destinations. You might also sustain injuries due to transportation issues or experience road traffic accident-related injuries.

With a great travel medical insurance policy in place, you can gain compensation for accidental injuries.

This compensation may cover the costs of some of the medical treatments required to treat your injuries, as well as a financial payout for any long-lasting emotional trauma you’re dealing with as a result of the injury.

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