Who Is Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg?

We take a closer look at the life of Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg, son of Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Maria Teresa, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

With tales of deception, conspiracy to murder, treason, infidelity, heresy, and much more on top, it’s safe to say that the monarchy over the centuries has lived incredibly eventful lives.

Thankfully, in the 21st century, things are a great deal calmer and more civilised nowadays, though learning about royalty is still an incredibly interesting pastime.

For those of you who wish to learn about some of the lesser-known royals, Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg is the topic of discussion today. Here’s a brief overview of Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg

Early life

Prince Sebastien was born back on the 16th of April, 1992, at Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital, in the heart of Luxembourg City.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg

His parents are Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Maria Teresa, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Sebastien is the fifth and youngest child of the duke and duchess. He also has 3 brothers and a sister.

He attended nursery school in Angelsberg before he attended St George’s International School as part of his primary education.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg

He was a very fit and active child and would often spend his time playing rugby. As he grew older, he proved to be a very capable rugby player and often achieved accolades for his sportsmanship.

Military training

In 2016 – 2017, Sebastien, just like his older brother and his father, Sebastien took part in, and successfully completed military training at the highly prestigious RMAS (Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst), in the United Kingdom.

In September 2017, Prince Sebastien was sworn in as an officer of the Luxembourg Army. In attendance at the ceremony were his parents, and the young prince is said to consider this one of the proudest moments of his life.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg
Prince Sebastian during the Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom

Since being sworn in, he has proved to be a very capable soldier and leader, as he has commanded a platoon of the Irish Guards.

Line of succession

When talking about a member of the royal family, you can’t help but bring the topic onto the line of succession to the crown.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg
The family gathered in Sandhurst for the Sovereign’s Prince Sebastian Parade in 2017

As Sebastien is still fairly young, he is sixth in line to the throne after his two older brothers, his elder sister, and his niece and nephew. He would be seventh, but his older brother, Louis, officially gave up his place in the line of succession.

Personal life and Official duties

As a royal, the prince does take part in official royal duties of the crown and often attends ceremonies, openings, charity events, and so on.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg
Prince Sébastien and Princess Alexandra at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

He is a very fit and active young man, and in his free time, he is a keen climber, swimmer, rugby player, and skier during the colder winter months.