Why Oregon Is A Great Place For Residents And Visitors

Oregon has always stood out as a state with one of the most adventurous scenery. Coasts, mountains, and high deserts make the state an excellent destination for both residents and visitors. In truth, Oregon offers a wide range of unique places and events.

If you’re looking to settle here or just experience what the Beaver State has to offer as a tourist, you’re in for a treat. Join us and explore all the features that make Oregon a top destination.

Quality Of Life For Residents

Why Oregon Is A Great Place For Residents And Visitors

Apparently, moving to Oregon is top of everyone’s list. This is, at least, according to the state’s growth rate compared to other U.S states. Take the city of Bend, for example. It has been ranked as America’s second-fastest city.

But why exactly is the state revered among settlers?

Our best guess is the quality of life it offers. Oregon is best known for housing some of the most incredible landscapes. It also features excellent relaxation spots. Yet, the most significant selling point is the easy way of life.

Based on the 2020 census, the population of Oregon stands at 4.176 million. It also features comfortable housing for all its residents. While it’s worth noting that Oregon’s housing is pretty costly, there are services put in place to address this issue. One such facility is the Oregon Housing and Community Service. With this, residents are provided with resources to increase access to stable housing.

The government owns over 50 per cent of the land in Oregon. As such, it’s easier to implement such facilities. A significant section of the land is also intended for recreation, improving the visual appeal and potential outdoor activities for residents and visitors.

Beaver State is also ranked top 10 for air and water quality, making it one of the most environmentally friendly states. There are so many other features that vastly improve residents’ quality of life. Pleasant weather conditions, no sales tax, and great food and drinks are other factors that make Oregon popular among settlers.

Why Oregon Is A Great Place For Residents And Visitors

Lifestyle In Oregon

In addition to the high standard of living, Oregon also features urban charms which foster an exciting lifestyle. This is perhaps why an estimated 29.1 million overnight visitors travelled to different destinations within the state in 2021.

Outdoor Fun

There are so many beautiful places in Oregon. This includes waterfalls, ancient lakes, and impressive sea stacks. Here are a few scenic attractions that could lead to memorable outdoor fun.

  • National Parks

Oregon has several impressive national parks scattered around the state. These parks offer some of the best hiking trails, campgrounds, and lakes. They also feature stunning waterfalls, mountains, gardens, and zoos, among other outdoor attractions.

Some of the most popular national parks in the state include; Crater Lake National Park, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Washington Park, Mount Hood National Forest, Smith Rock State Park, Silver Falls State Park

  • Beaches

Oregon also offers some of the most stunning beaches in the United States. The most popular tourist destination is Cannon Beach, located off the northern coast. Cannon Beach features a vast stretch of sand as well as an impressive view of coastal rocks. One such rock is the Haystack Rock, which stands as the largest of these coastal stacks.

The ocean is not the only attraction on these beaches. They also provide a rich cultural appeal with restaurants, hotels, and shops. Different locations in Oregon offer a rich blend of culture and community. This makes for a fun lifestyle for residents and visitors

Why Oregon Is A Great Place For Residents And Visitors

Nightlife In Oregon

The state reaches new heights at night with engaging nightlife activities. Nightlife in Oregon doesn’t only mean hitting the club. Other activities include nationally acclaimed karaoke spots, top restaurants and bars, dance clubs and comedy rooms.

Gaming is also a very popular choice of entertainment in Oregon. For instance, the state houses eight tribal casinos. These casinos offer a host of exciting opportunities for entertainment, lodging and family fun. Oregon poker rooms in different parts of the city also see a very rich turnout daily.

Currently, online social games such as online poker are banned in the state. However, there are no federal laws directed at players. Hence, several online poker sites continue to offer their services to players from Oregon.

There are so many other games and entertainment establishments in Beaver State. Some popular ones include; Funland Entertainment Center, Bullwinkle’s Wilsonville, Langer’s Entertainment Center, and Sun Mountain Fun Center.


Oregon is, and would for a long time, remain a thriving state. A major reason for this is simply the sheer quality it offers to residents and visitors. In truth, this article doesn’t even do justice to the charm and lifestyle that makes Oregon great.

The state is home to some of the most diverse and scenic landscapes in the whole of North America. As such, you should consider Oregon, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities.

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