Where Do You Find Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

Every pollinated marijuana plant produces seeds. For home and commercial growers, that’s a situation best avoided since seedy bud is not desirable for smoking.

As a result, large-scale growers need to find reliable sources of high-quality wholesale marijuana seeds to meet each season’s needs. Anyone who has recently scaled up a grow op or gotten frustrated with the poor quality of seeds coming from a current vendor can read on to find out about better solutions.

Quality vs. Quantity

Where Do You Find Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

It’s common to see even experienced growers falling prey to the myth that more is always better. In fact, if buyers sacrifice the quality of the seeds for a greater quantity, it will only do them a disservice.

Dense, delicious buds only grow on healthy marijuana plants, which always start out as high-quality seeds. Instead of relying on questionable sources of cheap seeds, trust a reputable vendor like Weed Seeds USA to provide the best marijuana seeds at wholesale prices.

Understanding Wholesale Pricing

Every vendor handles wholesale pricing differently. Some allow buyers to purchase as many seeds as they want but offer no discounts for larger orders. Others offer one uniform bulk discount or multiple levels of savings depending on the size of the order.

There’s no one pricing strategy that offers a better value than the others, but it’s important to know how the wholesale marijuana seed vendor operates. Even companies that list all of their regular prices online rarely release wholesale pricing guidelines to the public, so buyers may have to reach out to a company representative directly.

Bulk Shipping Concerns

Where Do You Find Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

The good thing about buying marijuana seeds in bulk is that even a large quantity of seeds will still take up a relatively small footprint when it comes to shipping. That said, many growers, especially those living in areas where there’s not a broad public acceptance of marijuana cultivation, get nervous about having the whole season’s shipment of seeds sent out at once.

The best way to assuage those entirely reasonable concerns is to work with a wholesale seed bank that offers discreet shipping methods.

Storing Extra Seeds

Not every grower who buys in bulk plants all of the seeds at once. Some prefer to buy several strains in bulk and plant out only a portion of the seeds each season. Others grow indoors and need enough seeds to plant multiple crops throughout the year. Either way, it’s important to store extra seeds correctly.

Short-Term Storage

Where Do You Find Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

Large-scale growers who plan to germinate and plant out extra seeds in 3-6 months only need to find a short-term storage method. The easiest way to protect the seeds, in this case, is to fill a small glass jar with dry rice then place the seeds inside. Place the jar in a cool, dark place and make sure to retrieve the seeds within half a year.

Long-Term Storage

Seeds can be kept viable for five years or more when kept in a refrigerator. Place the seeds intended for long-term storage in a vacuum-sealed bag, put that bag in a jar, then place the jar in a refrigerator until it’s time to plant.

Buy Bulk Weed Seeds Online

Where Do You Find Wholesale Marijuana Seeds?

By far the best way to buy wholesale marijuana seeds is through a reputable online dispensary. Local shops rarely have the selection or seed quality associated with seed banks that specialize exclusively in selling to cannabis growers.

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