Why Did Harry and Meghan Leave the Royal Family? Where Are They Now?

Being rich and in a royal family is a dream for many, but for Harry and Meghan, the story is a little different. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry permanently quit the British royal life to enjoy a ‘financially independent life.’ 

Hmm! Now that sounds a little strange! The announcement came soon after a fortune teller predicted their split from the family as she saw it from her asparagus spears. Interestingly, the prediction came true.

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Meanwhile, let us try and find out how the prediction of the fortune-tellers helped Harry and Meghan decide to quit the royal family and lead an everyday life.

What Did the Fortune Teller See?

The fortune-teller saw a drastic situation in the royal family. She saw splits and testing times in the life of Harry and Meghan three years before the couple decided to step back from the senior members of the royal family. The psychic reading also hinted that the royal couple would leave the UK for good. However, Harry, the son of Princess Diana, is not allowed to live outside the UK.

Now, there is nothing wrong with believing that the fortune-teller’s prediction boosted the couple in achieving their life goals. They often have been spotted feeling uncomfortable in the media as they didn’t like the limelight the family received. 

In 2020, Harry and Meghan announced their plans to leave the UK. The British press described their announcement to leave the UK as ‘Megxit,’ which Harry condemned as a misogynistic term.

Why Did the Couple Step Back?

There are many stories behind Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family tag. The move followed some rifts in the family, and for some, it was a deliberate move to lead an independent life.

Harry and Meghan Wanted Financial Independence

Harry and Meghan, on their Instagram handle, wrote about their desire to step back as the senior member of the royal family. It was then that some media reports said the couple sought financial independence. However, the British royal family members are barred from earning their own money.

They should take the money from the Sovereign Grant, a fund set up by the UK Government. Taking the money from the grant came with a lot of complications. For instance, the press has access to their expenses and has condemned Harry and Meghan for things like renting a private jet.

Harry and Meghan Wanted to Own a Property Privately

The privilege of being in a royal family also includes living in a home owned by their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. That means they can’t own property. Harry and Meghan have a good financial background, which means they can buy a property, but they are not allowed. Poor royals!

Harry and Meghan Were Upset

There is more speculation around the corner. According to a Mirror press report, the couple decided to quit the royal family after an incident that followed the removal of their photograph and their baby Archie from a book during the monarch’s 2019 festive broadcast.

The photograph from the Brothers and Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan book by Christopher Andersen was allegedly removed at the request of the Queen. After a month after the incident, Harry and Meghan decided to start a new life overseas.

The photograph was initially framed and placed on a desk alongside the other family images. Now, thinking from a parent’s point of few, anyone would have disliked the move.

A family is an institute where we learn to respect emotions, feelings, and sentiments. A family has to be cordial to survive. Sometimes, respect and feelings come naturally if the individuals are compatible.

Where Are Harry and Meghan Now?

Harry and Meghan now reside in Montecito in the US. They are doing quite handsomely on their career front. They have recently launched the Archewell organization and have signed contracts with entertainment companies Netflix and Spotify to produce content.

They enjoy a celebrity life and have a private security team. As the couple stepped back from the royal family, they felt an alleged threat to life to visit the UK. As per a report by Mail on Sunday, Home Office has barred Harry from paying for police protection when in the UK. His family’s safety in the UK is one of the primary reasons why we don’t see the couple in the UK anymore.

Living a royal life is not always easy. It does come with its perks and downsides. To be in a family with a royal background means you will have to keep your personal affairs and finances open. Imagine yourself living a lavish life that is always subjective to prying eyes. Tough! Right? Let us wish the couple great success in their life, and let us hope the royal couple will bring great entertainment in the future.

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